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  1. Eu, next month I turn 50 years old. I play video games since I was 3 years old. I completed the university (2 times), I planted a tree, I have a son, oops, I have not yet written a book (but I write poems) .... and I have a social life. So what is the problem with age?πŸ˜• There is no age to play, I do not know your age, however I assure you that at my age you will continue playing. In fact, I only know a single person over 50 who does not play.πŸ˜„ There is no age to play, I do not know your age, however I assure you that at my age you will continue playing. In fact, I only know a single
  2. Hello Aion team, if the chests keep the 5.x prizes it would be good if they are all the ones that were before. Skins, omegas and temperings (I could use a few). What if. I opened a chest and gave me an AP crown. Also thank you for bringing the event. I hope the problems are solved. It is an event that was missed. I was only able to get in for a few minutes, but I enjoyed it.
  3. I was also saving Tia's ... for 3 years and now everything is gone. With all due respect, they should be that quick to erase hacks and bots. I'm almost one step away from uninstalling Aion, these things already exceed my patience. (I still like Loki and Kibbels for some reason that I don't know)
  4. There are ppl who became the owner of the hunting areas, they kill 4 or 5 larays and stuff and they don't even leave you one. Luckily today is the last day. As Arhangelos says, solo events are better.
  5. Dear Ferk, in this game sometimes you have to wait patiently. A short time ago there was an event with which I got 16 class A minions. Someone help me, it was one that you exchanged (without RNG) ice creams for items (it was the only thing I did during the time it lasted). Today it is very difficult to get to have a class A. If it is by RNG (in my case) it is very rare that I win something decent so I just hope for sure. Patience that something always appears.
  6. Good good. Before the 6.x I used luna for saddles and skins. No kinah, but, I had 2 professions (it was a lot of work). This and some missions provided me with kinah. In 6.x everything changes. However I had the resource of aetherforging. Well, raise it to 300 (terrible job), but I was able to make my red pvp and pve gear, make and sell. A great income from kinah. But all that came to nothing now. Without professions and with a little useful aetherforging that I stay ??? make kinah with Luna (also transformation contracts). I'm not lucky with the RNG, so the only thing left for me is to make
  7. Hey, Dmob and Vantheria are right. I do this event about 8 times a day and something new always comes up. It is unpleasant for most, but nonetheless has its share of adventure.🀩.I never afk. If you try to enjoy him with his mistakes (I am not justifying the mistakes) it will be a lot of fun, regardless of winning or losing.πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. Welcome. I hope you have had a good holiday.πŸ‘ Excuse my ignorance. Please, MechEagIe, instruct me a little. Are you saying those stacked gray characters are boots? (I took a few photos of those, I thought I had a problem on my pc)πŸ˜•
  9. Exactly, there are people who do nothing and others cover everything and do not allow anything to be done. The game will die, not so much for NC, it will die for a certain group of people who took over hunting areas. Their names are repeated in the broker over and over again selling stigmas. The same, again. I'm going to BDO.
  10. you can play Aion and BDO at the same time, or cyberpunk or .... Mame games .... roller coaster, etc😁
  11. Mother MSI A520M/ac AM4 X16 conecction in video graphics card Can be rx6000 series or rtx 3070 ---- 16 gb ram of 3200 hz I supose it wil be cheap You can buy something with menos ram tooπŸ‘
  12. Excuse me, if it's because of one of my Shainys it would be strange. It's been a long time since I've only been doing Luna and now, the animal farm event. The last instance I did was bastion of souls and alone.
  13. Have nice holidays with your family. Merry christmas. The best for the next year.πŸ‘
  14. Hello community. A story with a question. I remember once in Illuma (5.X) a group of Asmos attacked me and did not do me any harm. My equipment was very low. In fact they couldn't kill me. Could it be that some trick someone could put it to another player? something like a buff?
  15. Hello everyone. Che, complain about the events ??? This time it does not correspond. Let's stop nyerking around and enjoy the game. GOOD to Kibbelz, Loki and the whole team.πŸ‘
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