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  1. Are we gonna have transfers back with those changes?
  2. There is currently no limit on how many resets you can do with luna. It caps at 140 luna and you keep resetting till you run out!
  3. When are transfers going to be open again?
  4. @Cyan

    Welp delete this double post
  5. @Cyan

    ETA on Server Transfers?
  6. @Cyan

    Thanks for the update~
  7. @Cyan

    I go by many names!
  8. @Cyan

    @Cyan Can we get an update?
  9. @Cyan

    You're wrong! I go by most hated <3 don't mix it up now
  10. @Cyan

    ETA on server transfers? It's been closed for far too long already.
  11. @Cyan

    Think he was lacking a bit in there!
  12. @Cyan

    Sit down clown
  13. @Cyan

    Why would I be afraid of people getting gear? It's only a matter of time before everyone goes back and afk in base
  14. @Cyan

    Anything gonna happen regarding the EC abuse? I can't even get into a run without getting randomly kicked