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  1. I need opinions, to know if it is worth returning to the game in 7.9 or better to wait for the aion classic
  2. good as cyan does not want to give some answers and cyan looks like a transparent scroll, I just want to say my last words nyerk you ncsoft with your nyerking update of GP season, now if you made this garbage game p2w with reset in ID and IB PDT: I want to see if you take the trouble to close this post at least and do not ignore people #nyerkkkkyou #nyerkkkkyou #nyerkkkkyou #nyerkkkkyou #nyerkkkkyou
  3. if we are talking about old sieges, then they should remove that buff for the weakest faction
  4. without that, it is a great disadvantage when the faction that dominates has to fight vs that buff level 7 or 8.
  5. after a month of aion 5.8. divine continues to have the same problems: no battlefield kisk no rewards no buff for pvp and pve during the siege. when you think about fixing this ncsoft?
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