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  1. All you need to know before 6.2!

    Lots of Aion music here:
  2. Put your Screen Shots here

    Hello, Please post lots of screen shots of the soon to be deleted lands here! Thank-you! Elton is my favorite land with all the "Help! Purples again!" good times. The wings in the image are Besh. God I was so happy to win that roll!
  3. High Ping Since Wed Maintenance

    UPDATE: After 10pm server time on Sunday, my ping returned to normal. I uninstallled the Launcher and rebooted PC. I installed (run as Admin) the Launcher from https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/articles/204360359-How-to-re-install-only-the-NCSOFT-Game-Launcher and rebooted PC. I'm not sure if the new launcher fixed the low ping, or it was just a coincidence..
  4. My ping should be 60~70ms. Since Wed, after maintenance, it is 1700-2000ms. Internet connection is fine with other sites. This high ping is only with Aion. If I were to delete Aion files/folders and then repair, which Aion files/folders should I delete? (rename to name.old) Crazy thing is I am getting 66 ping during the day, before 3pm server time, and then 2k at night, after 4pm server time. This tracert was done at 9pm server time. MayBlue
  5. Let's hope Aion adds a flying fortress siege in 6.? one day. Silona in Danaria was fun:
  6. kumuki bugggg

    The same thing happened to me a few days ago, and my ranger Feint skill teleported me through the door.
  7. Manastones socketed on gear on upgrade

    The Manatones of now can not be used with the new gear of 6.x. We may get an exchange for +10's or better, but we may not. Sywo has a video about new manastones youtube.com/watch?v=fBaBLqFHGYU We may get different translations: I crossed out some stones that I know my Ranger will not need:
  8. No need to level up in Aetherforging (sometimes called Magical Crafting). Sywo has a video. In short, the level up is fast and cheap in 6.x. youtube.com/watch?v=ytGpMZU4-84 I have an alt that has Craft Alchemy just under 500 (480/490) is good enough. It saves me a ton of kinah on Runing/Crit/Courage scrolls. That craft has scrolls for magic classes too. I think Alchemy is the only craft still worth it for now, for a few scrolls and getting that extra row in our warehouse. MayBlue
  9. I play on my Main and that's it. The Level Grind when I started was way too much to go through it twice. With 6.x, on the other hand, I will play at least one other char, and maybe two others. I'm looking forward to it and it's going to be fun. Oh, right, this is a thread about flying..... I have 42 Manastone: Maximum Flight Time +7 and you are telling me they're junk now? No!!!!!!!!!! MayBlue (Ranger for life and in 6.x oh, maybe.....Chanter? Spirit Master? or both! Oh, yeah!)
  10. Sywo has a video about 6.x Stat Re-Rolling System. youtube.com/watch?v=XCL-g-8QF4U Oh, and boots do NOT come with speed automatically. We have to roll to get a speed stat on our boost: Mount up and go! MayBlue Edit: oh, and there is only one best PvP set and only one best PvE set (crafted is second best). youtube.com/watch?v=_EXSfB63ync&t=885s So, "Best set" for healing is more about swapping stigmas (or get a second copy of the gear and use a different manastone build, but that's a ton of work).
  11. Crucible tough time :')

    If any floors are causing some trouble, this web site may help: http://aion.wikia.com/wiki/Crucible_Spire
  12. Help with Luna ;-;

    Yeah, "Lots of footsteps" in wave 3 can bring the gate down 50%, so need to keep the gate above 50% before wave 3. "Chattering voices", (or what ever it's called,) is an automatic S rank. We get that some times too. A little RNG is okay. Lots of footsteps hit me on wave 3, gate down to about 5%, but i was able to draw agro on boss, and got the S rank anyway. Jumping over the gate and attacking boss from behind drew the agro. That doesn't work every time, but if we can get agro and train it back and forth, then we can keep the gate alive.
  13. Create a Guild of Legions

    Howdy, Let's allow for any BG of a Legion to create a "Super-Legion," or "Army," or just call it a "Guild of Legions." Only Legions can join Guilds, and only the BG (or a Legion member with BG privileges) could join a Guild. If members of a Guild want to chat only with members of their Legion, Legion chat would still be available. Every member of the Guild would have access to a new Guild Chat Channel. The Guild of Legions is really all about a new chat channel. Players in Guilds would have access to more people: to run instances with ask questions about the game ask questions about their class and to avoid the trolls of LFG, channel 3 chat. The BGs of each Legion in the Guild would have the ability to "Legion block" players from Guild chat. If a player is "Legion blocked," no member of that Legion would see the "Legion blocked" player's chat. The players in all the other Legions in the Guild would still see the chat, unless the BGs of those Legions block that player too. Some of the Legions of Aion have been around for years. We may want to join another Legion, but no one wants to see our Legions disappear. A Guild of Legions would allow us to keep our Legions alive and be a part of a lager Guild community. MayBlue I will never let my Legion, The Great Lakes, go. Never! I've had it for so long, I just can't let it die.
  14. Double Rolling!

    Adding roll options like: Class only roll Win one and auto pass Would be cool. Group leader just needs to let everyone know what the roll settings will be before going into the instance. A long time ago, I decided that I would pass pass pass. I grew so tired of people rolling when they shouldn't leading to an avalanche if anger. Now I roll only if someone demands it.
  15. what is the best item you got from coalescence?

    The "best" result I have gotten from Coalescence was: The bow in the center was returned as the exact same bow, yet it was no longer soul bound. I then sold the bow on the broker for 100 mil. No need to buy that an unbinding stone.