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  1. I do not have legendary tranformation and good put together the 35 pumpkins to take out 2 ancient, previously I had 2 ancient and I started to combine but as always since the 6.2 no legendary appears on my menu , that sadness (U.U)
  2. Hello, there may be many posts about this, I was told that the reason they could not put the aion in Spanish, is for a gameforge rights class, well it can really be applied in Latin Spanish. The fact is that if they put the Spanish language in the game they will win more players, due to the fact that it is more comfortable to play it in the native language. One example is that there are several Latin American players playing in the EU server, for the simple reason that it is in Spanish, they have commented that the only bad thing about NA is that it is not possible that it is in Spanish. It is
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