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  1. Hello, We can brand targets only when we are in a group/ally. Branding targets sure does help with my Ranger when I solo. Would be very helpful to allow for branding when we solo. Thank-you. MayBlue
  2. Play the two classes you would have fun playing. We can make it work with any combo. If I were to duo, it would be Chanter/Glad. (*Aside from Ranger/Ranger, of course. 😉) Chanter is heal/support and Glad is tank/dps. Oh, don't we all.... Any character can be a cute girl. The classes are not gender locked. For me, Spirit Master was the most difficult class to figure out because we are playing our char and the attack pet at the same time. You may be able to use the attack pet as your tank, so Spirit Master/Cleric looks good good.
  3. Society of Gaming has good Aion Videos. There will be 20+ Aion classic videos released over the next few weeks. Watch them all.
  4. We can use Player Support for Legion postings.
  5. "There will be two servers at launch, Siel and Israphel. As of now, both servers will be run via AWS from the U.S. state of Virgina where our servers for the currently live version of Aion operate." We want to be on the same server as our friends. I will go to Israphel, unless friends are going to the other one: Here are some friends and legions that I remember. Elyos: Players: AlienBoss Cloudest Oumashoe and fake Oumashu Sweeeety Yona Nular Elyos: Legions: Left Behind Hotdog Bounce House Team Para Drunk Squa
  6. I'm hoping for the day we can Auto-Forum Post....
  7. It's getting better: I can start Launcher 2, enter id and pw, but then the error is: System.NullReferenceException 인증서를 찾을 수 없습니다. at A.c534e1664793830cb679d24d47d088810..ctor(String , String , Int32 , String , String , String , Int32 , String , Boolean , c58bd16845dd89cdccf2be96aac716727 ) at NCLauncherW.ViewModels.LauncherServiceLocator.c8f2ae7ac94891c9781b62fcc4e22d440() at NCLauncherW.ViewModels.LauncherServiceLocator.c345f13679ba7d31e595abc27dae2fc04.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.Compi
  8. old launcher is dead. I can no longer play Aion with the old launcer. we "must update" bla bla bla.... this is the error when I use Launcher 2 0060:fixme:ole:CoInitializeSecurity 00000000, -1, 00000000, 00000000, 2, 3, 00000000, 0, 00000000 stub 0060:fixme:wbemprox:wbem_services_CreateInstanceEnum unsupported flags 0x00000021 0084:fixme:ntdll:NtQuerySystemInformation info_class SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION 0084:err:mscoree:LoadLibraryShim error reading registry key for installroot 0110:fixme:nls:GetFileMUIPath stub: 0x10, L"C:\\windows\\system32\\tzres.dll", (null), 0299F3C
  9. I got Aion up and running in Manjaro Linux. I followed the advice from: (I still need to play with some settings, but so far so good.)
  10. I'm making progress... I was able to install the old Aion Launcher and run it under wine. The launcher installed Aion on the new pc. All looks good up until the choose a char screen. It's just black with a mouse cursor. I'll check drivers for GPU, but I think I'm missing a package for wine, or need to change a setting or two.
  11. Howdy, Anyone playing Aion on Linux? I am using Manjaro. Any tips to lead me in the right direction would be helpful. Thank-you, MayBlue
  12. Me too, Getting an error switching chars too. From an old thread: https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/5532-access-restriction-notice/?page=2 "This thread is quite old but, if you go to the website -> account -> authorized location -> remove the recent saved location then put the code that you always receive when you log in a different computer, you`ll be able to fix this problem" I tried the above suggestion and it kinda worked, for a few hours anyway. I was able to log in now, I double clicked char name instead of hitting start.
  13. My stormwing egg gave me 7,472,000 + 15 stigmas on the first day of the patch. Is that normal?
  14. AT: 4 runs; 1 drop; leather for Ranger/Sin Ranger: 4 runs; 1 drop; cloth for Magic classes 16 more runs (4 x 4 alts): no drops
  15. I used 20 stigma enchantment stones on a +9 got to +10 twice, then failed. never got it to +11 Stigma Enchantment rates are broken. If you get to +9, ok to try to +10 it because +9 is safe. then just save up stigma enchantment stones until some kind of enchanting event.
