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  1. I tried logging in, hopped around and was so lost. I'm really trying to hold onto hope here, I miss this game so so much. ><
  2. I really miss this game, and haven't been able to find anything close to match it really. I wish so much they would fix this game, with full zones, reasonable to get gear, pvp arenas back, and my goodness do I miss Tia eye pvp and upper abyss even, too, so so much. It's hard to believe its been years that we've been begging for positive change and they just don't care, I wonder why? Lack of investment? Did all the devs quit? I wish there was a reasonable answer. Like a few others touched on in the thread already- most of us who played before and who could be playing now, have
  3. I wish I could confirm- I remember doing camps for current gear back then, but then stopped playing. Now all my armor sets are gone and replaced with just the one set that's in my inventory? Sorry that's such poor/sparse info, but its what I've got.
  4. I was a long time Aion player since launch, and quit around the time 6.0 landed (hated transformation scrolls). I reinstalled to see where things were at, and I was shocked to find how much the game changed, and not for the better. Marketplace system was a huge shock, (they used a model similar to BDO- no trades between players except some items listed to marketplace). This was really interesting since the population is so low on NA it doesn't really make sense for it's intended use (to drain excess money through item listing tax, ect). Second was the tutorials didn't really help c
  5. @Cyan I hope you are reading this and you will forward this to the powers that be. I haven't posted in forums in forever I feel, and I have been playing this game off and on since 2009? 2010? or so- I downloaded the new patch because I quit before cause I refused to waste my time on the grind. Out of everything the removal of run scrolls in favor of these ridiculous transforms was the dumbest thing ever. It was the opposite of simplifying a system, and made it more confusing and convoluted with the options you have. I also agree with the conflict on character immersion and cus
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