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  1. If folk went and fought as hard as they complain the faction might be doing better. But what do we see.. "It's dead" "we can't win" blaa blaa blaa blaa. It's still early game and small beer. In a couple months we'll have a better idea. But first, lowbies gotta get geared. You help'n any lowbies, especially newb lowbies who don't understand the game or it's mechanics? I made General rank 3 on the original Israphel server after the original release of steel cavalry (4.7) as an Aethertech. If there was a siege, win or loose I was there. And that's what it takes.. commitment n
  2. no they are not ok or legal.. running bots is a violation of the TOS
  3. There's even some headgear to go with it, but it won't be available until we get access to Gelkmaros. "The Admisinistrators Hat." Players with Ely toons can get the hat skin from the Devine Accessories vendor in their capital. Be nice if there were a place to get it not Asmo side but, nope, Aion don't roll that way! Maybe it'll end up in the cash shop.
  4. About 30 hours of grinding mobs on 2 different toons in Brusthonin in that little corner where the Elyos NPC's are. There's also Plate (nice) Chain (kinda fugly) and cloth (it's ok) But the Leather set is utter awesome looking 🙂
  5. Khelioshram, my just made level 22 Assassin tricked out on the "Dispassionate" leather armor.. a touch of purple dye on the gauntlets and shoulders, and the purple petals for the Chest, Legs, and foot ware. If I'm going t5o go out there and die for asmodea, I'm darn well going to leave a good corpse! https://ibb.co/JBfK3qV https://ibb.co/HLygcsH
  6. *grabs his way back machine* Year: 2011 Meem: "Israphel server is Dead" Reality: The server was not dead. It revitalized and player population stabilized and the Asmo players rallied. From 2012 on the Asmo players ended first challenging the Ely players on a regular basis and eventually dominated the server. Conclusion: We've heard this song before. And just like then it was trolling. I'm not going to even worry about this false issue.
  7. Ok, lets see.. Even when they are on my personal ignore list apparently they can send me in game mails and whispers advertising their stolen shit. Stolen from NCSoft, stolen from "us" This shit is more likely to drive me away from this game then any actual issues with the game. The RMT's are not getting the bulk of the Kinah from grinding bots. They're buying it from players. In some cases stealing it from players. This happened back in original aion and it's happening now. Guys do NOT black market your kinah. You hurt the game, you hurt other player experience of the
  8. Who you kidd'n? Something would mess it up..! I'd just be happy to be able to swim!
  9. Dude, you complain to much, and have offered nothing constructive. And frankly your attitude IS part of the problem. You want fairy tales, feel good talk and BS? Go give World of Tanks and World of Warships a go (Both are very much pay 2 win) . Your happiness is not my responsibility, or NCSoft's.. it's yours, so go make your happiness happen, or don't. As for those "anyone returning to Aion" folks. They can either figure it out for them selves, or not. I'm one of 'em, and I am good with where the game is, even if I do miss not having an Aethertech or Gunslinger. Now, back
  10. bot operators like to use VPN because it hides them. Gold sellers like to use VPN for the same reason. Peeps running any exploits, hacks or cheats same same same. I know guys out of Australia and NZ, and the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and Singapore that play on the NA server that don't use a VPN and they're just fine. If there are lag/latency issues try talking to your ISP first before you pop for VPN. You might be able to upgrade your service for less then you pay for a VPN.
  11. perception.. is it pay to win? Yes, but the ways to pay to win are very very VERY limited. And what ways there are still requires you spend time in game DOING things. You want real pay to win go look at the current main Aion or even better, Star Trek Online, or any of the FIFA games. Eventually, inevitably there will be more "Pay 2 Win" crap in Aion Classic. But for now it's such as small amount it might as well not exist. SO anyone whining about "pay to win" in my opinion is just looking for an excuse to not play because they really do not want to admit the game is to much of a gr
  12. Well, one little thing that 1 MIL cap per account per day IS to slow people down! So the gap between the haves and have nots isn't through the roof. I think its wonderful myself. Keeps the whales from taking over the game (along with the typical whale attitudes which are very much NOT appreciated by 80% of the play base) It's not perfect but it'll do. As for you you over achiever.. That's right YOU! Some suggestions.. what you don't disenchant and cant sell, and can't manage to get up on the auction house, because the stuff you do have up is over priced and NOT selling and your out
  13. First off, I am NOT an NCSoft defender. Gaming has been my hobby since 1969, and computer gaming has been my hobby since the late 80's (DOS, CPM, and monochrome monitors with awful resolution. Really, if you wern't there you missed NOTHING!). So, with the title setting the monologue, lets get to it. Whats Right! Well it's difficult and it feels just like I remember. Nice job NCSoft. Aion classic ticks all the right boxes for me. I honestly couldn't be happier. A few annoying bugs here and there. Noticed one yesterday I think I best post up on quickly. Not a game kil
  14. NO you cannot vendor the polar bear candies.. Get your facts strait folks...
  15. Some folks gonna hate this but the simple way to cut em down to size rapidly is strait up get rid of the 1 hour of play per day without a sub... No Sub, No Play. And you black list Email account and CC's that get nuked. it's about 100 Yuan to sub per month.. If you bot.. your gone... if you advert RMT sites.. your gone.. And that mean your out $15 (just under 100 Yuan) for every account nuked. Toss in a needed CC (even a pre paid) you only get to use it once.. and gift card tend to roll in values of $10, $25, $50, $100, $200. If it cost $15 per account just to make an ad
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