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  1. Branding Macro Help needed

    Hello, /AutomaticSelection /Brand 1 up to /Brand 16; however, Options/Key Mapping/Brands may work better. I use the numpad: Numpad 1-6 targets Brands 1-6. Alt+Numpad 1-6 brands them. Set up the hotkeys to brand for what works best for you.
  2. Hello, I would like to know if the Ranger Skill: Blazing Trap [item:140001165] is working as intended for Aion 6.x. Is Blazing Trap physical or magical damage? In Aion 5.8, Blazing Trap's damage would increase if Ranger had more Magic Boost. in Aion 6.x Magic Boost has been changed/modified into Magic Attack and is not intended for use for the Ranger class. I use a Blazing Trap Stigma at +12 (+9 + 3). at +12, Blazing Trap's damage is about the same as Ranger skill Dead Shot and is a dramatic decrease in damage from 5.6. Is the dramatic decrease in damage as intended - or - has this skill's damage not been updated to Aion 6.x? Thank-you for any information you can provide about weather or not Blazing Trap is working as intended. MayBlue
  3. Ranger 6.2 Stigmas/Manastones

    Update: I am no longer using Hunters Might (too long a CD) and Sharpen Arrows (increase in attack is too small) instead: Gale Arrow and Lethal Arrow Blazing Trap got nerfed big time. In 5.8 it did good damage. in 6.2 it does almost nothing. I let Focused Shots go. (Too long to cast, and I do not like to be rooted.) Stigma Build may change again after I get better gear.
  4. Are there any harps that give attack speed?

    aioncodex has good info "Attack Speed 5%" Legendary Firebrand Harp https://aioncodex.com/us/item/102050033/ there could be more
  5. PvP set for RANGER 6.0

    Here is a formula for Evasion: looks like we need a TON just to get to a 25-30% chance to evade any attack:
  6. Rangers should be in Mau Blessing at all times. https://aioncodex.com/us/skill/4881/ "Upkeep Cost: DP 50 (4s)" 50 DP is nothing. Some mobs have better defense then others. Shoot them all and take mental notes which ones build up DP the fastest. If we are farming we will never need to stop Mau Blessing. If DP is a little low, turn it off, but always use it for a 8-12 second burst when you need it. Awesome skill! MayBlue
  7. Aion 2

    "While the initial hype from these offers usually turn fast into disappointment – “Oh, it's for another mobile game” -, this time it looks like it's the really thing. The game in question is said to be a “next-generation console and PC MMORPG” and runs on the Unreal Engine 4. No mobile in sight, nice!" https://www.freemmostation.com/news/ncsoft-aion-2-pc-mmorpg-unreal-engine-4/
  8. How is one meant to play a healer now?

    Here is a Healing Boost formula for Europe. NA's should be close to this:
  9. Lakrum Teleports Map (Elyos)

    On, the collection of screen shots, I forget to put the teleport from East Bank. (Pink in this image. It doesn't go anywhere very helpful.) Elyos Side Map
  10. I collected screen shots and just put them on top of each other. (I do not have one for the Asmo side.) The stars are the teleports (arties / Elyos camps) and the wings (safe pads / safe camps) are where we end up.
  11. Howdy, Not sure what the best way to go will be for Stigmas and Manastones, so please Rangers, let us know what you have tried and if it's better/worse or the the same. Thank-you for input. General answer to what is best is, "Depends on your style of play." [item:140001172] Agonizing Arrow for the debuff that lowers healing. Does not root us, so that's cool. [item:140001155] Hunter's Might, [item:140001158] Sharpen Arrows. [item:140001171] Arrow Deluge, [item:140001165] Blazing Trap, [item:140001160] Trap of Slowing, [item:140001163] Skybound Trap, [item:140001162] Dilation Arrow Hunters's Might + Seizure Arrow heals well. I tried Focused Shots: it is a little slow to cast and having to use it after every 5 shots was getting tedious. I'd rather just toggle Sharpen Arrows and not have to worry about it. We get 2 of the 3 from Dodging/Focused Shots/Strong Shots, so if we use Focused Shots then we get only one of Dodging/Strong Shots. (If we have 2 on the 3rd cast removes the first one we had cast.) Strong Shots + Devotion + Sharpen Arrows is doing enough damage for now. I'm not sure I'll stay with Skybound, but I'm using it for now, because it's fun. I may switch that to Nature's Resolve. As of the time of this posting, I have not tested any Manastone builds yet. But I think the first slot in everything will be HP because it acts as a defense for both magic and physical attacks. MayBlue
  12. One Type of Event Temperings Non Exchangeable

    Where is this NPC? I could not find him (Elyos)
  13. Scheduled Game Update - October 24, 2018

    Ever been on line during a maintenance? Shugo handymen spawn, sweep the grounds, polish statues, take out the rubbish. They are very good at their jobs.
  14. Aion Tshirt Giveaway Guessing Game

    dang i was going to guess that, Hitchikers... 742
  15. 1st post in 6.2

    How about on the new server all the Elyos roll Asmo, and all the Asmo roll Elyos. "Ereshkigal," is the Klingon word for "Evil Twin"