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  1. In Memory of Instagib

    My sincerest condolences to you and his family Hopea, I was a long time subscriber to his YouTube channel. Never encountered him as I wasn't on Siel but I routinely took notes of his rotations and decision making to make my Sorcerer better as his PVP skills were top tier. May god bless his soul, the Aion community will miss him. - Bloodbury
  2. Aly is arguing with you for the sake of arguing, after reading both of your responses you make intelligent rebuttals with common sense. Where her responses seems like she is looking for holes in your narrative.
  3. I came back after 3 year break, reach level 80, got owned like a level 1, realized I can't compete so I left. So basically yes, what you described above is why I don't log in anymore. I just go on PubG.