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  1. In this age of game companies being increasingly under the magnifier glass for unethical behavior......You would think they would just change things and play it off like they came up with the idea. Spin it so we think they made the right choice because they care about the community.

    Seriously, all the post getting attention are grossly negative, get your shit together NC or just close the nyerking game already. 

  2. On 12/3/2018 at 4:19 PM, Matsukamy-KT said:

    You dont HAVE to buy gear. but  its the only way to advance faster unles you pay.

    Understand that the  people who pay for the game spams instances and get way more ap and enchants then you if you dont. This is regardels of enchant rates and nothing can prevent that they get ahead of you.

    You are making a narrative that isnt there, so stop trying to spin the conversation in a different direction because you cant refute a claim.

    People arent bitching that people who play more, give handy js and spend money will be ahead; they are bitching that progression to avoid getting one shot is gated by a terrible rng algorithm.

    Compensation gear shouldnt have happened and its causing player animosity to become unstable. Open your eyes and look at the forums.

  3. 44 minutes ago, Matsukamy-KT said:

    Yes,  i  was  talking about craft gear. i too have failed many times  and  still have nothing over +12.


    You invalidated your points pretty efficiently there. No one should HAVE to buy gear when there is a system that allows you to grind gear, upgrade and progress.

    The problem here is that system is inherently gated with an awful algorithm.

  4. Honestly, they need to cut ancient to legendary from +15 to +10 while making the rates significantly better.

    I do think Leg to Ultimate should be +15 but again, with fair rates.

    You cant give players gear that outclasses the majority while also gating that majority with terrible rates. You are promoting the accelerated death of your already dying game.

  5. I have also seen this. I took a few pictures on my home PC to send in a ticket but it wasnt working.

    I am glad to see its not just me. Oddly enough, it doesnt happen on my Cleric but on my characters created before 6.0. I can confirm that it also happens in combat but happens consistently when standing still.