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  1. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Feedback & Suggestion for all NCStaff @Hime @Cyan offering one more extra option of subscribing to game without a monthly fee: life-time type of prestige account, where you pay once a higher price, but have prestige status on for life. So players could plan and study to buy this kind of product since we play aion a lot and it could be interesting for certain consumers.
  2. Enchantment is so bad 0.000001 success rate

    NCStaff NA @Hime @Cyan suggestion: offering to players one more extra option of playng the game, making a separated aion server only with prestige users or single buy-to-play access players, that for a certain price, there are absolutely no p2w elements, no need to cash shop to progress or grow or level up, where the drop rate is fantastic and very high, All types of Enchantment Success Rate is much higher and no cooldown on community favorite Dungeons/Instances.
  3. @Hime Suggestion: During Official Aion Live Stream in Oct 19th, it would be nice to show how special items from FREE Awakened Gala Gift Pack actually works, preventing us from misusing it and/or wasting it since 6.2 mechanism will be new to many players.
  4. We love CheeseCake Events! @Cheesecake-DN
  5. Dear @Hime Keep saving us from our deepest fears, darkness & troll rumors about the Awakened Legacy! a) Will all our Mounts & pets remain somewhat intact after the pach? b) is there any plan or any concern about preventing gold spammers to invade & infest LFG channels in the game once 6.2 is launched? c) is there a chance to NCSoft West Team doing a short Official Live Stream celebrating 6.2 once it is online? d) Lets highlight this mega patch to get even more visibility! Can we suggest to NCSoft West Staff members to work on an amazing and Special Oct 24th Front Page on Steam announcing the 6.2 live servers since many users & players do have Aion linked to their game library and use that launcher/plataform to access the game. Could you be kind enough to re-pass to the crew so they can study that idea?
  6. @Hime, amazing work, thanks! a) with old low level regions & maps being removed from the game, do you believe there will be bugs and problems in our Quests Log Tree window after the patch, about unfinished quests linked to those locations? b) we are currently loving the cake buff and recently server boosts (and the upcoming Pumpkin King's Haunt event boost as well). But, in the other hand, some players are saving and keeping, not their main, but their secondary chars with those 6 hour buffs still full. Do you believe *all* in-game buffs still activated will be automatically removed once 6.2 hits? or in your personal view and opinion that detail will not be so important since we can now level up to 80 in 6.3 during 3 or 4 days. In other words, we can level up easly any chars in 6.2, so we don't need to worry about it so much now. c) Will our Luna material items be removed? e) Will our Crafting points be reset in the new sysem?
  7. @Hime Do you highly recommend all players, during days just before 6.2 hits, in order to be better prepared: a) cancel and/or clean all listed selling items in the broker currently? b) clean all in-game unopened mailbox (with attached items for example) to prevent losing them during the Oct 24th maintaince period.
  8. @Hime Do you think players and Aion Community members can still submit new suggestions for Aion Events like the beloved Daeva Dash or HomeBound events (for welcoming new players into the game to incentivate growth factions population) for example or do you think we don't have any more the opportunity calendar time window to insert any more events since 6.2 is coming in a few weeks?
  9. Dear @Hime thank you so much for taking the time and effort to answer our questions , we are as eager devour all the new amazing patch 6.2 content as you are! So we just want to say we appreciate you being here with us in this giant moment for Aion. Can you provide us with some more clear information about: a) Power Shards. Will it disappear or turned to rubbish items in 6.2 ? b) is there *any* type of greater potions in 5.8 that can be used in 6.2 or all kinds of potions will be obsolete no matter what? c) All Abyss Points will be reset or worthless in 6.2 ? d) Will our Spinel Medals & Coins be automatically removed and vanish? e) Will Bestiary Collection Book be erased from our aion accounts?