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  1. Is World Boss Stealing an Offense?

    What it should be is: Asmos can steel from other Asmo, because they are the bad guys in this game. Elyos should work together, because we are the good guys. What is being asked here is: "Is it ok to be a f*&*(&(*ing son of (*)(*(8 mother F9(&)(&) horrible human being?" Answer: No, it's not.
  2. Prad fort guide

    Ran Pradeth siege again: We are still working out what to do in there. No need to kill the other side's generators: After start, go kill one of the gates. there is about a 7 min delay before one elite Mob spawns at each Generator. We will get a message that the Generators are under attack. One group may not be enough to kill the elite mob fast enough. So: start at a gate. when we get the Generator Under Attack message, everyone go and defend the closest Generator. then get back on the gate. and repeat. We need to kill a second gate inside, then go to boss room. When we fight boss, we may need to leave and defend Generators again. We do not want the boss to re-set, (not sure it would if we all leave the room, but it might) Leave 2 or 3 tanks in boss room with 2 or 3 healers. everyone else, go defend one of the Generators then get back to boss. If the generators are destroyed we are kicked out. The Generators will re-spawn. If we are kicked out, do not leave. After Generators re-spawn, we can get back in. Anyone else who has ideas about what to do in there, please let us know. TY MayBlue
  3. Prad fort guide

    Howdy, Just ran Prad fort and still some confusion out there. Please help out if you familiar with the instance. TY. MayBlue At start Asmo and Elyos have 4 camps with generators: Should we kill the 4 generators first? Is there something we need to help kill the Boss in Prad? Should a group stay at the 4 Camps to protect the generators from Balaur mobs that spwn Or do we just need to protect 1 camp (the other 3 can fall)?
  4. From patch notes: 2. To enter Crimson Katalam, one must possess a charged Dimensional Hourglass. Charging the Dimensional Hourglass requires using a Dimensional Hourglass item, available from Lugbug missions. One point of charge is deducted per minute while in Crimson Katalam, and up to 300 points (5 hours) can be charged. "While in Crimson" was not the case for my chars. One of my alts got an hourglass, then the time ran out while I was playing a different char. (Alt was logged out in Oriel.) My main's time ran out while I was doing quests in Lakrum. I never got into Red Katalam. Is this as intended? are the patch notes incorrect? MayBlue
  5. Siege TIME / Days

    From Aion 7.2 Patch Notes: https://www.aiononline.com/news/return-to-katalam-patch-notes Yeah, this is going to be a mess. We should use this thread to plan how we can all get some kind of GP credit from all three forts. Start at Demaha for just the first two fences. We can get them down (and get GP, I hope) before the bosses have spawned at the other two. Unless this patch is different, any faction that tries to finish Demaha is giving Divine to the other faction, because Demaha takes a long time to finish. Lakrum has one faction on defense. No point in standing around waiting for the other faction to take Divine before anything happens. So after the two gates are down in Demaha, go to Divine. (May the best buff win.) The Lakrum sieges (on DN server) are "done" in 10 minutes. Both sides just know who is going to win. So, after Divine, do a push on Lakrum for GP then get to Demaha. I am not sure this is the best way. Please use this thread to help each other; do not vent. If anyone has other ideas, share them here. If both factions are at Demaha, then a smaller group can try to take an undefended Lakrum forcing one side to to leave Demaha and defend Lakrum, so it looks like whichever side has Lakrum will always loose Demaha. Option 2: As long as we get GP from all 3 forts, the side that wins a fort just does not matter any more. We win, they win, we win, they win again... MayBlue Does Sethos know it was me who would drain his manna at every siege? (TM server.) In those days, that 4k dp skill had a 1 hour CD.
  6. What's new?

