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  1. I know there is a cap for mr. I believe that with 3500/3600 it would be more than enough. But how is it possible that there are people who say they have 3800 of mr. Maybe when I complete the upgrade of my set 70 to 75 I will reach it.
  2. Gracias! Thanks! De todas formas, desinstalé aion y lo estoy bajando nuevamente, porque el gm hizo un test y en las fotos que me mandó, a él si los ms le dan los puntos que corresponde, en este caso will +6 equivale a casi 20 puntos de mr. Por lo que creo que mi cliente tiene algo mal. Necesito permiso para ver lo links. Anyway, I uninstalled aion and I'm going down again, because the gm did a test and in the photos that he sent me, to him if the ms give him the points that corresponds, in this case will +6 equals almost 20 points of mr. So I think my client has something
  3. In the Test photos sent to me by two gm, the manastones give the corresponding stats. In my pj, no. They said they can not solve it. Go to the forum.
  4. Hello: I have written to support but they have not solved the problem. I have changed manastones of will and they do not give me the stats (depending on the value guide that I found here), on the contrary, they lower it. Can you help me, please.
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