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  1. All you need to know before 6.2!

    Thanks guys. Those replies were perfect. You just saved me from wasting a week getting cloth gear for my cleric alt. Looks like I'll be using all of those cloth skins on rusty.
  2. All you need to know before 6.2!

    Thanks for all of the info, a lot of this stuff is new to me. I have some questions too. About MR and CRIT. The notes I could find from the powerbook state that magic resist will be fazed into the magical defense stat. But looking at some of the sets, magic resist is a rollable bonus stat. 1. Are magic resist sets still a thing? If yes, can the comp. gear the used as one? 2. Is The comp gear bad because it has no bonus crit? 3. Finally, I hear healing boost is OP. Is this true? If so why? Because the comp mace has no bonus healing boost. TLDR So for a none wallet warrior who just came back, should I try to max RNG plus up my current gear, for comp. gear. Or should I make with +15 ancient and save my temps and supps. for real end game gear?
  3. class to start 6.2

    🤨 Why chanter? I thought glads were pvp kings in 6.2. Also do you know where SM stands in pvp? Finding pvp vids with SMs is impossible.
  4. how good is the exchange gear?

    Read it again. it clearly says...to dispel some rumors that keep floating around ( exchange gear is crap and 3rd best/below crafted).
  5. @Nymphala everything and I mean absolutly EVERTHING you just posted is wrong. And can be easily disproved with ten minutes of searching anywhere.