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  1. humm lets see.. ah yes.. NEVER enchant in the capital.. get as far away from other players as human possible... some quiet little corner of the abyss works quite well. and don't just enchant enchant enchant enchant.. if ya get a failure.. you chill for a few moments.. maybe even log out, and restart the client as the RNG tended to be most favorable on a fresh log in. though honestly there likely nothing that really makes a difference.. but stopping after a failure is a good idea. remember in this version you keep failing and you loose the plusses you've all ready gained. Al
  2. just read the FAQ.. client is going to be "Aion Classic" 1.0 with update to AIon Classic 1.5 and then 1.7 dependng on how fast players advance.. HOWEVER be aware this is NOT original AION 1.0.. 1.0 "Classic" will have many of the "quality of Life" features on original release 2.7. It's all in the FAQ 🙂
  3. for our Brazil players. I keep hearing a fairly persistant rumor of a South American server. If it's true it will likely have a pricing model that will reflect the economic realities there. Keep the faith!
  4. Just remember.. Updates to "AIon Classic" may bear very little resemblance to Aion retail. The Devs can cherry pick the very best of the past and incorporate it into the future and while they're at it avoid much of the stat and power creep AND un-needed complexity. I will miss being an Aethertech however..fun class..
  5. Ya'll might want to ignore the original version numbers and content. The Dev's in Korea can pick and chooses from what came before and cherrypick the systems that will give the greatest play value. Something that's been learned since in PvP games is K.I.S.S. gear and progression is important. I'm far more concerned with gear being driving play instead of the more balanceable play driving gear. Want less "specialized PvP gear..or have everything have PvP stats... just that PvP reward gear will be marginally better in PvP.. and I want that margin THIN.. no more the a 3% total gain in combat
  6. shhhh, you know there is a secret plan and that is get all the early starters as asmo and then everyonewho doesn't make a toon until the 23rd and after has to make Ellies..that way we asmo's will be the veteran terrors of the servers and will be chewing up the owbies and snacking on bree and crackers flavored with noob tears! Personally I'm unconcerned because frankly from launch in 2009 or there abouts, Asmo's did end up out numbered anyway and once we figured it out and got our selves orginized we ended up pretty dominant.. and of course once we started winning peeps started mak
  7. depends. If you've been cruel and mean to any shugo's expect to be miserable. Not anticipating any problems. doesn't mean there won't be be NC Soft should have managed to master shard technology by now. I've got a whole heleva lot more computer then I had in 2009 and I've got fiber optic broad band so I expect my frame rates to be god like. but then again, we'll have to just see.
  8. I got me old main name and am pleased it is so... Be sing'n that song again.. "I'm bring sexy back" Make good back round music for an abyss fight too! Bittena, Fighter, Asmodean, Israphel.
  9. we don't know what they plan to do, but the further from "retail" I suspect the better. Lets all make it our mantra. Lore and story and treat the game with some seriousness. I'm looking forward to I hope good role play (the classic user generated content!) and some awesome fort sieges. If your gonna rift, rift and go find PvP'rs that wanna play.. They'll be plenty without anyone needing to gank newbies, lowbies and PvE'rs. (it's gonna happen, but don't make it your goal. Play nice.. you don't have to be nice, but play nice.. it's a GAME. Save your PvP for concentual play like end
  10. Role players? Yes. Bittena returns, asmo over on IS (yay, even got to bag my old name..very pleased with that!. Took bloody forever to DL the client, but no hitches or problems with the install. ) and lets try to not play "Stack the Server" again. it's always NEVER WORKED OUT WELL. SO why not save ourselves the frustration this time.. we should all know better.
  11. DO NOT.. ,, whine about the the grind.. It's part of the game .. whine about how hard everything is, it's also part of the fame (you want easy, stay with the current release) .. whine about getting ganked in word PVP.. figure out how to return the favor instead. .. bother the Role Players.. leave em alone, they're not hurting you or your game so leave 'em the hell alone to enjoy the game how they please.. MMORPG means Massively Multi Online Role Playing Game.. Maybe you missed that part? .. Run Bots or Buy Kinah. Cheat elsewhere! You hurt the game for other players
  12. I'll second that. Add on that they (NCSoft NA) just don't have the staff, or the will to do anything about it at this point. (if they had it would be delt with.. It is that simple!)
  13. The point where I was having THE most fun in AIon was before the gear giveaways...You worked and earned your way. Give me the world that was. The full old abyss, The fortresses in Baluria, Sarpan etc. And get rid of ALL pay to win, pay to level faster anything. No XP tokens, no XP weekends. I'm ok with gathering/crafting tokens... there are craft grinds that are stupidly long! Increase respawn rate on gatherable's so players can actually get stuff MADE without having to go to RMT's to get the Kinah to afford the mats because they can't gather them on their own fast nuff to matter a
  14. Pretty much says it all. Give me an excuse to pay you a monthly sub because the totally F2P along with all the pay to win mechanic that are now part of the game and the cash shops.. UHG! I'm in my 60's now and the whole f2p thing to me, as a gamers is no longer a draw. I have no current F2P MMO's I play. I pay for a sub for SWTOR because it supports the game and they have ZERO pay to win in the cash shop for that game. XP Boosts and such are not pay to win, they're pay to get there faster. If you don't what your doing you'll still get you butt handed to you on a platter in end
  15. Israphal player here from back in the day. The current Aion version is of zero appeal to me.. Waiting on Classic.
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