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  1. 20 hours ago, Pikachu-KT said:

    Then why did you bring up Word of Protection? That is also a greater  stigma...

    Anyway - they did buff certain NORMAL stigma skills for chanter. 

    -Word of life is now a much stronger HOT

    -Soul Lock is now non-conditional

    -Rise (2min 16 second CD) for a second remove shock, not bad not bad

    -Leaping Strike is now a guaranteed KD (albeit you have to channel/cast it)

    -Splash Swing damage has been increased

    Honestly I run the same 3 stigmas on me being Annihilation > Rise > Soul Lock, and in my extra slots Word of Life + Word of Inspiration. Never a problem.

    Chanters are strong this patch. No changes needed. I've heard that they get nerfed in the upcoming 6.x patches. Then I will complain with you, but currently, to paraphrase a certain someone from my legion, its almost like - You have a beautiful woman in bed (or guy, whatever floats your boat). 10/10 person. But Instead of joining them in bed. You choose to complain about a mole on his/her arm. 

    Come on, play the game.

    "Then why did you bring up Word of Protection?"
    Quote: "..and the "group buffs" are almost all nerfed or outdated.."

    "Word of life is now a much stronger HOT"
    I said that in my first post ;) WoL is the only "word skill" that was properly updated.

    "Rise (2min 16 second CD) for a second remove shock"
    Rise is an absolutely situational skill. It'll only work in a scenario when you are getting shocked exactly 2 times, not one, not three.

    "Soul Lock is now non-conditional" "Leaping Strike is now a guaranteed KD"
    Annihilation hits for WAY more damage than those two, plus it chains and the next skill stuns with a %.

    "Splash Swing damage has been increased"
    I give you that, Splash Swing, along with Mountain Crash are the two strongest burst dmg skills.

    I'm not complaining, just suggesting that the group buffs could be improved =P. We are an hybrid class, if we build for DPS, we will not outrun a dps class in terms of burst damage, if we build for tank, we will not overcome a plate class, if we build for support, we will not win over a cleric. But building for hybrid is the only way that "in total" we will be better than a single other class, because we will be making more than 33% dps, 33% tank, 33% support.

    I'm currently running Splash Swing + Word of Life + Annihilation (this last is the one i'm looking to change).

  2. 23 hours ago, Pikachu-KT said:

    I may come across as rude here, but I am a rude person by nature.

    You are missing a key stigma in all this being Blessing of Wind now giving +12% attack + 690 something damage per hit, and now lasting 1 min with a 3 min cd (with a 2min 16 second cd for me for having the stigma at +9). This combined with the 4K DP Winter Circle, which doubles (100% increase) your attack for 30 seconds with 1 min CD, you hit arguably as hard as a gladiator when you pop your buffs.

    While I do get where you are coming from, I had trouble understanding fully what you are communicating. 4% attack on Word of Inspiration is still great. Keep in mind these % adjustments are to reflect the massive increase in base stats that the 6.x gear has brought. As I recall Word of Instigation used to give 15% attack, but now only gives 6% - this is because we are walking around with 10K physical attack and easily 50K HP.

    TBH - I feel your concern should be more so on getting the needed CRIT. There is no need to stack Word of Inspiration and Word of Instigation.

    How come none of my skills give me the 5000+ Crit I need to have 30% Crit chance? lol.

    Forgot to answer your question -

    The reason Word of Protection was nerfed, was because it was OP in terms of the amount of resistances it was giving you. Now with less stuns and arguably less CC, and no native KD chance, if they made no changes to WOP, that would break the game.

    Bless of Wind is greater stigma, that's why i said "no NORMAL stigma". Greater stigma is a totally another tale, in fact, there are too many "good" greater stigmas for the few slots.

    My point is that there are no "really good" normal stigmas and the "group buffs" are almost all nerfed or outdated, so, allowing both words to stack would not be so bad in my opinion and would not unbalance the game so much.

  3. Regarding my last post about the Chanter Stigmas, i would like to add/ask something as a suggestion.

    As i mentioned a couple weeks ago, currently, other than Word of Life, most of Chanter's normal stigma skills were like not "consistently" updated with the v6 of the game. The bonus Acceleration cheer, healing conduit, word of protection, etc give is totally useless, they could maybe have been remotely useful in previous versions, but with current stat mechanics, they are totally worthless (healing 82 hp, really?).

    Rage spell was removed supposedly because the atk. bonus was going to be added to Word of Inspiration, but it was instead "split" between those two (4% inspiration and 6% inspiration), which in my opinion would make sense if they stack, but they don't.

    So, what i would like to ask, along with the possibility of boosting Word of Protection its, would it be possible to enable Word of Inspiration and Word of Instigation to stack?

