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  1. Getting transformations is alot easier now but need to put some effort. I would like to know where I can find this feature too, thanks!
  2. I've done BoS over 20 runs now. in 1 out 4 entries I might get a ult piece but havent seen a ult drop for the right class, at least I get kinah out of it.FM rarely drops than BoS for me. I have done 24 runs so far I gotten 2 ults ( magic.cloth shoes and cleric shield). P.S I also had the invisible gate thing happen to me often, by relogging it fixed the problem. My issue is that the last key mob would not spawn right away ( I killed all 4 bomb mobs).
  3. I'm stacking and saving up my stigma stones from egg event, hopefully I will get 1 or few stigmas to +12 this time ( main toon has all stigmas to +9 now). I dont remember how many I used. I didnt succeed getting atleast 1 to 12+ prev. try.
  4. Yup,pretty low rates to get brilliant. I failed 10 ult rings to upgrade.
  5. Is there way to get this skin for 80 lv toon? I know these skins drop from alquimia research center instance but thats 18 lv instance https://images.app.goo.gl/vmFwvo9hUk1f3Pni8
  6. Um, not really excited for new patch but I'm glad that BT is becoming a end game instance again.
  7. @Cyan What we want are more cosmetics aka skins.Some people are more willing pay for those than P2W stuff. Whoever is in charge of the BCM, should to add them to the store or bring them back in game any other way through events,luna, gold sand shop etc !
  8. This will never happen. Your best option is a private server.
  9. I dont know about Lineage but Blade and Soul unreal 4 engine hasn't been upgraded yet, Korean NCsoft too busy making mobile games. You can maybe expect B&S Na version to get unreal 4 in 1-2 years from now.
  10. I think I remember you from Quake legion, not sure if someone from that legion still plays on this current DN server but you probably can find few old name players.
  11. So as long ranks not changing (wrong ranks and no reset) this will bugged for few months? Usually do arena on all my toons on same account to get the award but seems that its waste of time now. @Cyan I know these things are sometimes complicated to fix but I hope it wont drag on like EC and maybe get some info about this,thanks!
  12. Did you really expect that this event would give a free ult transform? lol This is NA we talking about.... It seems you were only one misled. I'm sorry that you got your hopes up for nothing. Next time read more carefully!
  13. Yeah, I dont agree with cubic system within this patch. Gearing up is already hard since you need to depend on rng all the time.... I have done only 1 run in the cubic instance, since I dont really want to do it
  14. I only do siege for stones but it would be nice for a faction collusion would be nice like old times.
  15. Nothing is wrong with event,its just rng probably. I failed 5 times with my own morphed stones/from problem solving quest (ouch) on single item. With the egg ones, 2 succeed and 3 fails. There are days when its not so bad and then its rng hell....
  16. I dont know why my post got removed but thanks for addressing it!
  17. Why are you even here? Its not like Cyan or anyone from NC takes us seriously anyways. Let us qq in piece
  18. I dont know if NCsoft are that out of touch or just dont care. We been begging for skins for longest time. In game events, luna, gold sand shop etc. or even BCM. We want good skins bring new or old. Just add them back to the game please or adding extra slots in luna wardrobe also be nice...
  19. Please nerf middle crussible 4th floor. Most players cant get past it because the mobs are buffed or class nerfs....Not all of us have super geared.Before this patch, it wasnt that difficult for me.Classes who dont have much aoe have harder time. Lower - This instance doesnt really give anything unless you missing hp cubes (platiums are very rare). So nerfting the mobs hp/def wouldnt hurt because there already too many nerfs this patch and only reason people to do lower is to complete their weekly lugbug. Good luck to close range classes at 15th floor
  20. Well, I didnt really fix it. Either my modem/internet decided to stop working that moment, I havent seen that happen in a while.I dont use pingzapper so I might not had the exact problem as you. Are you getting any lag spikes?Are you using the right options for ping reduce in pingzapper? That might be cause too. I suggest contacting support, they might be able to solve your issue
  21. I had this problem too for me it means that I disconnected from game. Maybe pingzapper or something else making you dc.
  22. Katalam gear is very easy to get since you can trade the gear between toons in account werehouse. The real big issue is getting the enchantment stones (AKA EXP nerf) for morphing . We had it easy before this patch since exp wasnt nerfed and unlimited enchantment stone bundles, after 7.2 is more frustrating to enchant stuff because of that (unless you p2w).
  23. 300 is overkill for this region, they should bring it back to 100. Some of us forced to do this quest since other ones cant be finished for reasons. I leveled a opposite faction toon on new account just for this but too lazy to finish it every week....
  24. This seems a good event for the afkers which I dont have much complaints but long waiting time (in a day). I hope we have events in near future like kumuki (I really miss this one), kromede revenge, shugo vault event etc. which are more fun than these type of events.
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