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  1. i held down ctrl and pressed prtscreen and it would not save my customization of my character appearance body type so i can make my other toons look a alike. its not putting them in the screenshot photo album or anywhere at all it just removes the user interface when i do it instead of doing the screenshot with the customization file in it.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    im happy with the compensation so glad it didnt give people who attended extra gp who needs that right lol go farm or wait til next season however i still then compesation is cheap but thats only cuz sieged alot more then a few times but its enough to keep me playing Good they need to be so they get they act together if i be nice nothing gets done
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    they better compensate us or i will protest the game again im serious
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    compensation i got a feeling will either come on the daily reset shortly in another hour or either at the time the ib goes up is my guess if you are a affected player from that siege situation we had
  5. Siege Compensation

    i hope they accurately compensated the people who attended siege regularly i dont care much for gold bars that aint giving me ap and pvp stones
  6. The most ridiculous item(s) on BCM

    transformation contracts with only one of those contracts but alot of those scrolls it trolled me early 6.2 i bought it cuz i thought id get a cheaper rate of contracts but no it came came with one and i felt like i was the dumbest sleepyhead window shopping on bcm lol
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    0.o so i can stop protesting the game
  8. Do not support ncsoft!

    you know what we call this in the states? Government Corruption they saw the tree was full of life and vibrant til they said lets make everybody suffer
  9. Do not support ncsoft!

    if you got any bulldog plz have it bite ncsoft on the bum bum for their impressive logic
  10. State of The Game

    yeah they dont care about us thats how im feeling
  11. 8 Sieges and bug continue.

    i dont play the game currently im occupying myself with other things and looking for jobs i suggest you occupy your time with something too anything you like to do that doesnt involve aion me i been listening to music and just keeping myself occupied cuz they arent goign to give us answers until they want us to know. i quit the game i giving them til the 22nd to fix the bugs if i return by then and find out its still bugged im going to laugh at ncsoft and log out
  12. State of The Game

    im still sticking my ground at the moment im not even playing the game or paying for a broken prestige and a broken game altogether not even going to talk about the luna situation cuz i am not going to pay for luna. planning on returning til maybe the 22nd if they resolve the issue which is a big if. i am determined to wait this out so ncsoft can feel what its like to have the market suffer and record losses of 2019
  13. State of The Game

    not logging in for a few days might not come back til the new season to be honest i think that will be enough time for them to fix this mess they have with the game right now that will be about a full month another thing i must say is anybody that still plays having any kind of fun in the game right now knowing you cant earn ap or pvp enchantment stones for sieges that you do attend
  14. Cyan can we get regular updates on critical issues?

    Me Having a Conversation with NCSoft Staff Me: excuse me your game is not working properly. NcsoftStaff: we know. Me: Excuse me can you go a little easy on the pay to win and not be so aggressive on our wallets? NcsoftStaff: No! Me: so you want to play that game eh.? NcsoftStaff: what game are you talking about? Me: monopoly NcsoftStaff: Whats that? Me: IDK you tell me. NcsoftStaff: i googled Monopoly its a game that has to do with money would you like to play monopoly with us in the month of April May 2019? Me: No No No you will not talk to me that way leave me be you tell me your going to give me a solid finished product and yet you take things to the extreme you tell me im going to get rewarded and yet you yell and put holes in my wallet by a method called Credit or Debit Card. NcsoftStaff: Are you finished? Me: yes monopoly was a good game until you lost me. NcsoftStaff: We Hate to see you leave how may we help you or how may we compensate you? Me: your evil monopoly game rips at my soul that doesnt help me that hurts me i feel like im in a abusive relationship with your Staff bye. Ncsoft Staff: see you in 7.0 Me: if your servers dont die before then maybe not lol
  15. State of The Game

    i login last night looked around logged out to bored to even care right now i log in this morning looked around some more still broken click quit game logout GG LOL. as far as bcm goes as my word stands my prestige had 7 hours when i was logged in this morning soon as that expires ill prolly go play steam games that arent broken til i hear a update on this broken game lol soon as this game got broken i renew my final fantasy 14 sub i dont want to play that game but what other mmo choices i have right now that i do own and certainly guildwars 2 doesnt do it for me