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  1. Is this just for new accounts? I see the click to register link, but it just takes me to the overview page for the update, and there's nothing more than "download" at the bottom of the page.
  2. This is the mechanic that made me leave the game the first time. I work incredibly hard for gear, because RNG seriously, seriously hates me. If it's back.......
  3. I feel like this second video mis-represents actual game play. Like, shouldn't she be running around as a polar bear, Pomeranian, or kid's birthday dragon thing?
  4. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that video... however, I am more interested in the teaser at the end. Does that mean two classes are in the works? Maybe this isn't a Muse subclass but another entire new base class and two subclasses? Or if this was a muse subclass then is there another base class/single sub class? Or 3 classes in the words because there's also that whole "soul fighter"/Monk we've been waiting for, for YEARS now being teased. I feel so confused.
  5. My first thought was "they could have at least made it a 30 day prestige pass". Seriously.
  6. Aww.. bless your heart. Welcome to Aion.
  7. Why.. and when did Bolvig get renamed?! Also, can someone pick one or the other? In the cut scene he's still Bollvig. Oh, and, Mayanee's name is spelled wrong too -.-
  8. Right now it seems like loot pets aren't picking up anything at all. Period. Even in a group dungeon run there's still rubbish/greys on mobs even when we all have loot pets out and active. And this whole thing where white rubbish gear is untradable is annoying as hell because we still have to manually loot the mob which again, makes the loot pet/function completely useless. I can't even fathom why basic white gear, which is good for nothing more than a skin at this point, is untradable and unbrokable. I want to like this update, but more and more I'm starting to not.
  9. Mounts were useful. Cabinets and decor were also useful; especially since we can't make them anymore. Skins were useful too, not merely for cosmetic but for selling. Sure, it's great that the luna has "useful" stuff in it now, but now it lacks any sort of variety. Not to mention the cost of what you're crafting to get "a" item, sucks. Seriously; 15 Flawless, 6 Cloudy, 12 Chipped, 12 Clear, and 3 Lights for a 100% scroll "bundle" that contains "a" (as in singular) transformation scroll? The Luna Workshop as it stands is useless to me. I am not interested in what it has to offer and as of now d
  10. I still need an answer on what happens with names that can no longer be used in game. I'm not the only person who has a name that would now be blocked if I tired to use it again. Using a rename ticket won't allow me to reclaim my name, Padmarashka. Will I need to contact support to have them fix the issue? Or am I essentially being told too bad, I lost the name?
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