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  1. A lot of arguing, a lot of complaining, will this forum post change anything? History says nope.
  2. Aion retail and classic should be fun. Just try both and see what you prefer.
  3. I don’t think mods/cm/GM read this forum.
  4. Gotcha sounds good, awaiting next big rant.
  5. @TrueCommunityHero I don't get it. People blatantly hack for years and don't get banned, supposedly because they pay big $$. You pay big $$ but get banned for buying a sus item off broker. Your story isn't adding up, there seems to be more than meets the eye.
  6. Never really here on forums but honest question, does anything get changed due to people posting on forums besides when they bring attention to high profile exploits/bugs? If so, does anyone have any examples, just curious.
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