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  1. @Cyan Can you explain me whats the point of gearing up for 4 months to do pf , if your "devs" are going to buff it as soon as they can, knowing that the buff havent happened in kr or eu, matter fact they do pf 3 man over there, but here we get a worthless event or idk what the nyerk we got, cause pandora is absolutely ridiculous, farming 4 months to get full ultimate gear? thats your logic? we have to farm 4 months more to be able to do a instance that will help us do the current end game, and in that moment 7.0 will come and we'll be undergeared again? idk, this just discourage me to keep on playing and a lot of other ppl, only people who are ultra overgeared are the ones running pf, idk whats the point of this.
  2. @Cyan Is there a chance we can get the sacrifice vitality part of bastion be changed so chanters can do it? many of us have chanter with rejuvenating and they can solo heal bastion, and even with 2 chanter with cleansing or 1 chanter and a sw should be able to dispel cold smash, in my group we dont have enough clerics to cover our alts.
  3. Hacker In Open world

    Lol you dont need to teach me how to report someone to the support, can you read what i said? i havent even reported this to the support, but yeah, "no video", mrviva have been reported by tons of players and nobody provided a video? sure, not a conspiracy, i dont care about the terms, whats the point of your answer i dont get it xD, just to correct stuff or what? if you dont play on KT, dont try to have an opinion.
  4. Hacker In Open world

    I've reported hackers before, and i know i need a video, but sometimes all you can get is a screenshot, anyways my point is not reporting this guy to the support so nothing will happen, its just so the community knows this guy's hacking, i got targeted invisible, i wasnt targeted before going invis and then went invis and the target stood bugged there, if you want to believe me it'll be complicated cause i dont have the video, but i've seen the bug and i know how it works and this wasnt the case, the guy didnt even had a seed and he was targetting me and the ranger invis lmfao, i even walked later in front of the guy later invis again and he targetted me like he doesnt care at all to be taped or w/e. Anyways i dont care getting banned or the post getting blocked its just to raise awareness either on asmo side, and elyo, idk if you guys like hackers on elyo side, but theres people like mrviva who have been hacking for months and he doesnt get banned cause he donates tons of USD, so its pointless sometimes to report someone. The seeds of detection only work for rangers btw, its basic stealth only, and he targetted me and the ranger without it even, but w/e its my word vs you all, i knew it would've been this way just because i dont have the video, im not interested in playing 24 hours with camtasia just in case i see a hacker.
  5. Hacker In Open world

    Im uploading this to the forum cause if someone is a donator then he doesnt gets banned so i'll be uploading this first here just in case this guy doesnt get banned. https://imgur.com/a/eP8zoD7
  6. Elyos Asmo Situation

    This section always will be one sided, so just w/e, hope something changes with server transfers
  7. Elyos Asmo Situation

    Yeah so you're basically another zerging elyo, ty for admiting it, just stop quoting, its boring to this point to keep reading the same stuff and answering you the same even tho you cant retain anything and you're bringing up the same excuses again and again. Step off and stop embarassing yourself, you're not understanding anything, you're just another kid who wants to feel he's right by repeating and repeating even tho i've answered you this before....
  8. Elyos Asmo Situation

    Dude, do you even read something? or you just answer what you want just to keep discussing, cause at this point you lost the conversation and dont even know what to say anymore. I never said people shouldnt group up, im saying you guys dont know other way to play besides that, but yeah, start making assumptions, i dont do any of the things you said because i like pvp, i dont find enjoying jumping on someone who is half hp and has no rs, whats the point ? i prefer to jump equally, but you guys dont know that as your attitude is zerging when you get killed, so idk what are you pointing fingers at, you're admiting yourself you ask for help to do your dailies, just the classic zerging elyo that doesnt stand getting killed some times and cries to his friends for help, thats the difference, i dont zerg. Try again kid, and if you feel like you're good, tell me where you farm and we can 1v1.
  9. Elyos Asmo Situation

