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  1. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    try to get legendary +15 and you will be ready for the 7.0 dont waste ur time/money on the ultimate gear, legendary tier 2 is better than current ultimate
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 19, 2019

    all good but the luna box from instances gives only one material and also since most people already have a good gear adding kinah to the end game instances would be a good idea
  3. its better to use the hook and clean the mobs with the robot min 3:04
  4. The veilenthrone

    dont be silly coe was never a challenge, in any patch or version, the only challenge of VT is to look for 18 ppl with ultimate gear +15 in an empty server with nerfed stats
  5. The veilenthrone

    wow gear +15 + luna buff for a rank A gz so the p2w squad got a rank A and the instance is so easy, that's the point?
  6. The veilenthrone

    the funny part is that VT is buffed here + we have nerfed transformations + fewest players LOL (I know it because I know people who play in NA and GF and they finished VT in gf) I guess they want to force us to use luna buff all time (and it's still not enough)
  7. Character Creation Slots

    we should have this in 6.2, but u know ncsoon
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    that hurts
  9. any estimate time for 7.0?
  10. i can't wait for our nerfed version to quit this game
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 5, 2019

    let them go and don't look back D:
  12. Plox Extend Buffs

    Honestly the drop buff must be permanent, just with this buff I feel it's worth grinding
  13. Add this NPC to NA and I won't complain NA again

    i'm disagree with this cuz we all love being pandas, just restore the normal duration
  14. Add FM portal to north faction base

    yeah that's a good idea the few times that i'm doing pve stuff im lazy to walk to the rift and i'm bored to kill asmos
  15. transformation time

    and it's the fourth time that i'm agree with this, what is the reason to nerf the duration of the transformations???? no one is buying transparent scrolls cuz our transformation only have a duration of 4-6min, that's ridiculous
  16. i got my reward of rank 1 yay

    O.o??? sin can run with perma 12.0 speed too....... couting the pasive skill of 20% mov speed ZzZ are u playing without transfromation?
  18. 90 gp on a non siege day?

    o_o nani? how
  19. Now I'm curious to know who were the ones who beat them, they were probably our superstars ex Mogang Esports (or maybe a simple group no-afk) there are people that if we play correctly and do not take advantage of the system using spies happily I am not part of them (it's true most of them use a spy) blame ncsoft for their crappy matchmaking well, today's message is: break the rules and win in any way
  20. that glad used a reset scroll from old patches ZzZz (he obviously lost in harmony and used a scroll to compensate for his defeat) @Cyan this should be considered like a cheat (those scrolls should not exist in this patch because there is no way to get them anymore)
  21. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    why not??? what u can buy with 100 gold bars? lol only crap
  22. Kaisinel transform

    wow gz a magical class with atk speed its just.. broken
  23. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    u need to readjust this compensation because with the new GP system, this is just ridiculous, really for 3k gp u will get only 7 gold bars????? (only a governor or top 10 can reach 3k gp lol)
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    stu jakan buy me ncoins