    Good to hear from you Weevy "Please don't call me Weezy" Wonder! It is worth logging in for: 1. the Altar sieges in Damaha (8:00pm server time) Join an ally if you can, but we get credit for just following an ally in then kill gate/mobs/boss. then maybe we have time to rush to another Altar and get credit for that one too. 2. get one of the five daily quests for <Receive the Stellin Problem-Solver Reward> /where Asharunerk (Elyos) we do not have to do the quest right away. Get one quest per day, but then do all five on the 5th day if we like. The five quests reset the very next day after we hand in the 5th quest (we do not have to wait for Wed reset) 3. the three "kill five mobs" quests [Weekly/Group] The Demaha Desert Altar Operation /where Medena [Weekly/Group] The Demaha Plains Altar Operation /where Zerona [Weekly/Group] The Demaha Volcano Altar Operation /where Lorina We can do each quest 3 times, nine total, per week it will be a grind if we solo, a group of 3 or 4 is much faster we can hand in the quest anywhere (we do not have to go back to the NPC) then one in the group can share it. so in a group we can do 3 quests back to back to back. 4. from the Gold Sand Traders window buy <Bobonerk’s Coin Bundle> do not open a bundle unless we need to. the bundles stack better in our cubes. we use EXP to use <Bobonerk’s Coin> to get <Bobonerk’s Gem> we use the gems to get enchantment stones 5. There are a lot of <Genesis Crystal> quests in Lakrum we use Genesis Crystal to buy PvP gear and extract gear to get <Fighting Spirit Fragment> we use <Fighting Spirit Fragment> to upgrade PvP gear; however, it looks like the next big patch will make it easier to get <Fighting Spirit Fragment> (maybe) go to the new map, Red Katalam do the new quests to get some kind of new coin use those coins to buy PvP gear and extract that gear New patch should be soon-ly-ish. late Jan or early Feb All of the above is to get <Stellium>. we need <Stellium> to buy Etium and other things....We are all addicted to it. MayBlue
  7. Hello, Any other Rangers seeing that Daevanion skill Silencing Strike is not silencing? Here are some tabs that read "You silenced..." but then shows that player using skills right away. If it is a glitch, then random players would be able to use skills while silenced, but it is the same collection of players and most of them are in the same Legion.
  8. Enchantment rate

    With Ancient PvP Gear: I use Ancient PvP Stone from 0 to +7 or +8 then use Legendary PvP Stone up to +10 back to Ancient to get +10 to + 13 (takes about 15-20 stones) then back to Legendary from +13 to +15 I have had only 3 or 4 fails when I use Legendary to enchant +13 to +15. RNG has been good to me. It does seam like the RNG is not as good on Wed and gets a little better throughout the week. Every now and then the gear piece I am trying to Enchant has bad RNG. I just stop and try again in a few hours. RNG seams better then.
  9. Tabs display incorrect character names

    Update: work around: I went to character screen and back and the tab now displays correct character names. EDIT: Then I moved to a different map and the "You" bug has returned.
  10. Hello, Tabs incorrectly display the word, "You" instead of character name. "You" sometimes shows for every character using skills, both Elyos and Asmo. In the image, I am not using any skills. The skills displayed are from someone else near by. MayBlue
  11. Hello, If a Legion forms an ally/league to fight a World Boss in Demaha and invites players from other Legions, what happens to the loot? Will the members of only one Legion get to loot, or will everyone? MayBlue
  12. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    We can convert both old <==> new and new <==> old. The photo in your post shows how to make old mats. As for how to make new mats (it is 10 old for each 1 new). The Aetherforging UI shows how to convert old to new. exmple: https://aioncodex.com/us/item/152080098/ Click on a new craft, to see how to change old to new, click on the arrows [-->] on the right side of the Aetherforging UI. We need to buy something like Cold Acidic Agent from an NPC in Lakrum.
  13. Your Painter's name

    MayPlaid - Painter. My other ults are: MayBlack - Temp; MayWhite - Chant; MayPink & MayPurple SM/SW (I forget which is which); and MayOrange the AT. MayBlue - Ranger
  14. @Cyan and GMs, thanks

    Me too, Thank-you, Aion Team. The AP and Enchantment Stones sent as a compensation are most appreciated. MayBlue "I'm glad you're here." My favorite Shugo quote.
  15. Messenger NPC locations

    ELYOS: Messenger Antrum https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820195/ Messenger Dichum https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820196/ Messenger Taudon https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820197/ Messenger Tesinan https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820198/ Messenger Poroto https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820199/ For Ultimate gear: We cannot finish the first quest in one week. We can re-do quests after Wed re-set. So we do not have to all of them. If our Aetherforging is not high enough then re-do some of the other quests after re-set. Even if we can do every quest, it will not be enough in the first week. Mendorunerk https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820205/ Alis https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820206/ Sitanerk https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820207/ Arius https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820208/ Supeburunerk https://aioncodex.com/us/npc/820209/ I have not done all the quests; I got the information from aioncodex. If any errors, please let us know, ty. MayBlue