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  1. Awuwu... now I worry a bit. So it's best if I make sure all alts have some money on them if I plan to still play them?
  2. After kinah is gone, can we still trade the future currency between our main/alts? (Like... do we still have Account Warehouse?) This whole "things will be untradeable" thing is pretty much making me worried. I have a thousand alts.
  3. Thank you very much for the detailed reply, I deeply appreciate it! Things are a lot more clear now!~ A random question: upon clearing my warehouse/cabinets, a lot of space freed up with clearing out my crafting mats and random stuffs. Which is nice, because I appreciate a clean warehouse, but now I wonder if these spaces will be still filled up after the patch or basically there won't be much need for cabinets?
  4. Thank you for all the useful info above! I spent my afternoon trying to read as much as I could about the upcoming patch and I still have a few questions. I didn't want to make a new topic for these, hopefully it helps other people who are as confused I am. - I haven't been actively playing in the past months.. or even more, (you know, friends quit and I've been just logging on occasionally to do some quests or buy skins hoping to get back to play more actively later when I have more time haha). I read crafting will be removed and we gotta lvl aetherforging now. Well I never did aeth
  5. Ohh thank you! I found the NPC in Cygnea, named Velts, Special Crafting Items Merchant. (I thought the name will have something to do with furniture x_x)
  6. Returning player here! The old forum topics were removed so when I tried to find where to buy the old Sarpan furnitures, I couldn't find anything. I looked around Cygnea and even Levinshor, but I couldn't find it. Can those old furnitures even still be bought? (Like the Fancy Standing Lamp, Large Dark Brown Round Painting and stuffs)
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