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  1. Could have had an extra 1.5b...

    Well, that was pretty stupid of you lol
  2. are returning/new players screwed on 6.2?

    I don't agree on that one. Crafting is pretty much mandatory as a newbie/returner who didn't have a lot of money. -> If you got billions just buy gear from people who crafted it, and extract that to upgrade the coin gear, but if you don't have that kind of money, you're pretty much screwed. You level your crafting from 1-100 by crafting scrolls, which then can be used to craft gear at lv. 100. And as I said, this will be mandatory. For example, the weapon alone needs 100 mats(Fragment of the Fighting Spirit) from extracting, these 100 mats are e.g. x50 shoes (1 shoe = 2 Fragments) There are three kinds of drops from the open world which you need, ancient, legendary, and ultimate. But in addition to these mats you need scrolls from the NPCs. Ancient costs 7138 Kinah, Legendary 14277, Ultimate 28554 Kinah, which might sound low, but it adds up. Specially considering how low the income on European Servers is at the moment. 5x NPC scrolls + 5 OW mats = 1 scroll. ( 5x scrolls + 2 Keberium[another OW drop from named elites] = 1 small gear part ) So let's say you want one piece of gear you're already at 35.7k kinah, if you farm the Keberium yourself, now that times 100 and you're at 3.6m Kinah. I know, for some this sounds like nothing lol But trust me, it is a lot. And it doesn't stop here. You also need food+xform scrolls+pots+teleports+stigma change, and so on. For a new player this is going to take a while, and let's be honest here, most people will quit before they even get to 100 in Aetherforging. Being facerolled because you're locked behind a massive Kinahwall will put most people off. And this is just the first 100 level of Aetherforging lol, in order to become somewhat relevant, people will probably need to craft legendary gear, untill they get the new coin gear upgraded, and legendary gear starts at 200. It's either a grindfest, which is still locked behind a paywall (NPC scrolls), or you buy it directly from the broker, which then again, just highers the paywall. Of course, you could just p2w stuff, and sell it on the broker. But then it's not "truly free" anymore. I don't mind spending money on a monthly base on a game which I enjoy, but that's obviously more complicated than just that. From different income levels, or people who wanna test a game before they decide to spend any money, to people who won't even touch a p2w-only game. We gotta wait, and "trust" NCWest (jk of course, can't trust 'em). So far, they didn't give us any details on how they would wanna change that. And I'm certain they don't even want to do it. I doubt AionNA would attract new players, or people who quit for good, regardless of how they implement 6.2. From my experience, NA players are a bit different than European players.
  3. Finally! I really hope NCSoft does a good job with 6.2 <3 I played 6.2 for a week and two days now, and I'm really loving it (aside of compensated gear - I wish NA wouldn't compensate anything to be honest. Everyone with the same starting ground would be too amazing) So far, dear beloved NCSoft, I can say just one thing: Please make xform scrolls more available - for example make them cheap, or give everyone one guaranteed green one, suitable for the specific class. Though, I'd honestly say making xform scroll cheaper than e.g. Europe, would be a great decision. So-called whales will get their scrolls anyways, and I'm sure most people would be fine to spend some bucks on their game, but it just doesn't make sense if you have to spend up to $200, with still a chance of getting 1 Ancient Xform for the wrong class. I don't know, it's obviously something to think about, but extremely important. And make the 20% HP/MP pots cheap. Yes, it's fine if they're in the Shop, but they should be cheap.