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  1. 10 minutes ago, 17s1AF4 said:

    first of all I didn't decide this on the spot. I decided to buy the second pass if the coins were still there even when the 1st pass was active. I waited for this and when it finally arrived and I confirmed the coins were there since i already decided I instantly bought it. Few moments later they announced it was wrong AFTER I bought it. If you actually listen you'd understand why its unfair. Not sure why you think this is acceptable. 

    Did you get the coins? or nothing showed up in your inventory

  2. I've been brain hurting on what server to go to. IS or SL. I was main on IS but had an alt on SL. But I have to say SL was a blast. That server  was a bloody massacre with pvp. So many raids and the western shard was lit. Can't wait to have hr long fights pushing each side 

  3. 17 hours ago, Motgar-KT said:

    Classic isn't coming. It will just destroy Aion further if it did. What is really dumb is that people think it will be a cure all for all the problems, many of the same problems will exist and many more of the new problems will still exist.

    Everything that made a mass amount of players quit during 5.0 would be brought back:

    • Level Grinding
    • Pay-to-Win
    • One Shotting

    Everything everyone hated in the past would be brought back:

    • Huge Class/Race Imbalances
    • Limited PvP Opportunities
    • PvP Curse Debuffs
    • Manastone Socketing Failure Rates
    • Enchanting Failure Rates
    • Godstones
    • Gear Drop Rates
    • Mounts Widely Unavailable
    • AP Hoarding Based Ranking
    • Super Easy PvE Instances

    Everything outdated would replace the new:

    • No Server Updates
    • Gear Switch Buttons
    • Custom Chain Skills
    • Smaller Text Limit Macros
    • Old UI
    • Old Character Creation
    • Old Graphics

    Everything else:

    • Population Split
    • Starting Over
    • Botting

    Just focus on fixing the current verison.

    You forgot that you would need to pay 2mil for your skills.


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