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  1. DO NOT.. ,, whine about the the grind.. It's part of the game .. whine about how hard everything is, it's also part of the fame (you want easy, stay with the current release) .. whine about getting ganked in word PVP.. figure out how to return the favor instead. .. bother the Role Players.. leave em alone, they're not hurting you or your game so leave 'em the hell alone to enjoy the game how they please.. MMORPG means Massively Multi Online Role Playing Game.. Maybe you missed that part? .. Run Bots or Buy Kinah. Cheat elsewhere! You hurt the game for other players
  2. I'll second that. Add on that they (NCSoft NA) just don't have the staff, or the will to do anything about it at this point. (if they had it would be delt with.. It is that simple!)
  3. The point where I was having THE most fun in AIon was before the gear giveaways...You worked and earned your way. Give me the world that was. The full old abyss, The fortresses in Baluria, Sarpan etc. And get rid of ALL pay to win, pay to level faster anything. No XP tokens, no XP weekends. I'm ok with gathering/crafting tokens... there are craft grinds that are stupidly long! Increase respawn rate on gatherable's so players can actually get stuff MADE without having to go to RMT's to get the Kinah to afford the mats because they can't gather them on their own fast nuff to matter a
  4. Pretty much says it all. Give me an excuse to pay you a monthly sub because the totally F2P along with all the pay to win mechanic that are now part of the game and the cash shops.. UHG! I'm in my 60's now and the whole f2p thing to me, as a gamers is no longer a draw. I have no current F2P MMO's I play. I pay for a sub for SWTOR because it supports the game and they have ZERO pay to win in the cash shop for that game. XP Boosts and such are not pay to win, they're pay to get there faster. If you don't what your doing you'll still get you butt handed to you on a platter in end
  5. Israphal player here from back in the day. The current Aion version is of zero appeal to me.. Waiting on Classic.
  6. Rumors, innuendo, wishful thinking, and a bit of utter BS here and there. All I want to know is WHEN. How NC West does it's thing is all well and good. That is their concern not mine. I know that if they don't launch it here I'm going to have to figure out how to play it either on the UE servers through game forge, or on the RU servers, or on the KR servers.. either way there is going to be a frustrating level of hoops to jump through to make it happen. I have no doubt it will launch in NA. I will happily play a monthly Sub.... no issues.. I went and relogged into my account
  7. well interesting arguments but the arguments themselves hide something very important. Your talking about it. The game doesn't interest you some of you say, but your TALKING about it. Argument arguments arguments.. but your TALKING about it. Guys I'm in my 60's. I've owned a business. As a salesman if a customer mentions it, and you didn't bring it up the customer is looking for a better deal because they want it. They like the idea but as a salesman your job is to work through those objections and make it work for them.. And there is a reason for that. If they don't buy
  8. Then WE start recruiting players for it. And WE make it work. More importantly we need a bot killer. I do not want to deal with Kinah sellers and their bots..
