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  1. 40 days! Attention: Katalam & Danaria

    this game has been dead for years now and they have done nothing but disrespected this community for years. they don't care what you do in fact they are more than likely looking for a reason to kill Aion NA anyway as they spend more money keeping it alive than what they bring in money wise lol. simple thing to do is just quit the game and never touch this trash game again.. game is not trash from design but the way they treat it. I took my stand last year by quitting and never returning.thats the real stand.
  2. Kromede's Revenge Item Reward List

    yep guess i did lol only been back a few weeks almost a month.
  3. Kromede's Revenge Item Reward List

    when was this voted on? if on the forums maybe try putting these "Polls" in game as not all of us troll around the forums and you know actually play the game. if it was a in game poll guess it was before i came back
  4. I have always thought Abyss rank should be earned solely from sieges. Xform is a siege mechanic and should only be earned from it! now there is other ranks in game for Cruci and other shit. Abyss rank should ONLY be earned from sieges.and also they should add systems in place to try and prevent these people from AFK sieging. Rank means nothing now except for xform. gear isn't tied to your rank anymore with the new shit.
  5. Aion September Preview

    YES this would love exp event soon as just returning to game and playing a old toon that needs leveling lol
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 30, 2017

    No he only said the Code Red NPCs not the rest of the event NPCs and as I said they are all bugged not just the code red ones
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 30, 2017

    no event NPCs are spawning on Fast Track server.. none at all.. like the event npcs that give the be a better daeva quests or anything. you have to go to normal server to get them
  8. Aion: Legions of War; US Release?

    but fact is they they have an higher population than us and even after the merges had 10 servers lol. so yes they are doing alot better than us. which frankly explains why we have declined so dramatically recently. as all the EU players that were playing here went back lol
  9. Aion: Legions of War; US Release?

    Hope so Tyd as we all know going down to two servers this is Aions last leg in NA and its a shame seeing as apparently Aion EU is doing alot better than us and just added more servers LOL. remember few years back was the other way around.
  10. Aion: Legions of War; US Release?

    hmm no not for the millions of PC players IMO.. I have never played a game on mobile for more than a few minutes LOL and do not intend to do so. pretty sure most pc players that only play pc games and maybe consoles would agree.. hell a Aion game on console would of been a better choice than crapdroid or crapiOS
  11. Aion: Legions of War; US Release?

    pfff so this was the rumored Aion game that they were working on.. what a shame