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  1. So unless your buried deep under a rock.. a very large rock you have been at least hearing about reactions to Blizzards WOW classic. Post cata I ended up switching over to AION because WOW ceased to be a challenge. AIon gave me the challenge back and it was every bit as difficult as original WOW (if not a little bit more so!). I remember that period.. getting to level 20 was "OMG I'M LEVEL 20!" and every milestone on the way to the level cap mattered. Mobs were tough, grouping was necessary and world PvP was everywhere. You could get ganked at as moments notice (that part was a bit over the top and did get nerfed down somewhat. A minority of the player base was good with it, most did not like it because there was no fair chance to even get away in most cases much less win. It was a problem.) Todays Aion is a cake walk all the way to level 6o with gear being a gimmie and and it's all about the end game.. In retrospect this is not a very fun system 'cept for those that all ready got the goodies. Before the gimmies started happening though there was a period, a golden age of AION where I mr. crap at the key board managed to work up to general rank doing PvP in a legion where we picked every go getter we had heard that had been rejected by the greater community and turn them into a PvP force to be reckoned with under Evilparaguns.. (You may recall him with a fond hate.. We all had gotten so much crap for so long we just didn't care anymore.. and went out in righteous fury and made a place for our selves). So NCSoft... I know it's been said before and suggested as some sort of AIon classic (certainly whats running on private servers world wide should be a CLUE). So maybe there finally is a place for an official AIon classic and a chance to take the lessons learned over the last several years and make a better Aion.. and if ya gotta retcon a few things.. do it. To the regular lurkers go ahead and comment all you want. I don't follow the forums any more and I wont be getting any notification on replies to the thread. I don't play Aion any more because there's no challenge. There little feeling of accomplishment on the way to the level cap and the current system in spite of the gear leaves player woefully unprepared for the end game because they never have to actually test their skills on the way up the levels so they get to cap and have no clue what to do. I recall back in the day players literally whining about "How grindy AIon was" Yet the reality is it was never anywhere as grindy as WOW was. You never had to spend 20 minutes to an hour getting from A to B for a quest or to discover a new zone. I loved playing AION back in the day. it was visually stunning, fun story lines, epic struggles everywhere. Today... not so much. And it seems other then a hard core of players there just not that many of you playing. Actuall new players are far and few between. Is the game dead? No. Your still playing so the game is not dead. But I remember there being many many servers for the NA region and now you have.... 3. Maybe, just maybe looking to AIons past may save its future. Bittena sends
  2. "Cannot Regist Xigncode Module"

    I have an issue here.. I really really REALLY do not like the idea of disabling or bypassing any of the system protection setting on my computer. This was out and out suggested to me by NCSOft support. (that and it didn't work but thats another matter.) This could leave a seriously open back door into ones computer doing the suggested. To fix to run AIon I have to disable part MY computer OS security features? I know you gents mean well but the technical fix suggested can be viewed as rather.. irresponsible! Sorry NCSoft and NCWest but you guys need to get this fixed PRONTO COM PADRE!. My old Win7 box will run AIon no problem (not as pretty.. like minimum graphics settings darnit!) so on the crappy old thinkpad t510 to play Aion again (poo really guys poo!) , and it'll just have to wait until you guys have a fully WinX compatible version of your anti cheat software. Please let us know when that's up. And soon please..? Bittena sends
  3. This Nerk be easy!

    *chuckles some more* made 75 out for the night.. more of it tomorrow.. Gotta go get my gankage on.. here ely ely ely....
  4. This Nerk be easy!