    Dude you're getting killed in a static place, this is the difference, IM DOING PVP, IM ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO 1v1 AND I GET ZERGED EVERYWHERE I GO, i CHANGE THE PLACE. Who the nyerk cares if you get killed 5-8 times in a hour in the same spot, we all do when we're farming, nobody nyerking cares, you're just a bot who is part of a quest, try actually doing pvp and dying 40 times or more in 1 hour and not getting pissed off. I never said asmos do not play, i said we're always less man which is true, at that hour we used to be more, cause all the elyos were sleeping or idk honestly, but now, theres elyos zerging around lakrum 24/7. I dont know if you're honestly stupid or what, im not sure how to explain you to this point THAT THIS IS NOT ABOUT OPEN WORLD FARMING AND GETTING KILLED, IS ABOUT DOING DAILY PVP QUESTS AND GET ZERGED EVERYWHERE YOU GO, IF YOU'RE IN THE SAME PLACE FOR HOURS PEOPLE WILL COME TROUGH TO DO THEIR QUEST AND KILL YOU THATS OBVIOUS. try doing a quest on ELYO SIDE, and not get zerged by 4 different legion zerging groups, BUT OF COURSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA CAUSE YOU'RE NOT AN OPEN WORLD PVPER, AND ELYOS DONT COME TO OUR SIDE ALONE, THEY ONLY COME IN GROUPS. Idk why cant you accept you dont belong to this section, but once again, attention seeker.
  10. Elyos Asmo Situation

    And honestly idk why are you giving an opinion on this if you're a "open world user", you're farming in the same location for a long period of time, you dont leave that place, you dont know the state of open world pvp, so you're just basically giving opinions of your time doing weeklies, camps, and what you're reading of lfg, you're not even doing pvp and you dont know what is like to see zerging groups 24/7, cause you dont pvp, its weird idk what are you trying to do here, i guess you're lacking attention.
  11. Elyos Asmo Situation

    Im not arguing with you anymore, you're just proving yourself a non pvp user in the pvp discussion section, so not only you're a pve user you dont know how to read, waow. Tbh im worried about yo at this point i feel like you have some problem to comprehend, IM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE "PRO" PLAYERS, IN OTHER WORDS GEARED/EXCHANGE GEAR PLAYERS, you're saying it yourself you never saw high rank pinging asmos, its mostly legionless people, i dont have a legion and i dont do it, and if you check asmo lfg theres like 1 person every 4 hours asking for help with the zerg, and some days not even people asking for help. Yeah, thats your mindset, group orientated genre, even in open world? damn buddy you need to learn a lot, you dont need to walk with 5 other people in open world just cause you're scared of getting beat up by more skilled players, thats called being bad, scared, and needing help cause you dont want to learn, so yeah, i have a group myself for pve and friends with which i do pvp instances, but i dont walk with them grabbing their hands as soon as i leave the base cause im afraid to die, or to get killed by someone who actually plays good, thats whats entertaining about pvp, getting nyerked and learning, but elyos are too scared and think that they will get humilliated in real life or something so the vast majority walks in groups all day. Try not to get mad in a discussion you're not part of, you said it yourself, you're not a pvper, you hit mobs, i do pve myself a lot too, but i do pvp as well, try to read well next time.
  12. Elyos Asmo Situation

    So you're basically talking with no experience about how's the server state right now ? Wow, good job, yeah the "pro" players are known by everyone, and as i already told you, they talk in lfg asking for zerg, or even in their legion when they get solo killed, just cause they're mad for not being good enough or their class is nerfed. You're just pointing out obvious facts that are dumb tbh, im a sin personally so i can choose who i fight, im not talking about people of their own legions grouping up to zerg, i mean you guys have so many people online, that it doesnt actually matter if you are in a legion or not, you can walk and you'll find enough elyos to beat asmos 3v1 or 4v1 at every hour of the day, this last fact you didnt argue so ill keep on assuming you dont play that much. Im not talking about pvp on its essence, im talking open world pvp as i said before, otherwise i would be doing arenas or jumping to geared players with less gear to practice my skill, i dont care about zerging legion groups in the entry of bastion just killing for "fun", neither im talking about the zerging legions in fm camp every 15 minutes, im talking about the fact that it doesnt actually matter who you're in the elyo side, you'll always have people to help you around, whats laughable is that you guys dont show on our side alone, only a few, if you decide to come to our side its always in groups of 3 or more. Daily pvp quests are what im talking about, not weeklies, you said it yourself, you're a open world player, not a open world pvp player, dont join conversations you dont care or you're not interested about cause everything you're saying makes no sense, guns dont hit you for 20k, thats only like 5 guns in the server, its obvious who they're, im not talking about them, im talking once again about that elyos side is imbalanced on how much you're, its obvious dude, why do you think we lose every siege without buff? cause elyos are twice what we're thats showing you the numbers imbalance, and that adress the imbalance on open world as well. Think whatever you like about me not liking my faction, it's what it is, i dont find people on my faction interested enough in the game to do serious pvp with them, if you think that calling for lfg is good enough for you, cool, i dont do that, cause in my side, we're less, and if it isnt a legion zerging group, who will come? And im not a hypocrite to call a zerg legion group to help me kill some randoms. Keep quoting me, truth is, this doesnt really matter, cause unless they lock creations of elyos or open server merges, you guys will still be twice what we're and we will always be outnumbered on open world and sieges, but you guys always find excuses for your lack of skill, "Yeah its an mmo, its about people and groups" "You should find a group to do open world", I dont think this is the solution to everything in the game, otherwise people with actual skill wont exist, or killing someone with more gear than you neither, cause whats the point, just find 4 more to come with you and zerg for the rest of the day. And once again, we all know who are the geared ones, you can /inspect them or just look at the skin of their armor and you will know what gear they have, im not complaining about them ONCE AGAIN.
  13. Elyos Asmo Situation

