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  1. I agree, I have had my character for years. Like almost 10 years. And I havent changed Suicidea at all. EVER. no remodeling. she is me. Now i have to run around in this game and look like a "bloodfang" this silly ass Egyptian looking thing. (i do wish i had the Bolvig, but again how silly, who would design their character to look like an an angry, open mouth, half crucified motherfer?) I should be grateful that I DO HAVE an ancient xform. But I digress; this topic is about looking like the toon YOU create in the opening before you are even level 1. Why cant we run around in game
  2. Thats cool you did this. Always fun to remenise (sp). I sure miss Morhiem and the old pvp there.
  3. Agreed! the ability to fly, and to learn how to pvp in a 3 dimensional way was such a unique part of this game. Also the aether tapping. I'd spend hours tapping aether because 1. it was profitable stuff and 2. flying and gathering was fun. Usually you would end up in some pvp fight also because the good aethertapping areas were in demand by both factions. *sigh. thanks for taking that away.
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