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  1. I am really upset about the drop of "Titan Coins", just when I'm in the middle of getting some armour pieces and accessories the drops are very rare! The same thing happened with the Pandora quests, after doing the quests so many times and getting so annoyed of the many repeats you deleted the quests? I was left with half accessories ....I was working on getting the wings! Come on I only play solo, by choice, and it takes longer to get things, I know but you could have left the Pandora quests there in Lakrum, why did you delete them? Now the same thing is happening with the Titans Coins, well I find Aion resembling every day more as a job than a game and after so many years (11) of playing it I think is the right time for me to say goodbye. I must say that I had good friends a good happy time playing it in these past old six-seven years, but it has changed so much now and it's so sad.
  2. Stigmas enchantment

    I have a problem with enchanting one special stigma. I cannot get the "healing Burst" of my chanter over level 5! I tried so many times, first I lose enchants till level one and back to level five and again to level one and back to five! I can never get it over five, I wonder why? I got all other stigmas to level eight with not many problems but the healing burst never over five. I have no more enchanting stones and I'm not buying any anymore! What is this obsession with healing stigmas? Why should be so hard to get the enchanting RNG about the same for them all? I know that my RNG is cursed but this is a bit too much even for someone who's not friendly with the RNG! Am I doing something so very wrong?
  3. The lag is getting worse

    Here is what they told me to do. They were asking me pieces of information that I did tell them already. Hello there! To help us understand the cause of this issue better, please send us the following information about your client and network setup: • What realm/server are you experiencing this issue on? • Do you use DSL, cable, dial-up, satellite, or another connection method? • Do you use any routers, hubs, or switches? If so, could you tell us the make and model of that equipment? • Does your computer connect wirelessly, or does it use an Ethernet cable for connectivity (quick tip: If you're connecting wirelessly, please try a wired connection)? • Who is your Internet service provider? • Where are you located? Your city and state/province would be helpful. • Are you on a home, campus, business, or military network? • Do you use any Internet Security Applications (ISA) or firewalls such as CYBERsitter, ""Net-Nanny,"" ZoneAlarm, McAfee or Norton? Additionally, I would like to request a WinMTR report that can be generated through a program called WinMTR. This not only helps us determine the health of your Internet connection while installing, patching or downloading NCSOFT, but it also helps us determine if the issue is coming from your network, a data center in-between or from the NCSOFT servers themselves. Download link: https://winmtr.en.uptodown.com/windows (Click the "Latest Version" button. Then you can now click the "Download" button) You can find additional information on what WinMTR is and why we use it here: https://support.ncsoft.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005949466-Use-of-Third-Party-Programs-for-Technical-Support Once WinMTR is installed, run the program and follow the steps below: 1.In the upper left corner of the window, you will see a "Host" drop-down text box. In that field, type in the following hostname depending on which game you are playing and what server you're in: Aion/L2 icmp.us.ncwest.com 2.Click on the "Start" button and allow the tool to run for at least 100 seconds (even if you are unable to install, patch, or play) to gather data. NOTE: Please run the WinMTR during the time that you are experiencing this issue. So if you are experiencing lag or being disconnected in game, please run the report during these times if this is your issue. 3.Once you have gathered at least 100 seconds of data, click on the "Stop" button. 4.Click on "Export TEXT" and save the file. 5.Attach the file on your next response and attach the report together with your answers for the questions we have above. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you, Paul NCSOFT Support Team
  4. The lag is getting worse

    I sent a ticket to Support as Hime said and as a reply I got them telling me to try lots of programs and they were also asking "again" for explanations tath I had told them already! I am "NOT" installing any new things on my PC, I told them that my computer was okay before the update and I have no problems what so ever with other games, and that I won't use any of the programs they said I should try to get the lag away. It is their problem if we have such massive/horrific lag, not my problem. If they do not fix it I will leave AION because the game is impossible to play, easy solution. I could not believe that they are trying to make me the cause of the lag!
  5. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    Well, it's consolating to know that I am not alone dear Arhangelos. I have one of my chanter stigmas that every time I try to level it up I always get it losing one level, now I do not have any more stone to enchant it and it is at level 3 and I have given it up! Plus I cannot even play because of the lag, so I'm thinking of leaving and get a nicer game that does not upset me so much! What is wrong here all my friends have left, my legion is full of only my characters, I'm alone and sad. RNG has something against me for so very long that I don't think it gets tired ..... NEVER, the NPC take ages to answer me and the mobs do not have any lag! I hate Asmos PvPers....that's all for now.
  6. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    NO! Just because I cannot even try to play it, the lag is killing me!
  7. Troubles loging in

    I have this problem when I try to logon the "first time"! No idea what's going on. <a href="https://ibb.co/YRwycnv"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/qyVWNqb/What-is-this.jpg" alt="What-is-this" border="0"></a>
  8. Grazt NC Soft you win

    Would you be so kind as to share how you did that, please? Thank you so very much....if you do and please tell me which level your character is.... also.
  9. Grazt NC Soft you win

    Well, he not entirely wrong. Two things that really upset me are the fact that you cannot share anything with your characters on the same account and the pitiful kinah you get selling your drops with a new toon. Way to go Aion. If you are lucky you can reach level 75 with 100,000 kinah.
  10. Ranger BOTS all over map

    I wish they will address this issue just because to do the quests at the beginning for a level 76 is very hard it takes so long. My character did take too long to just do simple quests because lots of bots, and I know they are bots because they never collect the drops and leave the body there. Plus they are super fast at killing mobs and running! Also, they are so very rude they even target my mobs while I'm trying to get at least some materials (drops) for my quests so I'm left with nothing to collect and hoping to be quicker than them. It is really upsetting to have to run around for so long and losing my transformation very quickly for nothing. The GM or whatever they are called should at least try to get into the game and see what's happening since it seems nothing is done about it
  11. Feedback On 6.2 & Current state of aion

    I have more accounts which I play, but now I am so tired of all this nonsense and I won't even bother to write on the forums because it's a waste of my time, Aion is not a fun game anymore, well it is not for me. So, ciao to you all take care.
  12. Black Friday Doorbuster Bundle ......

    NCSoft has reached the max for me....to have to pay to see my toon as I made it? No thanks and I will play as long as I like no matter how many time I will be killed I won't ever buy anything anymore you NCSoft can say "addio" to my dollars!
  13. Flubbed another expansion... Vision Trailer time!

    And it never was!
  14. New Patch Thoughts

    I think you are a level 80, geared and what else, we are talking about starting anew with no help at all...no kinah to share! Tray a new character from the beginning and you'll see how hard it is to get kinah. Plus where do you get 30 t0 70 million a day? which places in the old maps, not the new one as new characters cannot go there? New toons get very little selling drops so before you start telling people how easy it is getting kinah why don't you try a new toon? Did I repeat myself too many time? "Tray a new character"
  15. New Patch Thoughts

    Using the word "force/forcing" people is not good especially in a game where people should have fun and that word does not mean fun at all.