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  1. So all your items got switched to the right ones yes?
  2. Did you get the coins? or nothing showed up in your inventory
  3. It's not Aion Classic if theres no "My Aion" tab.
  4. I was main on IS and had an alt on SL. Have to say SL was a blast with the pvp. Bloody massacres everywhere. IS was lil more chilled and not so overly populated. My brain hurtin.
  5. I've been brain hurting on what server to go to. IS or SL. I was main on IS but had an alt on SL. But I have to say SL was a blast. That server was a bloody massacre with pvp. So many raids and the western shard was lit. Can't wait to have hr long fights pushing each side
  6. I want to know is. Would we be able to have more than one capitol letter in our name?
  7. You forgot that you would need to pay 2mil for your skills.
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