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  1. you've butchered your own game...

    like i tell everyone else. don't spend a penny on this game, i'm about 100% sure they will announce the game shutting down within the next 6 months. aion has been living on a lifeline the past 12 months, there is no possible way for a game with not even 150+ active players on a faction at the same time have enough money to support itself. we don't even have fking gm's in the game anymore. that should be the first warning for everygame. iv'e been playing since release and the OG players who still survived playing aion until this point already know that the game is gunna be shutting down pretty soon. they're just making sure they milk every penny before they decide to not renew the license again. aion has the potential to literally be the bets MMO out , players are hungry to find a mmo like aion with flawless combat system, too bad the people who runs the game are probably people who's never had any prior job experience in the mmo market and just throwing it away. we can all agree that aion would be 100x better if a better company bought out hte game and revived it