  16. It's the mechanics. Let's say Asmo drop Boss down to 10% hp, then Elyos mookie-artifact and kill asmo/kill boss. Who would get the fort? Neither side is going to do 90% of the dps to let the other side steal it. If we have to re-set boss (after mookie), then there is not enough time to kill boss/ the other side can just do the same mookie wipe and no one gets fort. Maybe change in mechanics: If neither Asmo no Elyos take fort, Both Asmo and Elyos get a PvE buff to kill boss faster Boss in Divine should spawn sooner. (While Asmo
  17. If we like the game, support it. We each decide what the game is worth to us: $5, $50, or $500. I hope we do not have to be so opp, win 1 v 5 or 1 v 10 etc, to have fun. Aion is an MMO: Run with friends, groups of 4 or 5, laugh and have fun. Win some times and loose sometimes. Others working together will take down the p2w players (sometimes?, most of the time?) often enough to get that, "yeah, got em!" feeling we all enjoy, often enough. Aion isn't so much p2w, it's pay-to-solo.
  18. Hello, Aion Team, Love the game. Temporary cabinets should be added to Aetherforging or daily Luna crafting. Players need a way to get back items that are still in expired cabinets. If the matts are easy to get, then re-crafting a cabinet every 30 days would give players more storage. Increase the size of Studio Housing. Studios are there own instance. It should not take much effort to double the size of a studio and allow for more decorations. Offer more decorations on BCM.
  19. You still have yours? I lost mine a looooooong time ago.
  20. What it should be is: Asmos can steel from other Asmo, because they are the bad guys in this game. Elyos should work together, because we are the good guys. What is being asked here is: "Is it ok to be a f*&*(&(*ing son of (*)(*(8 mother F9(&)(&) horrible human being?" Answer: No, it's not.
  21. Ran Pradeth siege again: We are still working out what to do in there. No need to kill the other side's generators: After start, go kill one of the gates. there is about a 7 min delay before one elite Mob spawns at each Generator. We will get a message that the Generators are under attack. One group may not be enough to kill the elite mob fast enough. So: start at a gate. when we get the Generator Under Attack message, everyone go and defend the closest Generator. then get back on the gate. and repeat. We need to kill a second gate inside,
  22. Howdy, Just ran Prad fort and still some confusion out there. Please help out if you familiar with the instance. TY. MayBlue At start Asmo and Elyos have 4 camps with generators: Should we kill the 4 generators first? Is there something we need to help kill the Boss in Prad? Should a group stay at the 4 Camps to protect the generators from Balaur mobs that spwn Or do we just need to protect 1 camp (the other 3 can fall)?
  23. From patch notes: 2. To enter Crimson Katalam, one must possess a charged Dimensional Hourglass. Charging the Dimensional Hourglass requires using a Dimensional Hourglass item, available from Lugbug missions. One point of charge is deducted per minute while in Crimson Katalam, and up to 300 points (5 hours) can be charged. "While in Crimson" was not the case for my chars. One of my alts got an hourglass, then the time ran out while I was playing a different char. (Alt was logged out in Oriel.) My main's time ran out while I was doing quests in Lakrum. I neve
  24. From Aion 7.2 Patch Notes: https://www.aiononline.com/news/return-to-katalam-patch-notes Yeah, this is going to be a mess. We should use this thread to plan how we can all get some kind of GP credit from all three forts. Start at Demaha for just the first two fences. We can get them down (and get GP, I hope) before the bosses have spawned at the other two. Unless this patch is different, any faction that tries to finish Demaha is giving Divine to the other faction, because Demaha takes a long time to finish. Lakrum has one faction on defense. No point in standing a
  25. Good to hear from you Weevy "Please don't call me Weezy" Wonder! It is worth logging in for: 1. the Altar sieges in Damaha (8:00pm server time) Join an ally if you can, but we get credit for just following an ally in then kill gate/mobs/boss. then maybe we have time to rush to another Altar and get credit for that one too. 2. get one of the five daily quests for <Receive the Stellin Problem-Solver Reward> /where Asharunerk (Elyos) we do not have to do the quest right away. Get one quest per day, but then do all five on the 5th day if we lik
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