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  1. It's already updated and It gives 10 Ultimate PvP stones if you win the season not that it matters cause all people will start dodging and feed themselves for the points
  2. Benefits of being the best I guess I mean I don't know my questions are simple Thanks for the update.
  3. I use them occasionally and I don't think I saw it before but who knows I could be wrong. The pots are permanent but like me and am sure plenty of others use different potions for different scenarios depending on what you're doing
  4. ' 'Will be deleted when the event ends'' What about the ones we have from compensation? Why are we going to lose it just because we can also get it from this event?
  5. Regarding Server Transfers

    @Cyan It's been more than a month already any ETA on when server transfers are going to be open again?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 28, 2018

    @Cyan It's been Almost 5 weeks already when are the server transfers going to be open again?
  7. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    Enchanting is pretty easy IMO just last night I enchanted ultimate bracelet to 15 with 10 legendary stones and a bunch of ancients
  8. so about those prestige quests

    What's wrong with them!? they are great
  9. Enhancement Rate = Unplayable

    It's just RNG I used 23 legendary stones and got an ultimate weap to +15
  10. When are the Server Transfers going to be opened again for KT/DN?
  11. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    There's a difference between adding it to the game and adding it to the BCM
  12. Add These Item To Shop / Please Fix

    Yeah lets add new pots on BCM that's what aion needs right now
  13. Kinah ~

    If you do daily luna you have a chance of getting <Administrator's Boon – 1-Time Pass> which changes the fees of teleporting to 1 kinah this could help a little
  14. Daevanion Skill Box

    Shugo in CoE gives the same skill all the time ( yellow ) while other instances give ( purple box which is random )
  15. Rename your aion bin32 to 64 and your bin64 to 32 and let me know if it works