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  1. Aion Error E02018

    I'm actually wirelessly connected to my internet and I can't really connect it via a Ethernet cable cuz I would need a 10 feet cable and a drill to even get it up to my PC in my room. My Aion folder looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/YEpAW
  2. Aion Error E02018

    I unzipped the file on the Aion folder like you told me It's still not let me go through. Well not exactly the same error, the last 2 digits of the file that is having a problem downloading changes time to time.
  3. Aion Error E02018

    Hi cheesecake! Thank you so much for replying! So, I just unzip the file in Aion main folder and let the client patch again or should I file repair? Thanks! <3
  4. Aion Error E02018

    Hi Cheesecake!! I recently had to uninstall the game and I am now currently reinstalling it. I keep coming up with this error and now it won't let me continue: https://imgur.com/a/m6Rzo I really hope you could help me out
  5. Account Transfer

    Now that is the answer I was looking for
  6. Account Transfer

    @Cyan Can you tell me when the server transfers for SL are gonna be up again? Thanks!
  7. Account Transfer

    I was asking when it's gonna be made available again not when it was available last. Thanks
  8. Account Transfer

    Does anybody know when transfer to Siel is gonna be made available again? I thought someone said it was today. Thanks!