    So.. I'm pretty sure I could level up hung over, blind and crippled in both hands at this point.... Ok,it.s not quite that easy but still the carping and complaining is just pitiful.. Going to have to get all Mister T on folks I swear.. Hit 65 no quest go fight tiamat again. It is a repeatable instance ya know...I even got the b'c'n feather thats way better then the level 40 one the game GAVE me... I am having to play the game on my old win7 box because my win 10 box is just getting all upset about running the anti cheat app. A minor inconvenience. Am seeing folks on the new server putting items up for 100's of millions of Kinah and I just gotta laugh because no one has more then maybe a few million at this point. (and the RMT's why.. no where to be seen! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Saw one single BOT running and it went boom in front of me *giggles!*) Easy mode levelling up.. decent gear the game hands to you everything dropping just can be vendored. Quest rewards are the equal of the gear ya get and it gets upgraded as you go. Missing a lot of the old lore but you know that's ok.. If you look with new eyes, its really ok. Everything your doing is to learn the skills, rotations etc. Saving all my mana stones and upgrade stuff until level cap where it'll be useful, because for now I just don't need it! Once I hit the cap it'll be PvP to the max. I am enjoying myself. I hope the rest of you are also. The one thing though that does irritate me is the "children" whining in trade and LFG about how no one buying their stuff (some disconnect in their brain on the new server.. NO ONE has a lot of money and won't for a while yet. I just hit 66 and I've a hair under 3 million kinah.. and there is nothing on the broker i want to buy.. zip, nadda, not a nerking thing. Imma go have to figure out how to blacklist again so I don't have to listen to the baby whining from players who cannot take a few moments to go read the patch notes, not that even matters on a new server where your starting with a NEW toon and no one has nerk! There stuff you cant even get until you hit the level cap. I may try my hand at the crafting, but pretty sure that the mats nearly all come out of the end content. I'll figure that out when I get to it. Discovering is half the fun right now! see ya'll out there. Bittena sends (on the new server "Kuiama")
  5. Soon as I go to buy a hairstyle...

    Speaking of... so where the plastic surgery vender person?. Can't find em in pandy!
  6. "Cannot Regist Xigncode Module"

    Funny thing I've noticed.. I have two computers here. One is a windows -10 box the other is win-7. The issues are on the win -10 box. The win 7 box launches every time, which is of course the machine with the WORST graphics *sigh* (and just confirmed) Still pocking at the win-10 box because that is the one I want it to run on. At this point I am starting to think that this may be an issue specific to win-10 machines..
  7. Scheduled Game Update - October 24, 2018

    Code isn't playing nice with other code. The usual reasons for such I would imagine Hey it's onlya couple hours or so over due.. I recall one patch the game was down 2 days after it was scheduled to be back up.
  8. Aion Tshirt Giveaway Guessing Game

    well considering someone noted feeding the server a little blue pill 1 and 1000 Bittena go's for 567
  9. 1st post in 6.2

    Do you have a creepy kid sister? An Uncle Fester (that means "to rot") Are they Adams Family worthy?
  10. 1st post in 6.2

    Yep the troopies up in Seattle should have been on their way home an hour ago.. I'll bet there's smoking scorch marks in the NCWest offices from all the pacing back and forth
  11. Scheduled Game Update - October 24, 2018

    well we can log onto the site so this is a good sign!
  12. Read the parts of the Kinah conversion process. Gonna seriously put a crimp in the way the RMT's do their business.. Good. If it happens to shut them down entirely even better. And more importantly it going to make those who insist on cheating have to jump through even more hoops.. Maybe 'nuff to get 'em to stop. The game econ gets a reset. maybe a little hard core thumpage on those that don't get the clue. Then we can see about pulling people back to the game.
  13. Economy Killer Events

