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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 16, 2020

    Gameplay Updates Reverted the drop rates for Titan Coins and Titan Coin Pieces to their levels from before the 8/19/2020 update. This is amazing, thank you so much @Kibbelz We really appreciate it @Hime And also every new upcoming aion event increasing even more drop rate in the future will be very welcome!
  2. Aion October Preview

  3. October Preview?

  4. October Preview?

    Yes @Hime please we beg you! Don`t leave us in the dark and shadows of uncertainty. We are waiting for October Preview Post! (Even if it is a draft and subject to change) Tell us which encounters, devious creatures we will fight in the upcoming Events! One Hour of Spooktacular Buffs Get 400% more XP and a drop rate boosted by 100% for one hour
  5. Items Leaving the Black Cloud Marketplace

    What will happen with Zillions of Berdin Stars & Giant Berdin Star that we bought from Aion Store?