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  1. I still have hope that they will be bring the old maps back someday. Like they were "rebuilt" in the storyline.
  2. Hi!! I just came to say hello, merry christmas and a happy new year to everybody! =) I quitted about 2 months ago (moved to Wow), so you won't bee seeing me complaining around here anymore! Have a great 2019 guys! <3
  3. I'm not sure if you have read the last days posts in the forum bro, but the game has become garbage. There are like.. 3 maps, no quests, no titles, nothing, It's like a high rates now.
  4. Log in, take a tour and come back here and posty our opinion
  5. "Then why did you bring up Word of Protection?" Quote: "..and the "group buffs" are almost all nerfed or outdated.." "Word of life is now a much stronger HOT" I said that in my first post WoL is the only "word skill" that was properly updated. "Rise (2min 16 second CD) for a second remove shock" Rise is an absolutely situational skill. It'll only work in a scenario when you are getting shocked exactly 2 times, not one, not three. "Soul Lock is now non-conditional" "Leaping Strike is now a guaranteed KD" Annihilation hits for WAY more damage than those two, plus it chains and
  6. New cities? New maps? New quests?
  7. Bless of Wind is greater stigma, that's why i said "no NORMAL stigma". Greater stigma is a totally another tale, in fact, there are too many "good" greater stigmas for the few slots. My point is that there are no "really good" normal stigmas and the "group buffs" are almost all nerfed or outdated, so, allowing both words to stack would not be so bad in my opinion and would not unbalance the game so much.
  8. Regarding my last post about the Chanter Stigmas, i would like to add/ask something as a suggestion. As i mentioned a couple weeks ago, currently, other than Word of Life, most of Chanter's normal stigma skills were like not "consistently" updated with the v6 of the game. The bonus Acceleration cheer, healing conduit, word of protection, etc give is totally useless, they could maybe have been remotely useful in previous versions, but with current stat mechanics, they are totally worthless (healing 82 hp, really?). Rage spell was removed supposedly because the atk. bonus was going to be a
  9. It's possible somehow to disable the "known ip" security feature? My isp leases ips once per day and when it happens the game disconnects me instantly. Also, i got logged out the forums once per day and have to manually check my email for the code (same for the game), and i'm really tired of it. I know my quite good share of coding and it's highly unlikely that my account is getting stolen (also, i only use my gaming pc for Aion), it's possible to disable it somehow?
  10. Reducing skill's shard cost to the weapon base shard cost. Any maaaybe rising drop rate a bit.
  11. Oh, in fact, i just realized that you are not so wrong because atk. speed rounds to the first decimal digit place, so, the increments in some cases can be "higher" of 2%. If you are, let's say, "less than 2%" away from changing from 2.5 to 2.4 and you get a 2% atk. speed, you will change to 2.4, gaining 0.1/2.5 = 0.04 = 4% atk. speed. This does not happen with the other stats (except speed too).
  12. In v6 all the formulas have changed, there is no point in comparing "how much" atk. speed equipment gave before vs now because the damage has changed, the crit has changed, etc. In fact, the lower atk. speed bonus is obviously explained because the damage has moved into a new order, now you hit for more than 2 times the damage you did before. I agree that the quests for titles should come back (along with the others btw..), but for the sake of more content.
  13. The 7 days lasting shit is the perfect example on how this game is now lightyears from an rpg... Aion has little to zero things you can do to get a reward over time. The only way of getting equipment? Instances, which give you 4 entrances per week and a -really small- chance of getting an item via drop+diceroll. The chance is so low, that you can play for a year without getting your full equipment and a guy can start playing and get it in one day. Again, not the rpg concept. Can you buy them instead? Nope, no equipment 'really better' than the one you get from quests/camps can be sold by th
  14. Well, actually, your normal dps is without shards, with shards your dps goes up, it's a boost. The problem is the drop rate for shards is not enough compared to the amount you spend (mostly because skills use more than one). With coffin buff the drop rate was ok, but now, it's too low.
  15. +1000, after that, is just farming guiding stones, cubes, and shards.
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