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  1. quick question ncsoft staff o.o

    think before you click
  2. Proxy users geting banned

    so yesterday while doing pf i got disconnected (banned) and cant log due to suspicious activity but now i asked support and i can play now i use pingzapper heres the first reply Thank you for your patience while we looked into your issue. It appears this account was caught in our regular account security review. After thoroughly reviewing this account I have decided to remove the block that was placed on it. You may now access our services again. If you are accessing our services using a VPN/proxy, please understand that we do not condone, nor do we support their usage. While we do not prohibit the use of these services we have found them to be directly associated to malicious and fraudulent activity. As such, continued use may result in additional blocks placed on the account. second (when i asked if i can use wtfast) I can confirm that a VPN program is a useful service but it is absolutely not supported in any way by NCSOFT, so the assurance you seek, I cannot give. We are aware that many of our players that connect from outside North America use ping-lowering proxy services to reduce their latency. While NCSOFT does not expressly prohibit the use of these services, we advise our customers to use them at their own risk. Because of the security concerns these services pose we may not accept proxy IP’s as authorized IP’s when connecting to NCSOFT account management. Please be aware that if you access the account from or attempt to add these proxies to your authorized IP list, the account may be blocked and subject to review especially if the proxy you use has a history of suspicious activity and i asked too if i can use reducethelag cause i read here in forum pingzapper are used massively by bots so im gonna stop using it and wondering if i can use reducethelag anyone here got banned using pingzapper and used reducethelag or other ping reducer? and not get banned?
  3. Event

    Can we have a good event with decent rewards and easy to do for all? we need fighting spirit fragments especially at 7.0 and im stuck at my 2 legendary pieces its hard to get 800 fighting spirit fragments even tho you farm guiding stones atleast give us event that gives fighting psirit before 7.0 and some tancient or legendary transfo contract
  4. IDD BUG

    Ya i already did when i post this i hope they gave us scroll
  5. IDD BUG

    So we ran IDD and after we killed Beritra theres no drop literally even his legs (i forgot how to post pic too here but i have SS)
  6. Steel Rake Reward

    Please add fighting spirit fragment on event rewards (no limit) or quest we an get evryday that gives gihting spirit or ice gem we can trade for it
  7. same as cleric noble energy/ servants one hitting and dealing massive damage on asmo/ ely npc mobs
  8. Mirash Sanctum Reward

    btw do mirash sanctum still drops stigma bundle? or just really low rate i think they should fix the drop of stigmas there
  9. Give us Aion Classic please

    im not hoping for classic server but the lore is i hope somehow an emperyean llord or something can turn back the time to, you know...
  10. so....what...now?

    So yesterday i message support about the guy whos kicking groups when he lose roll then today i message them again for the guy who ninja my 2 parts of FM hoping they can take action now and this is what they say: Hello, I'm sorry to hear you didn't win the roll on the items in question. While this behavior may be considered rude, it is not considered a violation of the rules. All members in a party have equal rights to any loot that drops. If a group of players has created their own rules for how loot will be distributed, we are not able to intervene. To prevent this from happening again, I suggest not grouping with these players in the future. You can also make sure that your character is the Leader of the group so you can control how the loot will be distributed in your party. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Really? well you should put that on your violation now lol what kind of excuse is that and you cant avoid grouping up with "these" players since im not asking them when they applied "are you a ninja?" agh im just aghhhhh
  11. Send log

    I cant play aion cause everytime i open i got sendlog lol why
  12. Worth playing in Katalam as new?

    So i cameback t aion at oct 5 with new account so i dont have gear until 24 so isit worth playing on KT again im asmo can i catch up?
  13. Wrong Npc dialog

    hi guys so the npc in ruins of roah camp everytime i clicked it it says "for asmodae'but were an elyos and the stigma master in redemption landing says "azphelumbra'
  14. guys help me im stuck on the logo and then disappear
  15. what is power save mode settings in aion i noticed i got good fps when charging my laptop and bad when not chargimg so how cani get good fps how to change graphic setting to standard?