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  1. I had to leave for work when I posted it and now I see I forgot to mention some things. I don't think there should be vendor for ultimate gear or if there is it should be for some extremely overpriced. End game gear is supposed to be hard to obtain unlike the gear from FM and BoS which should be easier to access. Right now you may take a few weeks to get full CoE gear if you are unlucky and that is not very healthy for the game in general in my opinion. And like we know CoE gear is nothing special. FM and BoS gear allow you to start running end game instances and things there are even worse than CoE. You might get the same item that you already have over and over, you might get a drop for other class and even if you get the item you need you might have to roll for it since there is another player who needs it as well. And to make it even "better" you have only 4 runs per week. To keep things real someone might get every single piece from these instances in 2 to 3 week while another person might have to run them for months and still need half the stuff there. I forgot to mention that when I suggested the pricing of the items I had in mind that you get one coin every time you kill the final boss in the instance. This way with or without Prestige Pass it will still take months to get what you need, but at least you know you will get it eventually.
  2. After doing lots of FM & BoS runs lately and getting only one piece of gloves ( Bless RNJesus ) I've got an idea: - Add special currency which drops from bosses there. (coins or w/e) - Add NPC vendor in main city for said currency. -Vendor sells items from the instances at some reasonable prices. (e.g. chest piece 12 coins, pants 10 coins, rest 7 and the same goes for accessories and weapons) -Make an incentive to buy Prestige Pass by giving one or two coins per week of PP. For people who don't need gear add other stuff like: 1. A special permanent mount for lots of coins. (200 coins should be good) 2. Legendary Enchantment Stones PvE (20 coins for 1 Stone). 3. Ancient Daevanion Skill Box & Legendary Daevanion Skill Box. (50 & 80 coins maybe) 4. Ancient Transformation Contract (40 coins each). That way people will still have to put a lot of time and effort into the game, but at the end it will feel rewarding and will keep them playing instead(at least in my humble opinion ) I'd love to see what people think about all of this so don't be shy and give your comment! (English is not my native language and I'm sorry if I made any mistakes)
  3. Awakened Gala Gift Box

    I know NC won't be getting the $$$ but they should really consider to completely remove the transparent scrolls for NA and just add a "Display transformation" tick box similar to what we have for our headgear and plumes. Second option - transparent scrolls cost the same amount of kinah as the regular ones and are bought from the same NPC. Being forced to pay so your characters look like themselves is for the lack of better word ... dumb.