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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    i am for event extension too
  2. Aion 2??? Jokes!!

    they really sent you a e-mail on that omg lol thats spam LOL
  3. Daily Luna Box is Bugged.

    hrmm somehow i get the ncsoft staff is still on Vacation eating cookies and frosted flakes and oreos either that or the rest of the staff is sleeping on the job or hibernating for half of the winter til the 16th either that or they are being affected by the government shutdown in washington but for some reason i never knew the government paid you guys i thought we gave you enough money the past few years since 2012 free to play? hrmm all that money we the player give you through the prestige is being saved and not reinvested into a good cause? WTB A Santa with Claus that can fix the broken luna and fix the poor rng and kinah rates oh wait im requesting this and yes its falling on deaf ears. how do you dudes expect to save the economy by making it even harder for we the player to gather kinah this patch i mean come on really guys you could at least have quest that give kinah and yes i miss the day when sieges gave kinah because at least it would be nice to go from being completely bank rupt to having kinah to flight transport and so forth i dont craft i boycotted that since you guys destroyed my 500's in alchemy and cooking. im still a angry player but maybe you guys can do us all a favor tell those guys the higher ups on the staff to plz stop smoking crazy foreign powders in the office including glue pixie dust and snorting air freshner
  4. Aion 7.0 New cancer class incoming.

    lol yeah that prolly will get nerfed by 7.5
  5. Economy question?

    thanks for the suggestions that may help me in the long run on alts
  6. Economy question?

    What is the best way to make kinah or gold ingots if you have none on alts? or werent able to get any at a later time? this games new economy is pretty broken already it seems. i have alternate toons that i cannot do stuff with i mean they are level 80 and i run instances but whats the way to make money besides aether forging lets say if you had under 4 mill in your inventory?
  7. Please NCS return the scroll of run/walk.

    my best advice to you is give up now while your have a chance simply because i cant believe they would take that away and add it back if we even asked them too they only do what korea does they aint gonna localize it just so we can run again
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 12, 2018

    so 100% weekend never was a full 100% weekend just like last weeks ap weekend and nobody has addressed that issue last week or this one? hrmmm are you guys even working at all? its supose to be friday through sunday but apparently you guys cut it off every sunday before the full duration of sunday kicks in meaning its prolly saturday when the buff for the server is removed
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 12, 2018

    well hopefully when they give this so called ap benefit in a few days it will compensate for the fact you guys had only 2 days of buffs this weekend and i really wish my support ticket would have given me compensation for wasting my time in A dredge and OW and AP instances this sunday.
  10. Is Aion Dying...

    theres a base of players who are the ones who love the game staying around no matter what patch comes out i been playing since before free to play maybe 2.7 ish was when i really started however alot has changed since then i seen many big names come and go many friendships formed and broken however i have to say that the game has died down a bit and gotten quiet but thats cuz its been delay between patches as always in between patches is always the quiet time. i still enjoy the game but not the way i used to i think for me the economy is the down side of keeping players feeling like they got something of worth or achieved a milestone then theres the horrible rng rate but im just gonna focus on having fun this game holds up sorta well with those that are newer but i dont think 6.0 will save Aion i think its a fix for Aion til they find a way to either top themselves with a sequel or rebuild the game to attract new and old players the hardest part i think for them is attracting old players new i think is just as hard cuz they dont advertise really when i had cable i remember seeing many other mmo commercials but this game never has any of that stuff to attract in audience i feel as tho they dont care much about rebuilding the player base almost as if they arent concerned about building or rebuilding the game player base
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 2, 2018

    im glad you found this fix out cuz when i tried running 32 bit it doesnt seem to like my pc very much it was loading everything slower and hiccupy like but now that i tried this fix 64 bit works so i aint gonna be complaining for awhile
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 2, 2018

    im on windows 10 1803 are you guys going to patch the game so i can play again
  13. Cannot regist Xingecode Module

    i think its a gimmick how long they are taking to address the current issue at hand. nobody saying a word to the public and being real about whats really going on with the xigncode and Aion not being able to launch on windows 10 1803 watch them wait til maintence to fix the issue i feel like alot of players are gonna leave the game faster at this rate its already barely a population hanging onto the game the die hard loyals will continue to play the ones not so die hard will die off especially since the unprofessionalism of addressing this issue early so there wouldnt be any issue at all
  14. Cannot regist Xingecode Module

    Well Said. long as its temperary i am not rolling back windows to play the game today so i guess it will be a wait til tomorrow to play lol yeah windows update rick james version that #ghettolife kinda thinking i should download bns just to see but by the time download finishes i bet they will patch it by then lol
  15. Cannot regist Xingecode Module

    my copy of windows is legit lol and its the crappy support this game has right now for these windows 10 build updates i have the same issue and this cancerous 1803 updated last night forceably being a home user is such a pain. im surprised Aion hasnt did emergency maintence behind this bs so i guess i wont be playing today til they fix the broken game tomorrow that being said welcome to windows 10 1803 or should i say welcome to Aion's shady support 0.o