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  1. Elyos Asmo Situation

    Can ANYONE WHO HAS ANY KIND OF POWER IN THIS GAME LOCK THE CREATION OF ELYOS IN KATALAM? Im tired of walking in open world being constantly killed 3v1 2v1 5v2 ETC, and its always the same, elyos just walk 3m and theres another elyo there to help him, AND WITHOUT EVEN MENTIONING THE FACT THAT THEY'RE THREE TIMES MORE PLAYERS ON SIEGE, Everytime, its 300 vs 100, but yeah, they just call us rubbish faction cause we need buff when the numbers arent even equal. GIVE AN ASNWER TO THIS OR I'LL SPAM IT UNTIL I GET BANNED
  2. BOTS

    Yeah they lower the prices indeed, but in this version where kinah is hard to get, the old players who have billions on their inventory, they just buy mats at a low price, and sell the items at a insanely high price, selling red masterwork 200m where the only ones who will be able to buy that are people who have been playing past updates making kinah, if bots werent there, economy will stabilize, and people will start to lose kinah if they dont sell things cheaper and farm more, its pretty basic on every game, they're just afk crafting and selling things overpriced
  3. BOTS

    Im curious of what we can do against the bots, cause if we report this on the support the answer is "We'll investigate", and 1 month after the bots are still there. So i want to know if there's an actual way of fighting these bots, cause it seems theres no way in game cause even the Report a bot function doesnt work, i've reported those players in like 5 different chars with that function more that once and it doesnt work at all. My concern is related to the fact that craft is really important in this version, and most of the top players are botting, so its pretty much a black market where nobody cares and the free users or users who are not intereted in paying for a bot are harmed the worst. I expect an answer from Cyan or any GM, that makes sense. And of course anyone who has the will to give a useful opinion.
  4. Instance entry boost

    It would be cool if Hyme or Cyan gave an answer to this, i mean idk why are only players giving their opinions making it all look like its a mafia.
  5. Crafting mats

    Indeed, just reroll any class and do it with aoe, i rerolled at and its broken, farmed 2k stones in 2 days, easy
  6. Crafting mats

    Ofc its hard dude, sin's hitting 1.0 with 2 weapons and chanter is hitting the same attack speed with a 2h weapon, he hits twice what a sins hits and at the same attack speed, i dont mind i understand sin needs gear to do what other classes do as natural, transformations are broken, every 2h weapon is hitting at 1. something , at is hitting at 1.2 with idium slam, what makes me mad if that even if i make an alt and i try to do aetherforge with my sin, cause he's my nyerking main and i like playing it , and even doing some pve with it farming stones, the stones are not tradeable or storable in account warehouse, its so dumb, its all a nyerking mix of issues, bots , etc... poor fixes for problems cause they dont know how to their job, or either they dont want to do it
  7. Crafting mats

    Well, then ncsoft made assasin actually unplayable then, its impossible to farm open world with a sin, and if they're not tradeable alts are useless, i have to change my main cause a gladiator or an aethertech has 10 times more advantage than me in that way and they're not tradeable, gg ncsoft ty for not letting me even chose my class.
  8. Crafting mats

    Can anyone give me a decent explanation of why are ancient guiding stones not storable in account warehouse or tradeable? this is starting to be annoying...
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    Yeah, thats a terrible defense against hacking , gj
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 12, 2018

    Wassup Musicnotes, if you stop donating then they'll ban you for hacking dude what do you mean
  11. Event

    I've been able to catch some, but usually there's windstreams around, here they're in top of a rock that cant be reached by any place
  12. Event

    https://imgur.com/a/TDdhMFV Can anyone explain me how im supposed to reach these shugos? the windstream in the base is unable to leave cause the wind is too strong and there's no way to go up there, plus the event hooks dont work from so far away.