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  1. You can look up what fallacies are. They have structure that isn't up for debate. Converse Error. ie. p ⊃ q ≡ q ⊃ p is not correct. I'm sure you are able to stop being delusional, but so far you are proving me wrong with all this trash you write. Are you saying you were absent from this conversation? You were not actually absent from this conversation, obviously. Would you like to say you are absent and not absent at the same time? That would be a contradiction. We aren't arguing about you being delusional making your argument invalid. That is just you bein
  2. You can always predict what we will get by checking the Korean Patch notes. Why even ask this question?
  3. I'm going to post this again since you are ignoring it. It's the only thing actual important thing I contributed to this conversation about P2W.
  4. I don't need to. Don't mean I'm wrong. You can look it up. I doubt you will understand it anyway. Wow you really are delusional. I didn't just pass it off as false. So you are wrong about that. "The listener assumes you are wrong based on your motive or person", which is exactly what you are doing as far as I know. "Not your reasoning or evidence", you may have provided "evidence", but it served the purpose of trying to verify your Bulverism. I didn't say that or mean that, and wrong fallacy you are thinking of there. I even gave you a hint with the Bulverism comment.
  5. -dies from laughter- Issuph? You think I'm him? If you want to continue living a old lie that is setup by them, then fine. It isn't even a secret anymore, nor is our existence, it never was secret that we exist. Issuph and Shabbur aren't even a Sorcerer nor even Level 72, your so sad. Issuph and Shabbur are brothers, they are very much two different people.
  6. @Cyan, can we change the "Thanks" like to be described as "Good Job" or something else? It bugs me, a bunch. It doesn't even make sense that you get a trophy for being "thanked".
  7. The video is private, not sharing it with you, that is up to the other guy. It isn't a personal attack, it shows evidence for the claim you are delusional which is useful in knowing when reading your comments. I wasn't disproving anything. As for the video, as far as I know no fatal mistakes were made when I watched. You can't even call someone so far under-geared bad, they don't even have enough time to show you their combat style. They may not even know how to deal with people in PvP yet, due to the fact they get ran over all the time so quickly and easily. Calling them bad because they
  8. I mean I thought I knew what it is (a butt), but serious that don't look like a butt.
  9. One of my bosses tried angering him in the abyss and he recorded it. It was hilarious, especially when the chant called him bad. L75 Chanters hitting 1.5k dmg (auto attack) on an 4.8 Patch Geared L72 Sorcerer, ha! If I remember correctly Rinkusan died one time, but none of the fights were really even serious.
  10. You know, if you are an assassin you can use your flash skills to reset the timer for death on falling. Just flash every 3 seconds to 4 seconds using Flash of Speed and Breakaway, then open your wings back up after since the cooldown should be cooled. Fun Fact: When you flash while falling you flash upwards as well. This can cause extra fall damage, so make sure you can open those wings before you hit ground, if any.
  11. I forgot to say that the last quest is at Level 40. To speed up leveling to 40 on a new character try doing Luna at the 1st (ie. Level 11, 21, etc.) and 6th (ie. Level 16, 26, etc.) levels when you want to do Luna, because that is when the new orbs for your level range start dropping.
  12. Rebuffing pets can't help you with Code Red Scroll Rebuffing. You will probably have to do some research on the broker to see what will cost less. It changes all the time and is different from server to server. If you like being extremely patient, you can do work orders up until a certain point. What I mean by that is that the music in there and the constant crafting noise gets to your head, eventually. Also I'll stick this in here, to speed up leveling your profession I'd get a new character and level it up until you get all those crafting charms from the Growth Quest Series and
  13. I'm not pretending to be a moderator, you can see that it says Daeva under my name. I'm just trying to be helpful and reduce spam. I'm not being rude either, I wasn't even offensive. I'm sure Cyan knows that he needs to post an exact date for when housing opens. Like I said, they probably don't know when they will reopen it, you should ask after the server merges are done if Cyan doesn't provide an answer within a reasonable amount of time. This is probably the answer will you get from him. Cyan is probably busy, don't cause drama over my answer to your question.
  14. Anyway if its isolated there really no point posting it. These programmers are bad. Support will probably not be able to help.
  15. Woops. Well it is still a bug. I don't think any changes were made to the instance, so I was thinking maybe it was a rare bug initially. No one was posting on it either, but you never know.
  16. If it is a bug, that is something @Cyan can help with. I think Cyan will instruct you to put the bug description in this thread, not sure though.
  17. I didn't have any problems getting back to floor 1, but I don't complete my runs on those characters. I'm not sure if that is really useful at all though. I suppose it's a bug. Now that I think of it, you will probably get a response saying they can't tamper with the instance to fix the problem.
  18. 53 Attack is 53 more damage every hit without critical. If you weave maybe you can do 3 hits per second (as an over estimate)? 30 hits in 10 seconds is 1590 more damage every 24 seconds. If you critical half the time it would be 1987 more damage every 24 seconds. The answer is the direct damage chain skills are better, a single direct damage skill would put you higher than the 1987 damage gain.
  19. Weapon PvP Attack is Best Base PvP Attack Stat and Augment / Conditioning PvP Attack Stat. http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/100601709/ (Top) + http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/100601697/ - Gives an extra 3.5% PvP Attack I don't think attack speed is all that great. Idk, ask a chanter to give you WoW and test out your combos.
  20. If you would read the post you would know that the paragraph was updated. Even if he forgot to update the last sentence,, they don't know an exact date, as implied before. There is no point asking at this time, maybe after server merges.
  21. I'd submit a ticket to support instead of posting on here.
  22. Grind on into infinity. Yes, so someone can have benefits over you all the time, and just by paying.
  23. Please read Cyan's posts before posting questions that he may have already answered.
  24. This is a known issue, please look at the known issues thread before posting about them. We have enough spam. I cannot help you with your performance issues, maybe someone else can help.
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