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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 8, 2020

    GP Reset @Cyan was not mentioned in the notes
  2. forum post name is not working correctly

    you know i never thought about asking support i have tickets for so much stuff these days and never really thought that support would help me with that because it was forum related and not ingame related
  3. forum post name is not working correctly

    well what i mean is i changed the level 80 character name and it hasnt upated on the forum to it so i can post under it
  4. Soooo about that EC status hmm?

    as far as compensation goes if they dont give us compensation i think alot of players will quit the game if they do the compensation right then players will return and keep playing maybe. i honestly knowing how they are the compensation wont be as heavy as we would like it to be as far as pvp stones but then again what if they didnt do just pvp stones and gave fragments as well.
  5. Soooo about that EC status hmm?

    For Some Strange Reason i feel as tho they wont give us 7.2 til after snowball event and maybe a couple weeks of no event or something lets just say knowing the pattern here they will patch the game in the beginning of the new year either they give us the patch mid december or they give us a 2 week span in between the end of this transform event
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 27, 2019

    id have alot of pvp stones and minium grade a if it wasnt for the evergale situation
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 20, 2019

    shhhhh we shouldnt be letting ncsoft know about this now they gonna play fix it lol oh wait its gonna be broken next maintenance huehuehue more cheesecake please! via Imgflip Meme Generator
  9. Aion 7.5 translation gave me headache

    i agree this is a fleece johnson maneuver they are doing they are basically making us do this the easy way or the hard way if you dont understand google fleece johnson warrior youtube etc your see what im talking about without me being graphic. i think its like this give us a map to make us keep coming back to fill the wallets after the wallets delete the maps and give us another map so we can feel refreshed but yet its another repeat cuz your still grinding as much as you were in 5.8. trust me they will delete katalam again and give us another map lol watch and see just to keep the player base coming back for more they already got us hooked you think they gonna stop trying to keep us going? i hope they dont give us 7.5 this soon that might be a bit much but isnt 7.2 on the way
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    @Cyan so with no actual gp reset tomorrow we dont get any rewards for holding our rank for this season? what a let down will you guys be sending us our rewards or no like the enchantment stones you promised and etc.
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 30, 2019

    heres what i think happened to evergale look what ncsoft did https://tenor.com/view/macho-man-elbowdrop-gif-9430921
  12. if i wanted to change the name of the character im posting as its outdated and got toons from pre 6.5 it has toons that i already been deleted for months also i name changed on one of my toons and that old name i used to have is not updating to what its supose to be for posting on the forums
  13. BLACK SCREEN after loading screen

    what kind of nvidia driver were you running on the 2070? for me i have to run the game with 431.60 drivers from july ish its the only stable driver i can play the game with with the least amount of crashes something after that makes me crash or black screen way more then im used to
  14. 7.0 Aetherfolging is horrible

    7.0 RNG Is not a nice or pretty lady thats for sure even the drop rate in the open world is horrid running around killing 5 to 10 mobs and only 3 of them drop loot LOL
  15. Make altars faction based and not legion based please!

    im sorry i disagree with this only because i feel the major fortresses like lakrum and divine should be the only fortresses that or gp based forts altars are mini fortresses to me its not a full time fortress so i really dont care about them as much but to cure the problem just join a big legion on your server then alot of danaria is doing it anyways that way pre 7.0