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  1. Make altars faction based and not legion based please!

    im sorry i disagree with this only because i feel the major fortresses like lakrum and divine should be the only fortresses that or gp based forts altars are mini fortresses to me its not a full time fortress so i really dont care about them as much but to cure the problem just join a big legion on your server then alot of danaria is doing it anyways that way pre 7.0
  2. DN Divine Siege Bug?

    you NC Soft staff better not go home for labor day til you fix this broken game like i put in 3 support tickets on different things this week alone and you guys havent resolved one of them and if you do go home for labor day with divine siege not fixed and no worthy compensation i will make users boycott your game and not buy from the ncsoft store like that gp mishap you had a few months ago dont make me address the state of the game again huehuehue cuz you know i will

    i betcha patch notes coming tomorrow ncslow they never do the stuff on time to give us any kind of idea on whats changing
  4. fix competition rankings

    unicorn apocalypse or zombie apocalypse by the end of the season or maybe the beginning huehue hue btw love the dog pic you linked sadly i think id be a nursing home in 30 years cuz this game population wont be enough to keep me home
  5. @Cyan, I have some questions about 7.0

    i cant even get a legendary transformation and you want the times changed lol you must have some really good transforms then just saying cuz i been playing this game since 2.6 and went through all the changes of the game and i never get anything good out of playing its a joke i should just quit now but then if i quit i cant pvp you asmodians i love pvp
  6. When is 7.0?

    not to sound arrogant but to answer the question 7.0 will come when its ready. cuzi would much rather prefer them not to gives us a broken half baked patch so let them take their time plz.
  7. thats deep and very detailed i think that was a good suggestion all this time i thought if i got a newer nvidia card id be better off but i never tried a amd type of card
  8. my pc is custom i dont buy store bought pc's i can only run the game with windows 8 compat without that checked aion hard crashes on me by booting me completely out to desktop this occured before and after xigncode was implemented and i had windows 8 but my motherboard was windows 10 compat too they forced everybody to upgrade so i was apart of that group of pc users i have a beastly amd cpu with a beastly 1660 nvidia card 16 gigs ram which i know i dont need that much but i have not tried one more thing every other game never crashes and final fantasy 14 never crashes just Aion the only thing i havent tried was try a diffrent ram manufacturer i used older cpu and newer and still had issues put in multiple support tickets and nothing helped so windows 8 compat is the only way i can run the game but however during siege time in crowded areas i sendlog but that doesnt bother me much cuz i think its the load also did aion on ssd and mechanical drives both had the same issues just saying.
  9. i still have the feels that ncsoft isnt going to do anything to update or optimize the game any further its broken GG the game we enjoy isnt the same anymore on the rumors of Aion 2 who cares i bet any new Aion game in the works will definately have the crappiest support in 3 years after lauch if it last that long
  10. Keep The Game Alive.

    this game is about pvp and more pvp action package pvp maybe some pve but i find pve boring and only pve when i got nothing better to do i honestly say i do enjoy this game alot and eventhough i dont play asmo at all i on north american Aion i must say i love the asmos that do play on Danaria as well as the ones who play on kt cuz they make up the declining player base and they keep pvp alive and for that much love plus i rubbish talk and i love it when the enemy rubbish talks to me its all in the name of fun and laughter its just a game that we have been playing for years now oh and to ncsoft i extend my middle finger and a few f bombs just saying prolly getting banned for this LOL
  11. https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/download/ and im referring to the recommend specifications and it says windows 10 supported and has a 260 as recommended video card while ours says something a bit different Aion Recommended Requirements CPU SPEED: Dual Core CPU 2.0GHz or equivalent. OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7. VIDEO CARD: NVIDA Geforce 7800 GT / AMD Radeon X1800 XL or higher. TOTAL VIDEO RAM: 256 MB. DIRECTX VERSION: DirectX 9.0c. FREE DISK SPACE: 40 GB hard disk space. does this mean they are going to update the game to fully support windows 10 finally or something cuz i been crashing for years on windows 10 so this will be interesting to see how well that works out
  12. Entry to Arena of Harmony/Discipline

    ncsoft is just sitting at the desk playing around with the 7.0 code while they eat marshmellows and chocolates and s'mores they dont really care about us!!!
  13. i held down ctrl and pressed prtscreen and it would not save my customization of my character appearance body type so i can make my other toons look a alike. its not putting them in the screenshot photo album or anywhere at all it just removes the user interface when i do it instead of doing the screenshot with the customization file in it.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    im happy with the compensation so glad it didnt give people who attended extra gp who needs that right lol go farm or wait til next season however i still then compesation is cheap but thats only cuz sieged alot more then a few times but its enough to keep me playing Good they need to be so they get they act together if i be nice nothing gets done
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    they better compensate us or i will protest the game again im serious