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  1. hmm i can make cleric and sw my main ? or i should choose one ?
  2. i like to be Solo DPS and heal my team
  3. Hello i really need help to decide which class to play im thinking about 1- claric 2-SW 3-gunner which one is best ? if non then what class good to start with ?
  4. just by doing the story ? or side quest after 6.2 to hit 80
  5. oh well seem like best time to start would be 24 oc
  6. speaking of controls .do I need to hold right click to move my camera around? plus leveling now and after 24 gonna be the same ? same quest/rewards? etc
  7. Hello, i was wondering if i should level up my character since there's 400xp boost or i should just wait till 24 October ?
  8. hello im thinking to return to aion on 24 oc any idea which server is good to start ? katalam or danaria thanks !
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