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  1. Forcing players to trade through the broker.

    +1, i don't know where are u getting that 27% Also, to post opener, i believe the reasons are: 1. Reduce inflation 2. Prevent abusing by people doing 30 times an insta with different chars and trading all to main.
  2. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    Yep, the trick with Ward is to rotate Ward -> Heal.
  3. Skills 6.5

    June is Soon???? That's like in 8 months!
  4. The problem guys, that i've tried to explain a thousand times but looks like you are a bit hard in the head, is WHAT are you complaining about. All the complains are related to player behaviour, NCSoft is not gonna change the game based on OPTIONAL things that you don't like.
  5. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    Oh, and regarding the topic title, well, the Chanter support role (for himself and party members) is to lighten the load of the cleric and boost the dps, not to be the main healer. It's a "passive buffer" where the total buffs given by mantras + words + blessing enhances the party. With Daevanion skills, chanter heals even more than Clerics, but that's an specific situation.
  6. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    Pve, i've never done, don't do, and will NEVER do pvp, all my post are regarding only pve things. Well, about the crit, that's what i've observed, now having more than 4 times the crit value than before (basically all my equipment tuned to crit) i dont even land half the crits i used to do in v5...
  7. Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

    I'm using a dps/support hybrid build that i love, and in my opinion, maximizes all the Chanter branches. I currently tuned all my (Bloodsworn) equipment to P. Atk, Hp and Healing Boost, in that priority order (tuning is by far the best deal you can get out of healing boost). Set my stigmas for Word of Instigation and the other skills to dps. I'm doing basically the same dps as with dps stigmas (excluding Blessing of Wind obviously), because i'm maximizing WoI and Inv. Mantra % P. Atk bonus by having a higher base P. Atk. I don't usually use transformations or shards. P. Atk: 11.7k (last FM i ran i was 3rd place in dps, with 10.6k) HP: 51k Heal with Sta. Restoration: +10k Group buffs: All except Word of protection (which is crap, i opted for Blessing of Stone) I won't advice going for crit builds, because in this patch, i believe the formula definition makes way harder to get crits. Previously to this build i had all my equipment tuned for crit, had like 2.3k crit and barely land 10-15% of my hits critical, when in v5 with 500 crit. i had like 50% crit. chance. I'm using no manastones, in v6 i haven't been able to succesfully socket a single one =(
  8. Skills 6.5

    When is the 6.5 update?
  9. Question/Suggestion Regarding one skill

    Agree with all, except this. On the contrary, Healing Conduit maximizes its benefits when you are being attacked by several weak mobs, not by a single-strong one. By "updated" i meant that the skill effect is consistent with the current patch mechanics. Well, i think i'll have to stick to Blessing of Stone. Another random question... for dps, with the current stats, and considering Word of Instigation and Inv. mantra, it's more worth going for crit or phys. Attack retuning?
  10. I wanna ask about the skill Word of Protection (Greater Stigma Chanter skill). It gives me the impression that the bonus the skill gives (100 Evasion, Parry, Block) was not updated in a 'consistent way' with the new stats mechanics. I have my equipment tuned for crit and i have around 7.5k parry and evasion, 100 over 7500 is around a 1% increase (basically NOTHING). Would it be possible to boost up a bit the bonus this skill gives? Considering it's a Greater Stigma skill. I wouldn't even care if the duration is cut to 30s instead of 60, but the bonus it gives is totally useless
  11. Question/Suggestion Regarding one skill

    That's exactly my point, the order of magnitude of the bonus is not consistent with the v6. All the other Word- skills were updated correctly: Word of Inspiration: Gives percent Word of Instigation: Gives percent Word of Life: Fully remade to heal a reasonable amount, also, gets bonus from Healing boost Word of Wind: Gives percent But Word of Protection gives a FIXED amount of stats, and an amount consistent with pre v6 stats (+100?), now is not even close to relevancy. If it doesn't get pumped, i'm gonna switch to Blessing of Stone i think =/ I thought the same, but in this case, that's Healing Conduit imo. Heals 80 every time you get damage for 10 seconds, cd of like... 1.5m.
  12. Can't sell anything

    Dude, how is possible that you reached the weekly cap xD? There is virtually no way of making kinah by selling items to npc, NCSoft is trying to induce deflation
  13. Daevanion Skill By Instance

    Shugo Spawns in Mirash? Or only in CoE and upper instas?
  14. I love the maintenance images!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
  15. Ahahah bro, i do weekly ALL those group instances with no transformation (except siege, i don't pvp) and NEVER with my guild (those dudes are afk-specialists). Even more, i think i could solo CoE. I've never, ever, seen a single guy getting kicked because no transformation, guys get kicked because they don't know the boss mechanics, they make the party wipe, they have poor equipment, etc etc. Problem is that you have been using the transformations and scrolls for so long that you now feel handicapped without them, but that's your situation, NCSoft is gonna reason logically, as i'm telling you
  16. Well bro, you should be the worst player in the server, because i never use transformations (or shards) and i've never got kicked out of a group, and i've been doing all the solo instances since the update not having any hard time. In fact, i've never seen somebody getting kicked because he doesn't use transformations. If other PEOPLE in the server don't want you in their groups, that's your problem; again, server should not (and mostly sure it will not) be modified based on people's whims. And sorry, but your reasoning is very absurd, under that logic, if tomorrow nobody invite Chanters into instances anymore i should start demanding that the staff allows class changing? You should learn to distinguish in life between OPINIONS and FACTS. Transformations are optional and the stats they give are not part of your standard class stats, period. Doesn't matter if you like it or not, that is the fact. The game SHOULD NOT have any transformations (or running scrolls), it is an optional bonus to make the game more smooth
  17. Again little kids, Transformations are optional, not mandatory; no Staff will pay attention to people 'demanding things' over OPTIONAL features.
  18. Why So Much Complains From People?

    Because the game has become garbage. No content, no pve, no maps, no money sources. Basically nothing to do but a bunch of weekly quests (all are basically exactly the same). The game de-evolved GREATLY in the past update, lost like 99% of its content. From v4 to v5 the game got worse, but now it doesn't even qualify for a bad joke. Unless in the next update they bring 10 new maps, a ton of quests, titles back, and a long etc., most of the servers are gonna die quickly...
  19. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    Same here, i lost in floor 7 because the time is simply not enough for my Chanter to kill both bosses; i killed the lord with like.. 1 minute left. If you break the barrels, the tog will feed on the meat and not bother you for a while.
  20. Kinah ~

    I know man.. i'm asking why the decision? Why is now this way?
  21. Level 53, no quests left

    Dude, kill mob.
  22. Fix, i'm not helping your whim, which i for sure don't give a s*** about.
  23. Kinah ~

    Why the hell people can't trade kinah and items normally?
  24. Plz, who is forcing you to use a transformation?
  25. I'm not being sarcastic. NCSoft doesn't "have to" give any boost/bonus buff/pump other than the ones in your class character skills. The problem is that you have been abusing so much of transformations that now you believe having them is some kind of "divine right" and you think they are somehow "forcing" you to use them. Transformation is an optional bonus to your char stats, period. It doesn't 'have to behave as you want it to behave', if you like it, use it, if you don't like it, don't use it, not using it doesn't lower your character stats, it leaves them exactly as they normally are.