  9. Unsure whats been happening in Korea, but apparently Aion classic IS a thing there now or very shortly. Apparently there was a "test" roll out of the classic earlier this year and they found some issues which hopefully have been fixed because it's not the original AIon game engine either but the evolved one we have today, which is not a bad thing. The Korean version is 1.2 and when Aion hit US shores we played 1.5. I am certain there will be a US release but what version it's going to be? Your guess is as good as any I could come with.. hopefully a 1.5 equivalent because that what we start
  10. Haven't posted in like prolly a year if not more. so apologies if I ramble but I have a lot of very fond memories over this game. even if I'm not terribly fond of the current version. Better graphics and all that but a lot has been lost too. There days I really which I was looking at a 4.0 to 4.8 version server. The cash shop was relatively tame. The game economy was off the hook. Kinah farming bots everywhere. It was so bad that saying to NCSoft NA "Why don't you guys just sell us Kinah.. you can under sell em so bad t'hey can't keep up." .. and it wasn't that unreasonable. Afte
  11. Do a search on Google and on You Tube Keyword phrase "China online gaming ban" Apparently most of this went down last week.. most reports are from 4 and 5 days ago..And yea I found out about it today...getting a littler slow off the mark in my old age I am.. (egad) I'm way behind on updates.. currently downloading a 11 gig and change patch/update for Aion. It'll be a little bit... Thank gawd we installed fiber optic 2 months back or I'd be all day downloading via the old DSL modem! I'll be in game in about 40 minutes tops.. Bittena Sends P.S. I strongly suspect tha
  12. Have to see what the effects will be but gold farmers/bot runners out of China may about to be out of business. Reported from various sources that is the CCP and the peoples congress are stepping down hard on access to multiplayer gaming outside of China due to the effects of the Hong Kong protests. I first found out of this from the Youtube channel "Inside Gaming" and have found other confirmations of this reportage elsewhere rather rapidly. Hopefully the long term effects will be to finally "mostly" shut down the worst of the activity in AIon and other MMO's. I can hope! SO if you
  13. So unless your buried deep under a rock.. a very large rock you have been at least hearing about reactions to Blizzards WOW classic. Post cata I ended up switching over to AION because WOW ceased to be a challenge. AIon gave me the challenge back and it was every bit as difficult as original WOW (if not a little bit more so!). I remember that period.. getting to level 20 was "OMG I'M LEVEL 20!" and every milestone on the way to the level cap mattered. Mobs were tough, grouping was necessary and world PvP was everywhere. You could get ganked at as moments notice (that part was a bit over t
  14. I have an issue here.. I really really REALLY do not like the idea of disabling or bypassing any of the system protection setting on my computer. This was out and out suggested to me by NCSOft support. (that and it didn't work but thats another matter.) This could leave a seriously open back door into ones computer doing the suggested. To fix to run AIon I have to disable part MY computer OS security features? I know you gents mean well but the technical fix suggested can be viewed as rather.. irresponsible! Sorry NCSoft and NCWest but you guys need to get this fixed PRONTO CO
  15. *chuckles some more* made 75 out for the night.. more of it tomorrow.. Gotta go get my gankage on.. here ely ely ely....
  16. So.. I'm pretty sure I could level up hung over, blind and crippled in both hands at this point.... Ok,it.s not quite that easy but still the carping and complaining is just pitiful.. Going to have to get all Mister T on folks I swear.. Hit 65 no quest go fight tiamat again. It is a repeatable instance ya know...I even got the b'c'n feather thats way better then the level 40 one the game GAVE me... I am having to play the game on my old win7 box because my win 10 box is just getting all upset about running the anti cheat app. A minor inconvenience. Am seeing folks on the new
  17. Speaking of... so where the plastic surgery vender person?. Can't find em in pandy!
  18. Funny thing I've noticed.. I have two computers here. One is a windows -10 box the other is win-7. The issues are on the win -10 box. The win 7 box launches every time, which is of course the machine with the WORST graphics *sigh* (and just confirmed) Still pocking at the win-10 box because that is the one I want it to run on. At this point I am starting to think that this may be an issue specific to win-10 machines..
  19. Code isn't playing nice with other code. The usual reasons for such I would imagine Hey it's onlya couple hours or so over due.. I recall one patch the game was down 2 days after it was scheduled to be back up.
  20. well considering someone noted feeding the server a little blue pill 1 and 1000 Bittena go's for 567
  21. Do you have a creepy kid sister? An Uncle Fester (that means "to rot") Are they Adams Family worthy?
  22. Yep the troopies up in Seattle should have been on their way home an hour ago.. I'll bet there's smoking scorch marks in the NCWest offices from all the pacing back and forth
  23. well we can log onto the site so this is a good sign!
  24. Read the parts of the Kinah conversion process. Gonna seriously put a crimp in the way the RMT's do their business.. Good. If it happens to shut them down entirely even better. And more importantly it going to make those who insist on cheating have to jump through even more hoops.. Maybe 'nuff to get 'em to stop. The game econ gets a reset. maybe a little hard core thumpage on those that don't get the clue. Then we can see about pulling people back to the game.
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