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  1. Ranger Stigma Blazing Trap Magic or Physical Damage?

    As of Jan 2019, my auto attack is doing more damage then Blazing Trap (+12). Blazing Trap, by mistake, is Magical Attack. A Ranger's Magical Attack is lower then any mob or player's Magical Defense. The current patch has affectively disabled Blazing Trap and the Blazing Trap's Stigma should not be used. Blazing Trap should be changed to Physical Attack. Thank-you, MayBlue.
  2. Ancient Transform for Ranger

    If the skill reads: "Cast Time: Cast Instantly" then we need Attack Speed. Casting Speed speeds up Focused Shots. If we are using that skill a lot, an att/cast speed transform may be helpful. A few Ranger traps have a cast time, but Nimble Fingers reduces that cast time to 0. Ripthread Shot has a casting speed. And that's about it for Casting Speed. Nimble Fingers could still be on CD, so a faster cast can help, a little. I do not worry about Casting Speed at all, because I do not use Focused Shots. Attack Speed helps with 90% of Ranger Skills. MayBlue
  3. Autoclickers?

    Nothing to it
  4. Can't play during Siege? Any help?

    Are you are using Windows 10 and Defender's real time antimalware feature? Under Task Manager look for something like: (CPU will be higher when more players are near by.) If so, we can add Aion as an exclusion: In Daily Luna, when the "Lots of Footsteps" wave of mobs would attack, my PC would lag. After adding Aion to exclusions, Luna is much smoother, and the sieges are a little better. MayBlue
  5. Finding Jay or the Underpath

    Taki's Mission has two instances, a daily and a weekly. First runs are free. Weekly re-sets on Wednesday. Daily re-sets every morning. If we wish to run either one again before it re-sets, then we can use Luna Coins. Lots of exp in there.
  6. Hello, We used to be able to buy Tombstone of Revival [item:161000004] with AP in Reshanta. If I had known prior to the latest patch that this item would no longer be attainable, I would have gotten 1000 pre-patch. plz bring back the NPCs that sold items to be purchased with AP. Thank-you. MayBlue
  7. Just quick question, wondering if it's just me.

    I think it is just the delay in the animation. (Maybe attack/casting speed and ping has an affect). You have already been hit and damaged before you use the teleport. It just looks like you are taking damage after you start using the teleport because of the delay to register the damage. Rangers have Seizure Arrow (heal for 50% of damage). I always get my HP back before my target takes the damage. MayBlue
  8. Branding Macro Help needed

    Hello, /AutomaticSelection /Brand 1 up to /Brand 16; however, Options/Key Mapping/Brands may work better. I use the numpad: Numpad 1-6 targets Brands 1-6. Alt+Numpad 1-6 brands them. Set up the hotkeys to brand for what works best for you.
  9. Hello, I would like to know if the Ranger Skill: Blazing Trap [item:140001165] is working as intended for Aion 6.x. Is Blazing Trap physical or magical damage? In Aion 5.8, Blazing Trap's damage would increase if Ranger had more Magic Boost. in Aion 6.x Magic Boost has been changed/modified into Magic Attack and is not intended for use for the Ranger class. I use a Blazing Trap Stigma at +12 (+9 + 3). at +12, Blazing Trap's damage is about the same as Ranger skill Dead Shot and is a dramatic decrease in damage from 5.6. Is the dramatic decrease in damage as intended - or - has this skill's damage not been updated to Aion 6.x? Thank-you for any information you can provide about weather or not Blazing Trap is working as intended. MayBlue
  10. Ranger 6.2 Stigmas/Manastones

    Update: I am no longer using Hunters Might (too long a CD) and Sharpen Arrows (increase in attack is too small) instead: Gale Arrow and Lethal Arrow Blazing Trap got nerfed big time. In 5.8 it did good damage. in 6.2 it does almost nothing. I let Focused Shots go. (Too long to cast, and I do not like to be rooted.) Stigma Build may change again after I get better gear.
  11. Are there any harps that give attack speed?

    aioncodex has good info "Attack Speed 5%" Legendary Firebrand Harp https://aioncodex.com/us/item/102050033/ there could be more
  12. PvP set for RANGER 6.0

    Here is a formula for Evasion: looks like we need a TON just to get to a 25-30% chance to evade any attack:
  13. Rangers should be in Mau Blessing at all times. https://aioncodex.com/us/skill/4881/ "Upkeep Cost: DP 50 (4s)" 50 DP is nothing. Some mobs have better defense then others. Shoot them all and take mental notes which ones build up DP the fastest. If we are farming we will never need to stop Mau Blessing. If DP is a little low, turn it off, but always use it for a 8-12 second burst when you need it. Awesome skill! MayBlue
  14. Aion 2

    "While the initial hype from these offers usually turn fast into disappointment – “Oh, it's for another mobile game” -, this time it looks like it's the really thing. The game in question is said to be a “next-generation console and PC MMORPG” and runs on the Unreal Engine 4. No mobile in sight, nice!" https://www.freemmostation.com/news/ncsoft-aion-2-pc-mmorpg-unreal-engine-4/
  15. How is one meant to play a healer now?

    Here is a Healing Boost formula for Europe. NA's should be close to this: