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  1. Send log

    I cant play aion cause everytime i open i got sendlog lol why
  2. Worth playing in Katalam as new?

    So i cameback t aion at oct 5 with new account so i dont have gear until 24 so isit worth playing on KT again im asmo can i catch up?
  3. Wrong Npc dialog

    hi guys so the npc in ruins of roah camp everytime i clicked it it says "for asmodae'but were an elyos and the stigma master in redemption landing says "azphelumbra'
  4. guys help me im stuck on the logo and then disappear
  5. what is power save mode settings in aion i noticed i got good fps when charging my laptop and bad when not chargimg so how cani get good fps how to change graphic setting to standard?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 10, 2018

    the maintenance is done now? and btw im from the philippines and it is 8:22 PM it doesnt bother me what time difference i have with the other players
  7. Hi guys is this good for Aion intel core i5-4210u up to 2HGz and can you recommend a best graphic settings
  8. We should add 1 new server for new players returning or want to make a new start