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  1. Question

    Ereshkigal server needs more elyos at the moment
  2. New server feels good

    everysingle class is really good, with the new Aion takes like 6-8h to get max level, you get EVERYTHING from quest until lvl 80 so... you can level up multiple chars and find ur favorite, but top magic dps Sorcerer, but the spiritmaster is broken 2 so idk is up 2 u, idk what you really like, check videos or just go blind and play everything ^^/ ... btw Ereshkigal server needs more Elyos, we have more asmos but the elyos are really good, last divine fortress was soo epic and balance, no1 could take it
  3. New server feels good

    oh yeah!! im with you!! with the big update, aion is a new game with a ''new'' economy and everythng else, so the best is a fresh start + the server name is much much bettr lol
  4. just start over n the new server like everyone else!! this is one of the reasons why we wanted a new server!! is a whole new game after 6.x patch
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 31, 2018

    @Pixie-EK he is talking about the selection server in game, a lot of new players went to Katalam cuz thats the recommended server, so with this change more ppl should join EK, check the picture below, i think the ''NEW'' tag will be right there. @Cyan @Hime you guys should add something to the launcher, idk could be a picture saying ''try or new server'' with the sexy Ereshkigal on it , and add something to the website saying the same (lineage 2 classic did something like this n the website everytime they added a new server) cuz right now the only way to know about this is reading the patch note and most of the new players wont do that for sure,... i know some ppl who came to this game and they are having a bad time playing in Katalam, the game said ''this is the best server for you so go and die agains ppl with a lot of exp and gear) and if you read the forums ppl wanted to start fresh with this big update. Oh and changing the ''Recommended server'' would help a lot 2 (check the image below) please fix this quick.