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  1. This is perfect, Thank you!!! Im crafting Ancient manastone Magic stone (profeciency craft 140) and im at 153, going to 154 really uses 6 of it
  2. Hi guys right now I'm on my lvl 146 on Aetherforge I want to know if there's any guide on how many legendary stone i need to collect to go up to lvl 200? and any tips for aetherforging also, because right now there is +100% event drop thank you!
  3. I would suggest Inquistor for weapon and Vindicator for armor and accessory
  4. thanks,. i prefer the pigati mount but i think they remove it on the instance drop
  5. Is there other way I can get mount aside from Luna and Sand? because i think all of the mounts you can earn or buy from it have an expiry date. I’m really having a trouble without a mount roaming around and doing quest on Lakrum
  6. It's not perfect but Thanks you're listening to us still more things to improve!
  7. Hi guys, I play Aion for a long time but what I really do is stop then play again then stop. The result, I haven't got any fancy gear until now. Now I'm back again here, they merge the Siel to idk what server it is Currenty playing 1week, I have 1 ancient pvp +15, and ancient pve armor and weapon (not the Lakrum) Also lvl up aetherforge to 60/300 my server is on KT But 6.2 got new server... Should I remain on KR or try the new server? thank you!
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