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  1. Yo stop acting like SM is hard to play lol as an sm you'll literally only lose because of 2 reasons. Opponent out gears you or Opponent lacks skill in the game, period. Sm can beat sorc, sw and gunner the same way using all 3 fears. And if you say "what else are you supposed to do besides fearing" then that immediately makes your argument weaker because you're saying without 1 skill the class is garbage and that it becomes infinitely harder to play, which it does. Maybe plates can survive? for how long depends. Sins/rangers just need a soul torrent/erosion to burn natures/AT then it's the same
  2. My friends and I were in dredge today and we were so busy pvping that we forgot to loot because the pugs who joined didn't loot...cuz you know.....pvping. Can we get the option to put it to FFA so we can pvp AND get stones?! thanks
  3. Lol what do you mean? If you look at your information tab asmos are getting a piece of ultimate genesis gear every day on DN. Meanwhile 90+% of other players are still trying to +15 ancient gear. I got my shield to +13 5x and 5x I failed using legendaries. Why? Idk either.
  4. Are you going to put name change tickets on the BCM THIS TIME or am I going to have to wait longer for something that was asked for 2 weeks ago lol
  5. Is there ever going to be a reliable way to get kinah again? I can't spare enough kinah to even buy 100 pots and a SINGLE xform scroll. Can't broker anything because the cost to post + the sales fee is just outrageous. I'm stuck in heal spec because I can't afford to switch to dps spec to solo some stuff then switch back for when I want to pvp and still have enough to buy necessities when I run out. The pvp and gearing up makes the game fun which is why I'd like to stick around but I literally can't play lol Not to mention the event so far hasn't given me anything to sell....not that I could t
  6. I don't know if you guys are aware or even care, but the most important npc in the game is gone. I can't get hover or ninja emote cards on my new toons anymore because Andreas is trapped in the forgotten part of Sanctum. If you could move him into the one of the main cities that'd be great.
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