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  1. Chanter Healing Burst Issue?

    It was while I was being attacked, yes, however I don't seem to have had this issue until recently. (Like.. 5.0+). I will see if I can try and get it on video, but I know i wasn't being interrupted as the skill goes on cooldown and the animation plays, so it's as if the heal just didn't land. I would like to report this bug, but, it's been difficult to reproduce and whenever I am recording it doesn't happen of course.
  2. Hi! I was wondering if anyone else had any strange issues while using Healing Burst? A few months ago I felt like sometimes it wasn't actually doing anything. I stopped playing for a few months and while in an instance my Healing Burst did not actually heal me three times in a row (I checked combat log too.) I nearly died! Have any other Chanters experienced this issue?
  3. Aion 6.0 - New Chanter Skills

    Sorry, where can I see the other classes? I tried going to the website but it was confusing.