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  1. I think the teaser is fake, Soul Fighter is a class in BnS (which is also NCSoft)
  2. Dude, this game couldn't be crappier even if they wanted to
  3. Shards can be farmed, and you gotta use them wisely, i don't know how is IDD, but in the other instas i usually don't use shards until the final boss. In Mirash i use 298 shards, coe 960, FM and BoS around 3k. Other than that, in the infinite free time, i just farm stones and shards to replenish my stash.
  4. Yep, it increases the amount you heal with healing spells. Now, from what i've seen, it increases a lot for a small amount of HB. I have about.. 550 HB and my Stamina Recovering heals me about 12k, with no HB it was about 8k (50% increment). Considering that Word of Life now heals a lot more than in v5 and Stamina Rec. cd was lowered to half, that's almost a break-even point for autoheal surviving.
  5. Bro, i don't really think any of those changes were made by any of the reasons the people here have posted. Devs are balancing the prices/drop for the new market equilibrium, not because people "didn't like it".
  6. +10000, there are a lot of ranger bots, specially around the FM entrance
  7. "Low level quests (Basically no worthy rewards hence only few people like yourself will bother)" Doesn't matter if only 10% of the server enjoyed doing them, it's ~1000 quests that don't exist anymore.. "Killing bosses for kinah (Don't we have that in lakrum now? Besides cygnea wasn't exactly a no PvP zone)" Nope, currently is almost impossible to produce kinah in any way (trading items in the broker does not generate kinah, only trades it, in fact, it reduces the total amount of it due to taxes). Cygnea wasn't a no pvp zone, but it wasn't a shared map either, it had (has) portals which
  8. In my case, A LOT, i did a lot of low level quests, enjoyed getting titles, killing bosses. Actually, i spent a lot of time farming kinah from named bosses in Cygnea. I leveled through the campaign quests of all the maps and it was really nice going through the low level maps, which, in my opinion, look WAY better than the crap of Iluma and Lakrum. Now you can do all the quests in the game and get to lvl 80 in less than one day xD. and the quests are crap!! The starting quest basically progress by clicking ok in the dialog all the time It's like a game for millenials who don't wanna get ti
  9. Fully agree. Problem is that many people still don't understand (Yes Aly, i mean you) that this game is an RPG, not a shooting. It's not that this update was "hard" or nothing similar, is that this update was STUPID, what they did went 180 degrees of what should have been an update in an RPG game. This update didn't add content, it WIPED 90% of the game content, didn't add features, it WIPED 90% of the game features and switched the others into the most stupid mechanics ever (not RPG ones). It has become like a 1000-times worst version-of-WoW with not even 1/10 of its content. Basically
  10. Well sorry bro, but i totally disagree with your assessment, i think you are fully mistaken on what the concept of an rpg is. I've played quite a good share of mmorpgs (L2, RO, WoW, Flyff, etc.), i was even GM in a RO server for more than 5 years, and i have NEVER, NEVER seen, ANY game than in an update patch, reduced the amount of content, even less like this case where the content was ridiculously cut to less than 10% of the original xD. Even more, Aion behaved exactly like all the other games, in the logic path, from it's beginning till the v5, just NOW, one month ago, in the last patch, ev
  11. "You aren't being forced to PvP. You chose to walk into a PvP area" I would have accepted that argument in v5, with, about 10 maps, around ~1000 quests, ~100 instances, there you could effectively "do" things not in a pvp area. Now we have... 4 maps? Where 3 of them have NO quests and NO MOB gives drop. The ONLY quests and the ONLY mobs that drop items for a lvl 80 player (feature that you can't avoid since there is no way to stop the exp. gaining) are in a pvp area, so if i'm not in a pvp area, i literally the only thing i can do is just stand being afk. So, that "don't being forced" is
  12. @Aly-DN If i'm standing on the map and another player can come and attack me, without me having any capacity of choosing if i wanna be attacked or not, that is 'being forced'. Currently, 99.99% of the pve game content is done in places or across places where i can be forced to pvp. I believe that you are not aware that the concept of an RPG is EXACTLY the opposite, it's a game where you can choose what to do and you are not forced to follow a path. If i'd have wanted to play a game where i can do one thing and one thing only, i would be playing fortnite, or counter-strike, or any other s
  13. I believe he thinks the tax is charged when you put the item on the broker AND when you collect the money; do me a favor plz dude: 1. Check your total kinah. Write it down as 'Ki' 2. Go to the broker and put one Legendary Guiding Stone for sale for 100 kinah 3. Wait a couple seconds for the sniping bots to buy it and collect the money 4. Check your total kinah. Write it down as 'Kf' The tax you paid is 100 - (Kf - Ki) [%] Problem is, this guy thinks that window shows the money that is taxed "in that moment" (when putting the item on the broker), so, when he collects the money,
  14. I know that, when you said you made the assassins i thought you were doing the trick of entering with one sin, looking if shugo respawned, and if it spawned, giving group to your main, if not, repeat.
  15. Yesterday i was planing to do exactly the same to check for Shugo before entering!!!!! Do u mind giving me a hand to find the one at CoE? I'm currently soloing the insta with no luck for the Shugo =/ Hope that now i'll find it.
  16. Bro, that wasn't even remotely my question, "augmented" was just a way of naming them (that's why i put the " "), i'm asking if one book gives the first skill variation for ALL 4 or just for ONE?
  17. I think the drop rate and the roll is ok, actually, i would even lower the drop rate. What i think that should be changed is: 1. Make the items tradeable, it has absolutely no sense that 99% of the game items can't be traded (by normal trade, broker or whatever way). 2. Change the entry system from 4/week to 1/day in all instances. It would increase a bit the amount of "things to do".
  18. Guys, a question... I don't fully understand how the daevanion skills work. I have 4 skills that can be "augmented" with the books, when i get the ancient book, that gives me the "first augmented level" of them all? Or just of one of them?
  19. Probably in the next major release will be only one map and you reach lvl 80 in 3 clicks.
  20. @Cyan Permanent mount crafting is coming back to Luna someday? Or it's just a forever-lost feature? I wasn't aware that mounts were not gonna be crafteable after v6 update and didn't make one in v5 just waiting for a good one to come up, so, would like to ask to know if i should just spend my luna materials or if they are at some point coming back.
  21. Well, obviously you "can", but you can virtually do the same with all classes, and the cost is too high.
  22. Well, my point is... let's say we could broadly classify our roles into Dps - Tank - Support, giving from 0 to 1 in each category as 'proficiency' (Generic rpg online range). With an hybrid class you will never get 1 in one of the categories, so, if you only go for one you will get 0.8-0-0, 0-0.8-0 or 0-0-0.8, but, getting an hybrid build, you can get 0.7-0.7-0.7, which in the overall is way better than just one stat. It's just a thing of the cost-benefit curve, it's not linear, after some point, the benefit for marginally increasing one aspect gives zero-to-none benefit. Look, for exampl
  23. Also.. i don't fully agree with your post Vantheria, you not necessary need to max out HB in order to heal a good amount. The Chanter support function is not to match the Cleric's heal level, but to provide a steady-constant medium heal along with stat boost and buffs. Your role as support is to buff the party and to complement the Cleric, restating everything to HB won't make much difference with 50% HB 50% P.Atk. I'd say go wisely for each part, each slot, each tune, look which stat gives the best benefit out of each possible tune/manastone and go with that. Remember that the Chanter i
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