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  1. This is so heart breaking... so sorry for your loss Hopea and to his family. It makes me cry...really sad that he was not able to pull through it. I had PE last year and was confined in ICU for 7 days. It is a silent killer. Oh how I wish and pray he was able to pull it through. I am sure he is in heaven now at peace.
  2. Numbers were pretty even. Besides the fact that defense is much easier than doing an attack.... Elyos had absolute 0 coordination. Mecheagle, Mochi and CPD were giving different orders. Even the elyos were complaining and confused who to follow. Mecheagle telling his alliance to stay on the road. Mochigirl telling hers to glide to the fort (now this is retarded since it will never work. Sieges are way too laggy and 80% of the gliders will just die). CPD telling his to go to the gate. Only been 2 weeks after the new patch and elyos are already crying for incentives? Did
  3. NA will simply "copy and paste" what EU has ROFL.. And yes,, what Cheesecake said "NCsoon"
  4. I totally understand where you are coming from Cheesecake. I have been around since beta. In whatever game I play there will always be cheaters. Before, I get so upset but I have come to a point where I don't give a crap anymore. I am not going to allow a cheater discourage me from doing what I enjoy the most. Win or Lose, I still enjoy it and make use of the gear I worked hard to obtain. But hey, just like what we always say right? Each and everyone has its own right on how to play this game
  5. I totally agree. Chowmein (the real Chowmein NOT the fake Chanter lol) and I just came back 3 days ago. Me at 73 and Chowmein on his SW at 74, we are super undergeared and now playing asmo. Too many elyos that's why we chose being asmos now. It is amazing how a lot of people are sitting in their 80ap gear or master harvester gear in +20s and not going out. I seriously don't understand why people are afraid to die in a game you die, just go back ... Even to just duel for fun...people refused to do it or accept
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