  4. It's possible somehow to disable the "known ip" security feature? My isp leases ips once per day and when it happens the game disconnects me instantly. Also, i got logged out the forums once per day and have to manually check my email for the code (same for the game), and i'm really tired of it.

    I know my quite good share of coding and it's highly unlikely that my account is getting stolen (also, i only use my gaming pc for Aion), it's possible to disable it somehow?

  5. 5 hours ago, khaly-KT said:

    Good if this gets me to 1.8 attack speed I want to have as everyone has, but I understood what you said this time.

    Oh, in fact, i just realized that you are not so wrong because atk. speed rounds to the first decimal digit place, so, the increments in some cases can be "higher" of 2%.

    If you are, let's say, "less than 2%" away from changing from 2.5 to 2.4 and you get a 2% atk. speed, you will change to 2.4, gaining 0.1/2.5 = 0.04 = 4% atk. speed. This does not happen with the other stats (except speed too).

  6. 3 hours ago, StaNooblaitK-KT said:

    Ancient armor should have the lowest % kinda like the blue daeva armor set from panda years ago. Gave like a 11% run speed  then 18% then 22%. Aion always letting us down...

    In v6 all the formulas have changed, there is no point in comparing "how much" atk. speed equipment gave before vs now because the damage has changed, the crit has changed, etc.

    In fact, the lower atk. speed bonus is obviously explained because the damage has moved into a new order, now you hit for more than 2 times the damage you did before.

    I agree that the quests for titles should come back (along with the others btw..), but for the sake of more content.

  7. 7 hours ago, khaly-KT said:






    The 7 days lasting shit is the perfect example on how this game is now lightyears from an rpg...

    Aion has little to zero things you can do to get a reward over time. The only way of getting equipment? Instances, which give you 4 entrances per week and a -really small- chance of getting an item via drop+diceroll. The chance is so low, that you can play for a year without getting your full equipment and a guy can start playing and get it in one day. Again, not the rpg concept. Can you buy them instead? Nope, no equipment 'really better' than the one you get from quests/camps can be sold by the broker. Yday i just realize that i don't know why i'm getting money from farming stones, since there isn't really a single thing i need to buy that i can get from the broker. There aren't even good items on the npc vendors, not even shards. There is pure crap to craft in Luna, the 4 or 5 bundles of gold ingots/enchant stones that are the same reward from.. everywhere, plus some random 7-days shit and some other 'joke items' (a minicar, really?).

    This is a mobile game now, 100% a mobile game, where the priority is to have plenty of sources to dress the players as hotdogs or pumpkins and move them around in 7-day minicars instead of some serious not-crap content.

    For real Cyan, please, if somehow, in some degree, the devs read the feedback from the players, make them see how Aion has really became crap =/. It's not a whim, but i'm fully unmotivated to play now, in my legion barely 5 people connect and the server has become a depot of afk players..

  8. Well, actually, your normal dps is without shards, with shards your dps goes up, it's a boost. The problem is the drop rate for shards is not enough compared to the amount you spend (mostly because skills use more than one). With coffin buff the drop rate was ok, but now, it's too low.

  9. Well, other that a lot of "problems" that i don't think are the core here, even remotely, at least:

    "We’re looking to add new, engaging content to Aion as we move towards the next big update. I don’t want to spoil too much right now, as we’re still in the early planning phases, but we’ve got big plans in store for Aion’s future"

    Gives a bit of hope that it won't stay like this crap forever.

  10. 6 minutes ago, khaly-KT said:


    I am using the title of 15 days, lakrun conqueror. it is 15 days it from 2% my attack speed drops from 2.6 to 2.4 so there is a difference, this using a transformation of 11%

    There is a difference, it's horrible to play gladiator with this attack speed, I have to wear gloves from 5.8 to get 2.2.
    I'm already thinking when this title time is over.

    Maths bro ;)

    A 2% increase in attack speed means you are gonna do a 2% more damage over the same time.

    If it takes you 50 seconds to kill a mob, with a 2% attack speed bonus, it will take u 49 seconds.
    In the same time it takes you to hit a mob 50 times, with the bonus, you will hit him 51 times.

    Titles are not meant to be a substancial difference, yeah, of course they boost "a bit", but almost never enough to make a difference.

  11. Old titles provide barely ~2% attack speed, that's basically one extra hit after 50. It doesn't make ANY difference in any context, it totally falls under the standard deviation of any features of the combat.

    What i find really bad is that permanent mounts are not crafteable anymore, because THAT makes a huge difference. Any race to cubic lab and a lot more things renders people without mounts in a total disadvantage.

  12. 19 hours ago, Bryos-DN said:

    You would be surprised how its the other way round. People like @Edmond-KT only log in to complain.

    Plz dude, i play every day, but i have to admit that i started looking for other games two days ago. L2 looks like the best option.