    Devalued.. you mean to say there were drops that an up and coming players could AFFORD TO BUY?? OUTSTANDING! EXCELLENT! You "it's my right to be greedy" types chase away new players because if they can't get gear and improve the gear to anything even close to competitive they will leave and go to another game.. Is NCSoft going to have to price cap items in the market to get the point across? ( I think they need to to tell the truth..) Honestly once the price of anything goes past more then around 200k Kinah (if even that much) it locks the new player right out.. and they leave the game.. And the whales can't carry the game for ever, and the number of "whales" drops every month!.. The market is changing and player expectations are changing as a new generation of players discover these games. Please try to remember that AION needs to not only pay for it's self but clearly make a profit. Player greed not only drives new players away as they cannot afford to by decent gear and upgrades from other players because those other player charge far to much for what its worth! it cripples the PvP game which depend on player participation or have you all forgotten how many servers we no longer have? Were down 2 two servers in north america... Uno Dos thats it. When I started playing there were like was it like 16 severs? It's been so long I don't remember and they were all populated at all hours of the day! Today there's a fraction of the more then 1 million players the game had on the NA server a month after it launched..player population.. why did they leave?.. They left because they couldn't compete. DOH!!!!! They left because good items were out of what they could reasonably grind in a weeks time with the usually basic gear they had. And as the level cap went up (and is still going up) they are left further and further... and further behind.. The gap between the haves and the have nots in AION is stupid large.. and has been since before v4.0. and it has been slowly killing the game. Because with out a LOT of paying customers MMO's cannot survive! Today even the largest guilds struggle at times to have sufficient body's for PvE much less PvP. Player greed has choked the life out of this game,more then any other single thing.. Not the bug, not the games difficulty.. just greed. The rapidly overpriced costs attracted bot and kinah farmers like there was no tomorrow. The Kinah farmers took over the in game econ and far to many of YOU played right into their criminal hands and allowed your self to be manipulated. Business was good if you were a third party operator selling Kinah. I'm pretty sure those folks made more money off the game then NCSoft ever did. They got away with it because WE let them..not NCsoft.. We the players. So we are down to 2 servers and maybe..maybe 20,000 active players. And that's a big maybe because honestly its feels like only about 5,000 actual active accounts between the two servers. And there are those that are still botting and running hacks. Has any of you gotten a message "we are sorry all servers are currently full" any time in the last 4 years? Server capacity for this game is only about 10,000 players tops per server. Even the active kinah farmer/sellers have been leaving because the work to profit ration has dropped like a rock! This is all very basic market economy stuff. If AION going to rebound with 6.2 (or what ever version it is) then ya'll are gonna have to get real NO TOLERANCE. If ya see a bot, report it, you see a seller report it.. Stop selling things for stupidly huge amounts, and STOP BUYING KINAH! I'm surprised AION has actually managed to last this long with how mush players and crooks have abused the game. Its sister games in the NCSoft stable.. Lineage II is doing a "classic" (live as of yesterday!) server version that has some fairly serious restrictions on the player econ and elsewhere to discourage the botters, the crooks, the cheaters, and the griefers. (no more looting of player corpses!) I can promise you it'll be phenomenally popular! And Wildstar..in case you hadn't heard, Wildstar is shutting down. I wonder why? Betcha it was game econ issue. or botting, or hacks/cheats/griefing chasing new players away to the point it stopped being profitable. Blade and Soul is doing OK from what I understand. The ArenaNet titles are an entirely different business entity independent from NCWest (ie: Guild wars, Guild wars-II) I coming back to the game with this update/release..but if I see the same stupidity, arrogance and greed I've seen over the last several years, I will leave again and that will be it. I will not be back. Because no matter how much Iove my toons, and I do and love the core of Aion and its amazing lore which I also do in the end I play this game and other to be entertained, to have recreation. And I'm not here to do it at my the cost of other people enjoying the game. I've never been into that sort of self centered egotistical selfish play and I do not like being around it. And if for some reason you take this personally, and you have an issue with what I have said, then it time you grew up and got a clue. It cannot continue as it has or AION dies. NCWest may very well have t finally bite the bullet if they want to keep one of thier flagship titles active in north america and price fix/cap the player market to limit greed and force the game market into affordability for new players or this game will die. I wish they had done it years ago It's no longer a matter of if, it's a matter of when. It's not going to be an option for them. If you cannot regulate your selves then your going to have to be regulated because new content will not save the game. I said this over three years ago on these forums and got poo poo'd all over. I was right then and I'm still right.. We are down to 2 servers and no more the 10,000 actual ACTIVE accounts if that many. Could it be more obvious? Bittena sends
  14. Returning, second go!

    SO way back made it to general rank 4 as an Aethertech.. but legion exploded due to non game related issues...Mean while in the game world of Aion... Kinah farmers staged a new assault, game econ was utter crap with greed ruining things for any new players who wanted to get any gear, and the amount of hacks cheats were past the roof line and out to lunar orbit level. It got so bad that there's been several years of gear give aways to new end content players so they might at least have a least a small chance of doing well and not flee in terror. Don't know if any of this has changed, (really hoping it has..but I'm older then most folk playing this game so.. yea, we'll see) but by now most of you are years older and have kids of your own or may even be a grandparent such as myself. Reinstalling and in a month when what ever version of 6.x this is going to be live and playable I'll dig in and find out. I like good PvP, and I don't mind if it's challenging. And hopefully the changes in core systems will have addressed many the balance issues and not result in another pointless round of baby seal clubbing. (Of course the big issue has been and always will be stat creep in MMO's of any kind, but maybe games devs have figured it out after 30 years of online gaming. Hope springs eternal and all that!) See you about! Bittina sends