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  1. Due to the low number of coins that can be obtained in each run range of the event (between 20 or 32) it would be nice if these were passable between characters of the same account so that at least we could get the legendary scroll of 1000 coins , (Refrain from commenting idoteces such as "you just want to remove kaisinel" or "everyone on the server will have kaisinel") that with only 1 legendary transformation in the event you will never be able to remove kaisinel. Sorry for my English, I do not speak it very well.
  2. Siege Compensation

    Cyan say that the compensation will be this Wednesday
  3. The event was planned like this?

    go but that weepers are the ones who spend money on the transformation contracts, nobody sent them to spend their money on that we are not asking for 1 legendary per week or to get out kaisinel we just want to get the legendary in the month of the event but I see that the p2w do not understand that and they put this kind of silly excuses
  4. The event was planned like this?

    the event is practically designed so that only donating can get something good because even the scroll ancient is very expensive and it is because of this kind of events that people leave NA and go to the US or leave the game, I do not blame them for wanting to go but at least put a more balanced event where you do not need to swear to donate to get something good
  5. The event was planned like this?

    whoever has spent that amount of kinah is not anyone's fault on the server and we are not asking them to give 100 per run but at least a more realistic amount we all have the right to have a legendary transformation not only the pay to win, it would be fine with that one could pass the coins between characters in the account even so it makes me half stupid that a bag gives you 1 coin plus no one guarantees that you always get S rank apart they also do not guarantee that they give you more than 30 maybe the amount of scroll you have in mind may not reach you and you should buy more
  6. The event was planned like this?

    really the fall is very low given the fact that they are not passable or between the pj of the same account and the only way to get the legendary transforms, we will not even reach the 1000 unless we buy reset scroll, then my Question now is what to put legendary transformations if a normal player can't get them?
  7. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    And what rewards will we get at the end of the seasons just gold ingot or another worthwhile item?