    Other than that, Bryos/Aly posts are funny, because what i want for the game IS NOT mutually exclusive with what they want, i've never said "Block all pvp ingame"; my position basically allows them to do what they want and ALSO allows me to do what i want, but no, they still oppose to that, so it's like they are just arguing for breaking people's balls instead of a more coherent reason.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Aly-DN said:

    Blah blah..

    Alyyy :D My favorite poster!

    I'm gonna put the exactly opposite situation example, so you can see by yourself how stupid it sounds.

    From now on, every time you hit or are hit by somebody from the enemy faction, there is a 20% chance that a quest pops up and you are blocked from doing pvp until you complete that quest. So, you get into Siege, first enemy, you hit him, plaf, quest. You have to go back to the city, do the quest, spend 5 minutes in it and you can go back to the siege. You arrive again, a random couple arrows hits you, plaf, quest again, you again have to go to the city and waste another 5 minutes. And all the siege is like that. One of every 5 hits forces you to stop fighting and makes you go back to the city to complete a quest in order to continue.

    Sounds very absurd, right? :D

    Well, that's exactly the same stupid and incoherent shit that we, the ones who don't do pvp have to be dealing with all day.

    "There are quests that require people to kill other players for good rewards"
    Dude, i really have faith that some day, somehow (that's a part of 'Someday', a Nickelback song, btw) you are gonna understand. Shared maps and not shared maps, you wanna kill people, you go to the nyerking shared maps, you don't wanna kill people, you don't go to the nyerking shared maps. It's so simple, even you can get it bro ;). In this case, you like that mechanic, spend all your days in the shared maps, stand wherever the nyerk you want and interact with the other faction however the nyerk you want, i don't like that mechanic, so i won't be in the shared map. So simple and everybody happy!

    "but Aion has -always- been this way. From the very start. So it's not surprising that it is still in -their- game design"
    Totally not true, Aion was like any other mmorpg until version 6 came. I didn't like version 5 either, but it DIDN'T BREAK THE RPG CONCEPT, but now it has. As many have stated, Aion is not an rpg anymore, now it's a mobile game.

  14. "Ok. I mean if you've done the quest before and its gone then so be it, its gone. Its not like you can repeat the said quest so why even complain about it?"
    Seriously..? I haven't done all the quests! I did quests with my main, i hadn't done all of them, i was gonna do many of the quests that i still had left, get the titles i hadn't get yet, etc etc. Now all of that is gone!

    "About the PvP part, i'll be real honest how often are you even killed in lakrum?"
    A LOT. On sat, at some point, i had like.. 30 minutes to play, so i went to farm some stones, i got killed like 5 times, which, adding 4 mins SS + 1 min teleport/coming back, ended up wasting that half hour i had to farm, not getting anything. Now, the funny, stupid and annoying part is, as i said before, i never engaged any of them, i was nyerking farming, not pestering anybody, not even ksing anybody, but every single asmo that got into my screen went directly to attack me. It's even more pathetic when some guy that can't even remotely kill me, keep attacking me for like 5 minutes while i could beat the shit out of them. But no, they are like nyerking bots who can't do anything other than pester, pester, pester.

    I seriously would like to ask devs to create a parallel map for the asmos, like Cygnea-Enshar, so they can be there and we in our map.

    "If you don't have any alts, why are you even talking/complaining about campaign quests not to mention quests"
    Again dude? Look at my first ansver in this post

    "May I know how often you actually step foot into these maps? Verteron, Eltnen, Theobomos? Once everyday? Once a week? Once a month?"
    Heh, in fact, i was permanently in those maps, i ONLY wen't into Iluma for the daily quests, and i was out after that. I usually was at Eitnen, doing coin quests just for fun, passing through the rifts into asmodea to see the maps, etc.

    "Different rpg games have different objectives set by the developers"
    Fully agree, but all of them MUST have some basic concepts (like i told u before, multiple paths, a reward for effort system, a long term strategy). Man, again, this is the first time ever i've seen in an RPG that this happens, no game has ever wiped 90% of its content, why don't you just stop being the devil's advocate (a local expression here in my country) and realize that this wasn't a "playstyle" change, but just a bad/shitty update?

    "Were you one of those guys in 5.8 who actually ran around with no scrolls?"
    Yep, i saved the scrolls for specific moments, same as now with the transformations (bosses, some instas, etc.)

  15. On 11/17/2018 at 6:38 PM, Channing-DN said:

    Eagerly awaiting the day when the entire Aion NA playerbase consists of Aly, Bryos, and Shira and they can sigh in relief that no more people are around to complain about the game.

    Ahahahahaha bro, i almost posted EXACTLY the same thing the other day!!! In a couple months Aly is gonna be the only player in the server, standing afk all day long.. but happy and satisfied xD

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