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  1. Yeah, I agree with what your saying. Many people who returned will slowly leave, I seen a couple of glads taken on an alliance and hardly get scratched. Doesn't seem right to me..
  2. Thank you Aly-DN, I appreciate the reply and found it very helpful / informative.
  3. Hello, I heard 6.0 is going to be good so I plan on coming back and had a couple of questions hoping someone could help answer. 1) I have 2 Billion kinah in Bank account, I heard currency is going to change to something else. Anyone have any tips on what I can invest in now by buying from broker in order to profit later or come out even with the new system? I was thinking about maybe the pure plumes I saw, looked to have nice stats back when I was playing regular +10 plume was almost un-heard of now they are cheap!!! 2) There is an event going on right now, I have a 65 sorcerer
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