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  1. Simple solution. Don;t buy their crap on the BCM and don't log into the game. Voting with your wallets and time is the best way to bring attention to the fiasco of 6.2. For me. I have not uninstalled yet in hopes they see the error of their ways but will stay out of the game for now and if nothing changes then it will no longer be on my rig and I will say good bye and so long. Have been here off and on since Beta, was given the key by NC West after they shuttered Tabula Rasa, yet will have no qualms about walking away since all the effort and work put into that years of playing were pre
  2. Those darn shugo's are taking more money now than they should. Cost just to list and another cost once sold are outrageous. And to think they have the nerve to complain that business is bad, nyerking shugo's anyway. Since they were auto completed for us we should get the gear anyway since we have no other way to obtain it now. There is only so much time in a day one can play.
  3. Sure why not. Thank you for taking years of our efforts and millions of our kinah/real world money as well and throwing it all down the drain. Thank you for taking the effort to gear yourself and learn to play and throwing all of that away so you can go ahead and hand this me generation an experience that very few will find rewarding and enjoyable. There are many things that could have been done to make the game better and more exciting but you didn't and instead did this, whatever it is. Makes it all seem worthless unless you are an absolute new player who has never experienced any o
  4. Ok, been at it a bit and the more I find the more I really am beginning to hate it, !. Crafting: I had 4 toons at master levels in 4 disciplines with plenty of materials to carry on and its all now for naught. Gone. 2. Economy: Pretty much in the crapper for now and resell values for mob drops is a joke. 3. Equipment/Armor: Seriously. Not much else to say there. 4. Seems to me they should give you the option to start out as a lvl 1 or just go full out 80 and be done with it. Other games have done it and for seasoned or returning players it saves the hassle of leve
  5. Where there is will there is way. Despite road blocks money will find a way to flow, Without going into details follow the previous post by others in this thread for clues.
  6. Its not even new player friendly at this stage. Started a new toon and by the time I got to level 26 I had less than 15k kinah. not even enough to barely slot a stigma stone and have enough for transport to the next area of quest. Then you have the broker who's prices now for listing and selling are really out of touch with any source of reality. Of course there is always the cash shop where you spend real world money for either gold/game money/power up etc. though who wants to or can afford to do this all the time. As much as we all hate the gold sellers and their bots this was not t
  7. Well this all turned out to be a big mess now didn't it? I am not to upset over most of the changes but seriously, you took away the ability to pass money and goods across our account/legion/friends. New toons starting out with very little make very little in the early stages and the cost for flights/teleport/socketing/stigma and enchantments will break you wallet quicker than a Kobold can steal a porkus. At least if you are going to force us back into PvP, which this does update now does, at least give us back the ability to provide funds to other toons in our accounts and legions.
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