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  1. Kibbelz I have no words for these you are the worst guy working for AION... even worst than Cyan. Praying the fire you as soon as possible or you will finish what little is left of the game.
  2. Wish I had that job... do nothing at all, be useless, and get paid.
  3. Great Kibbelz just won the laziest guy to work for NCSoft award. Great job again............. You should get fire faster than Cyan did mate.
  4. Do not implement please. Want to do something right..... 1) bring back item trading between characters. 2) actually spend a bit of time in game and ban hackers for God's sake. 3) if you making an event do not copy paste it on game and do play a bit; so you can see all events you recently done have been rubbish and loot has been garbage. 4) lastly the Tokens..... if you give 3 of them let players use them as they want and stop with the new rules every 5 minutes and the lack of information which make everything F%$#&#@ unclear to us the game community. ...... Wait o
  5. Siiigh..... NCSoft and papi Kibbelz, the problem here is not the luna is the Vanilla Tool thing. Just look at the Meloon event; at least 96% of the ppl who got an item there's was by beating all regular players by using the Vanilla, its become so normal now that they even brag in game about it; get some ppl playing the game and you will find all the crap they doing with it and how it will kill the game if it keeps up...... now player don't even want to run instances or help others in game do dungeon, because they selling loot they get by glide hacking using Vanilla. What NCSoft or Kibbelz need
  6. TF ....... I hope you guys come with a better excuse than these. My alt, my freaking alt made it to KT and my main toon was in queue first and did not make it. So your constant lack of knowledge of how to work the game and excuse of some made it and some did not.... we NCSoft don't know what were doing yet again, don't make for the lack of respect toward the players. Money, time, etc... was involved and I hope you make these a top priority; or is it fun for you guys to screw players over and over again and just make their play time a constant struggle. The lack of giving a %$#^ and the consta
  7. I will say 2 things only.... Sethos is not a part of the WB cash thing, and that what saddens me is that people from old Germ legion still try to protect him and he’s goons; when these WB few man killing spree has been going on for months now at late hours...... some now try to pretend they did not knew about it, and its sickening to see how even legion mates will screw other legion mates to stay at Goons squad good side to try and get benefit out of it. I even told the new legion lead to report these and they just don't care about whats been done to the players who worked hard to get them al
  8. Thanks NCSoft for you crappy work and the lack of time you give you player........ and yea Thanks to for screwing enchanting rates again, hope to hear from you 3 month from now and get the stupidest reply to these issue.
  9. I can finally say that I will be adding myself to the "will not renew prestige ever again'' campaign. I fell we talk to automated machines when trying to get NCSoft to do something...... the answers are always ''No'' or ''Cant be done". Sad to see a good game being lead by people who don't know anything about the game.... good job guys.
  10. Cage= Us and hour ago waiting on tomorrows reset news. Shark= NCSoft caring a lot about us players.
  11. Rate sucks..... all legendary and Ultimate's have been failing one after the other..... seems NCSoft screw rate again since they don't care about the game or players any more.
  12. I rather have everyone having a chance at the GP than 10 OP dmg. class players getting all the high end GP, because its a PVE matter atm at siege; remember if it is kill base it will turn into a kill competition..... so if your AFK, active alliances or groups will get more kills. And a thing I learned at these game is that gear is a really important matter; but if you got no skill is gg with or without gear....... and there's a lot of players out there wiling to run the whole map to find pvp at all times; the problem is that the game has turn into a PVE queen thing, and is to hard for people
  13. Why instead of giving GP when you kill the winning fort faction adds (which brings a huge disadvantage to those classes with no high AOE attacks or with lower DPS skill than other classes, and is making sieges boring as hell); why dont you make it a PVP kill count thing in forts siege; making it, that the top GP points go to those who make the top killing mark on siege to get the higher GP score and then go down from that..... These will make siege a huge PVP ground area, making it a whole hour of fun for a lot of players who still play and might bring a few players who lef
  14. Yo not even funny, I wasted like 57 Legendary PVP Stones on a +5 Ultimate and it never went over +7...... plus its stayed at +6 Awesome fix guys. Ultimate Enchanting Stones are failing like crazy to.
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