    If you dont stand a chance against overgeared people, thats on you, with a few parts of legendary you can either get out of their lock and leave, you dont need to laugh and wait for him to kill you cause you're free ap. This kinda shows you're not a pvp user, you're just a pve user who does camps etc, when you're doing dailies, and every camp on 8 chars, not 5 like you, it becomes annoying. I have no idea what you're talking about, i admit there's zerging groups in asmos, theres sentinels, incoming, insta win and some others, but there's around idk 6 zerging groups maybe on asmo, and they're not enough to cover the 24 hours of the server, im telling you cause i do a lot of open world pvp with my main, and i've died around 50 times in 1 hour walking around, trying to do pvp dailies and you cant even step outside cause there's elyos zerging anywhere you go, and no asmo group walking around. This clearly shows an imbalance on open world, arenas are even worse, cause on open world you can make a decision on who you're jumping to, someone with your same gear, on arenas, usually only players with a lot of gear do arenas and overpowered classes, so they can win by points or w/e. You're confusing doing camps with open world pvp, when you're trying to do dailies pvp with your main, do you really require a group? And if that's so, theres not many you can choose, personally i dont like players on asmo side, thats why i dont have a pvp group, but the situation is that on elyo side, theres like 15 zerging groups, 4 from a legion, 2 from another, and so forth, thats the problem, doesnt matter what time you log in, theres always elyos zerging, try to log around 5 am server time and see if there's any asmo zerg going on, or at 5pm server time, same situation, we've around some hours each day to make dailies, and this doesnt mean groups arent going around, it means that they're not covering the whole map, idk whats your problem tbh, maybe you're a pve user, or maybe you dont play that much, i have no idea, elyos are the ones that zerg everytime they see someone, and even when they get beat up by someone same geared as them, if you log an elyo you can see shouts on lfg from """""pro""""" players trying to zerg laughing, how do you explain that, i've my self killed some people with more gear than me and they had come back with a pocket cleric or their zerging group, just out of anger it is not even for their dailies pvp quests. Try doing open world pvp first and then try to teach what people should do.
  14. Elyos Asmo Situation

    I dont ask to anyone for help, im not an elyo who cant play on his own and when he sees a better player zergs him and call him noob, when i get 3v1d i just logout and do something else in real life, the issue is that it doesnt matter what time you log in, theres elyos zerging everywhere. I agree that if you find a 3v1 you should find at least 1 person more or 2 players more to help you with the zerg, but as you're an elyo you wont understand what not having people online means, sometimes theres people either afk in the base, or a really low quantity of people online, so it doesnt matter if you call for lfg, nothing will happen and nothing will change, now explain me, why is it that happens on the asmo side, but not on the elyo? Btw i dont like zerging in groups cause im not dependant of a zerg to beat someone in a 1v1, like insta win and many other asmo legion. I dont think the balance is in, yeah give them a buff guys cause they're less, we should be the same quantity and it should be all left to skill and strategy, it seems that they only gave us the buff cause they know we're less, if you see in KT elyos never have buff, cause the only way for asmos to win is with buff, as they're twice what we're every siege. I dont find fair that asmos are more skilled and elyos are more, like, whats the point of being skilled, if you can just join a faction who're 3 times more and win without making an effort...