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  1. I find extremely "funny" (stupid and worrying actually..) that, 1. The game economy is a total mess with NO money income 2. The game content have been destroyed, cut to like 1% in every aspect and the only thing you are complaining about is that "the transformations don't let you see your character sprite". The transformations are NOT part of your default characters. Nobody is forcing you to do shit, your characters DON'T HAVE a permanent 40% speed, 20% attack speed, etc boost by default, that is a BONUS, again a -totally optional- BONUS, this version is giving. Running scrolls, Casting Spe
  2. You guys don't understand that the broker DOESN'T CREATE kinah. We need more kinah income sources, we need more drop items for selling to the npc (that's the only way, along with quests, to "create" kinah).
  3. That's completely false, there is no way of even making a remotely similar amount of kinah. Broker doesn't create kinah, it only moves it.
  4. Yes bro, everyday. I did all the "weekly" quests, all the solo instances plus half of the group instances in less than two days and got to 80 in less than 2 hours. Now i have absolutely NOTHING to do all day other than the daily luna quest or randomly wandering in Lakrum. There is no single thing i can do to farm Kinah; the mob drop, with coffin buff, barely helps covering teleport costs (20k for an armor drop piece? What are we talking about... xD). Dude, don't be so stubborn, the game content HAS been drastically reduced, that's a FACT. The amount of available quests from v5 to v6 dropped
  5. Bro, i can't even start to understand what your criteria is, that you consider those the "most impartant problems" in this update xD The transformation contracts are a bonus, is not part of your base character features, so it obviously will have some degree of trade-off. The trader broker fees doesn't matter, the broker doesn't generate money, while there is not a reliable source of kinah there is not gonna be movement there. and you can always put on your store with items.
  6. Are you seriously man? Have you logged in since the v6 update? There is ONE map. Again, ONE map. And shared with the other factions, which means half a map. All the mobs are the same, and drop basically the same (like 2 items). All the weekly/normal/all quests are basically THE SAME, killing 10-20 mobs (which you can barely do because the nyerking Asmodians are busting everybody's balls everywhere, at every hour of the day) and reward basically THE SAME, a potion, 100k and some totally useless exp because you got to 80 aprox. 2 hours after the update. You can get from lvl 1 to 35 doing N
  7. That's like the reality now, that deal would be life saving now =/
  8. I would make a "radical" suggestion: - Remove the level-difference drop restriction. There are barely 4 maps, and with the ridiculously few ways of making kinah, it would be a help to profit a bit and to even the load of people in the maps (other than 1000000 players standing in Lakrum all day). I would really like to see what the Staff thinks of this. And that also would help the ones that want a little more versatility in the pve options.
  9. Well, of course, but if the "real-money-prices" somehow get double and half of the people quit, NCSoft earnings stay the same. And if the server gets empty and closes, its worst for them, so i don't think their wisest philosophy would be to do 'whatever comes out of their balls' regardless of what the players think, because if the server ends up closing because the game became too boring, we all loose (and they loose big-time).
  10. Not a relevant amount, it's clearly not a kinah income source; it barely barely BARELY covers the teleport costs.
  11. The server is currently a high-rates-pvp server, why do you want more pvp?
  12. In fact, the game wasn't "difficult", it was how a MMORPG should be (i too came from the 4.x times, but in another server)
  13. I think in a couple weeks the server is gonna follow the EU/KO ones and start getting empty.
  14. You are wrong dude, 5.8 didn't force you to do anything, forcing you would have been disabling pvp in every map so there was NO PVP which is not the case. If you wanna pvp, you can pvp all day long, you could do that in 5.8 and now, but why the hell you had to remove 99% of the pve options?
  15. That's completely false, MMORPGS don't force you to do anything, that's the concept on an rpg. If that was the point, the game would be only one room for all players, all will start in level 80, and there will be nothing else to do other than hit everyone that stands in front of you. IMHO, this patch sucks in every single possible way: - The maps were capped to a bare minimum, the exp progression is totally broken and it's there just to call it "an rpg", because leveling is not even a topic anymore (yday i logged my lvl 20 glad, got an automatic quest when i had to speak to 3 npcs and th
  16. Exactly, it has now become a PVP High-Rates server.
  17. I have exactly the same feeling, and i don't think it's a nostalgic thing, the content has been drastically reduced and the game mechanics have been thinned to something real boring. The maps got cut to like.. 4? There are no named bosses that pose a real threat in them, there are like 1/10 of the instances there were before, the exp rate is retarded, you get to 80 in like 2 hours, not mentioning that the main quest gives you hi-end equipment. I'm not sure what's the point of this game anymore.. there are like 1000 lvl 80 people standing in Lakrum all day doing nothing.
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